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68 69 the california mobile online services the mobile online services car-net app-connect.1 car-net guide inform.2 experience more infotainment when on the road use car-net appconnect to integrate your smartphone via a usb port in your vehicle car-net app-connect mirrors compatible apps from your smartphone on to the touch screen display of your optional radio or optional navigation system using android autotm apple carplaytm or mirrorlinktm you can comfortably control certain apps via the touchscreen display while driving you can activate the online-based car-net guide inform services if your vehicle is equipped with an optional navigation system guide inform is available free of charge for the first three years you can use two kinds of services services that support you directly in the vehicle and services you configure from home either via the customer portal or else via the car-net app to use guide inform in the vehicle simply generate a hotspot with your smartphone or use the optional volkswagen carstick you can use the following volkswagen apps via mirrorlinktm while driving drive track shared audio call remind and my guide more information is available at www.volkswagen-commercial-vehicles-carnet.com well informed in your vehicle well organised from home guide inform keeps the driver up to date with online-based traffic information fuel station prices free parking spaces nearby and a google poi search in the navigation system using the customer portal you can set up online routes destinations and pois and then import them into the navigation system the car-net app also synchronises calendar entries and driving destinations online traffic information fuel info parking info.3 online route import destination import online poi search news weather vehicle health report time manager personal poi volkswagen carstick the carstick conveniently connects the vehicle with the internet it uses a data sim card not included in the scope of delivery to establish a umts connection this allows you to utilise the car-net guide inform services independently of your smartphone’s hotspot and also create a hotspot in your vehicle for other mobile devices registration – a few simple steps 1 2 create your personal account at www.volkswagencar-net.com/portal enter your vehicle identification number fin fin 3 code you receive an 8 digit registration code 1 2 4545 7 8 0 3 6 9 4 5 use your smartphone to create a mobile hotspot or use the volkswagen carstick enter the registration code into the navigation system code 1 car-net app connect is only available in conjunction with the “composition media” radio system or the “discover media” and “discover media plus” navigation systems car-net app-connect comprises mirrorlinktm carplaytm and android autotm the availability of these technologies may vary depending on the country in question please note that car-net app-connect is currently not supported by every mobile telephone on the market volkswagen is working closely with major smartphone producers to promote broader compatibility for car-net app connect 2 the use of car-net guide inform mobile online services is only possible with the “discover media” and “discover media plus” optional extras you will also require a mobile device e.g smartphone that is capable of acting as a mobile wireless hotspot or a volkswagen umts carstick with a sim card from any desired mobile network provider which must be paid for the guide inform services are only available with an existing mobile network contract or one to be concluded separately for this purpose between you and your mobile phone network provider and only within the respective mobile phone network coverage depending on your mobile phone tariff receiving data from the internet may incur additional charges particularly if you are using the phone abroad e.g roaming charges due to the amount of data needed when using car-net services we strongly recommend signing up to data flat rate with your mobile phone provider use of car-net is governed in a separate agreement concluded online with volkswagen ag after taking possession of the vehicle the customer has 90 days in which to register the vehicle at www.volkswagen-car-net.com/portal the availability of car-net services may vary depending on the country in question these services are available for the duration of the contract term agreed and may be subject to changes in terms of content during the contract period more detailed information on car-net is available at www.volkswagen-commercial-vehicles-carnet.com and from your volkswagen partner contact your mobile network provider for information on your mobile network tariff conditions 3 available for car parks with suitable technical infrastructure there is currently no information available regarding entry heights for the car parks in question please contact your local volkswagen commercial vehicles dealer for details of the standard equipment and optional extras applicable in your country.