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technology since it s impossible to have eyes in the back of your head we included a rearview camera built into the navigation system in the all-new touareg which means the screen displays a real-time image of what s behind you to help keep you from backing up into anything unexpected such as fire hydrants and recycling bins and the garage door color trip computer display real life in real-time the all-new touareg comes with our top-of-the-line navigation system complete with 3d landmarks so the world that you see ahead of you is replicated right in the full-color display in the dash making it even easier to navigate your way to your next destination in fact turn-by-turn directions are also displayed in color in the trip computer right in your line of sight behind the steering wheel so you don t have to take your eyes off the road to find your way on the all-new supercharged hybrid touareg the navigation system also comes with an onscreen display of hybrid system information that

vr6 fsi executive shown in saddle brown

design when you own an suv you know that it s designed to hold a lot that s probably one of the reasons you like it so the fact that the all-new touareg has rear seats that fold down in a 60/40 split should come as no surprise to you but perhaps the fact that they fold down completely flat and slide forward and back is surprising in a good way memory seating intelligent by design whether you re mesmerized by the available huge panoramic sunroof or examining the insets featuring the optional memory seating push-button start and the electric parking brake with auto-hold you re seeing how the all-new touareg has been beautifully redesigned from the inside out let s start with the sunroof this gorgeous sky window lets in triple the amount of light of the average sunroof and extends the view into the back seats making the ride more scenic for everyone when it comes to making your life easier once you ve adjusted your seat exactly the way you like it use the memory seating function and your

remote key fob 20 pikes peak wheels bi-xenon headlights outer beauty you ve already seen the signature front end with its gorgeous chrome grille right on the cover those assertive front headlights the crisp aerodynamic lines that take the classic shape one step forward that s all vw and yet it s still fresh and new but we also wanted to show you the other end of the all-new touareg because there s a lot more to see take a look at those stealth exhaust tips perfectly integrated into the design like that you might have missed them if it wasn t for their unusual triangular shape that makes them so distinct now take a peek at the rear liftgate thanks to the smart little key in that picture up there you can open and close the gate with a press of the button so loading your latest find into the trunk just got a whole lot easier and once you re ready to get on your way the brand-new optional 20-inch pikes peak alloy wheels with their update on the classic five-spoke design will be sure to

vr6 fsi executive shown in flint gray

1 performance when you drive a high-performance suv it s only natural that you d want it to function like a truck when you need it to which is why we designed the all-new touareg with the ability to tow up to 7,700 lbs so whether you ve got a camper a trailer or a small airplane in tow the touareg has the power to get you and your stuff anywhere you need to go vr6 fsi engine the 3.6l vr6 is one of our most powerful engines and it comes standard with the brand-new eight-speed automatic transmission with 280 hp and 265 lbs/ft of torque combined with the 4motion ® all-wheel-drive system and double wishbone front and a rear independent steel spring suspension the vr6 turns the gas pedal into a gift that keeps on giving 2 tdi clean diesel engine the all-new touareg tdi may be an suv but it runs on ultra-low-sulfur diesel with 95 percent less sulfur content which helps reduce sooty emissions by up to 90 percent compared to previous diesel engines it also has 225 hp and 406 lbs/ft of

performance you know when you have to swerve around something unexpectedly well electronic stability control esc helps prevent oversteering or understeering during that maneuver by applying individual corrective forces to each of the wheels and that helps you intuitively engage in proper counter-steering thereby working with your all-new touareg to correct the problem as for the thing that made you swerve here s to that happening only once in a blue moon the future is bright you might not notice it at first but the bi-xenontm headlights are using the adaptive frontlighting system afs to turn up to 15 degrees around that corner effectively seeing into the future and the 4motion all-wheel-drive system is engaged and working together with the all-weather tires to keep the touareg firmly on the road from this perspective it s hard to tell how bumpy the road actually is but you probably wouldn t notice it much inside the touareg either thanks to the four-corner independent suspension and

passive safety the all-new touareg is designed with a comprehensive system of passive safety features that help protect you during an accident such as safety belts airbags steel-reinforced seating safety cages and crumple zones kind of like an all-star team that works together when they re needed most to help keep you safe in the event of a collision laser seam welding rollover sensor system active safety the all-new touareg is designed with a comprehensive system of active safety features that can help you prevent a collision such as headlights turn signals mirrors brakes steering and traction control these features help you maintain control in a variety of situations and assist in avoiding collisions intelligent crash response system active and passive safety just to be safe rollover sensor system the all-new touareg is equipped with a system that monitors the vehicle s turning angle and speed which can help detect a possible rollover situation if it determines that you re entering

quality before we put the sheet metal on your all-new touareg we put it through a treatment called hot wax flooding to fill any tiny spaces and remove moisture in the hardest to reach areas the result of that process makes the frame so watertight that we re able to offer a limited 12-year warranty against corrosion we call that one of the best warranties in the business you ll probably call it peace of mind buy one get three yes you read that right when you buy any new vw you get three years or 36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance that s the first three years of scheduled maintenance at no extra charge stop by in the first 90 days for your courtesy vehicle check ask us any questions you might have while we give your all-new touareg a basic checkup on the house after that come by every year or 10,000 miles for your remaining scheduled maintenance checks it s really that simple so relax and enjoy every carefree mile in your new vw that s what it s there for keeping

b adce next it s one thing to be building a brand-new manufacturing plant in the u.s but it s another thing to be doing it right that s why we re developing our new facility according to the leed certification standards doesn t a pristine new building deserve the very best that green technology has to offer of course and so do all the people who live in the community f a smarter paint in order to increase the quality of paint on your new vw we combined the primer and basecoat into a single thick coat to remove one step of the process not only does this create a better finish it also helps reduce co 2 emissions by almost 20 percent b recycled land our state-of-the-art eco-friendly manufacturing facility stands on land that is ideal for environmental renewal as we build we re relocating and restoring creeks to help manage storm runoff and we re replanting any trees that have been cut down c monsoon testing every new vw built in the chattanooga facility undergoes a six-minute monsoon

trim specs desig n sport/tdi lux/tdi exec/tdi hybrid c omfor t cont rear center console with storage compartment 4 cupholders 2 front and 2 rear glovebox lockable and illuminated with adjustable cooling feature leather-wrapped shift knob fully upholstered luggage compartment v-tex leatherette seating surfaces vienna leather seating surfaces power windows with pinch protection front windows with automatic 1-touch feature operable from driver s side only sport/tdi lux/tdi exec/tdi hybrid accessories drivergear.vw.com sport includes 3.6l vr6 280-hp engine with fsi,® or 3.0l v6 225-hp tdi® clean diesel engine 4motion® all-wheel drive 8-speed automatic transmission 18 tacora alloy wheels with all-season tires silver roof rails halogen reflector lens foglights bi-xenontm high-intensity headlights with adaptive front-lighting system afs directionally adjustable led daytime running lights drl climatronic® dual-zone automatic climate control leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel