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design americans like cupholders a lot so we ve given you 13 cupholders conveniently located throughout the routan to stash coffee cups soda cans sippy cups baby bottles or any other beverage container that you desire so for as long as you drive your routan and as long as you remember to bring your drinks it is unlikely that you will ever go thirsty again it s big on design from the available black or silver roof rails up top to the 17-inch soho alloy wheels down below the routan was designed to make your family happy consider the sunroof while the kids are watching movies you can open the available sunroof to let in the breeze and see a little more blue sky in case you want to check in on them take a peek in the conversation mirror to catch a glimpse or have a chat with anyone sitting in the back if you ve got a lot of stuff to bring along add the trailer hitch and tow up to 3,600 lbs so the interior remains open and comfy for the entire ride and once you re on the road you can revel in the little things like the optional blinkers built into the side mirrors to help alert others to your next move and the available dual power sliding doors that help make getting in and out a breeze during those inevitable pit stops along the way optional towing package required see owner s manual for details sel premium shown in deep claret metallic