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reciprocating compressor 30 tr-105tr air-cooled

index nomenclature features of chiller features of microprocessor technical details ga drawing 1 ga drawing 2 ga drawing 3 point load diagram vscada features and setup 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 nomenclature ac d r 035 o m n/a air cooled dx chiller n normal a bms/vscada compatible microprocessor based control panel open type compressor reciprocating compressor nominal capacity eg 035 35 tr

air-cooled chillers reciprocating compressors features the factory made reciprocating packaged chillers use best in class components and offer the following features compressor cage induction motor from reputed manufacturers open type compressor is a rugged workhorse proven under all climatic and duty conditions offering unmatched dependability saves power due to efficient design and motor is not refrigerant cooled resulting in lowest ikw per tr facilitates selection of appropriate motor suitable for grid supply characteristic including severity there by reducing electrical failure and downtime for repairs multistep loading/unloading actuated through microprocessor by sensing chilled water outlet temperature accurately with electronic temperature sensor as an alternative capacity control activated by variation in suction pressure can also be provided condensers smallest footprint saves you space by v configuration of coil section compact coils made using latest and most advanced

advanced microprocessor provided as a standard feature has the following benefits lcd display and key pad of microprocessor microcontroller op hours counter chw out auto semiauto run prog default diagnos stop start o chw in analog i/p o 7.2 12.2 c value para value user-friendly operation three mode options available auto semi auto and manual auto mode auto start and stop programmable for entire year hence no need for any operator interface auto mode facilities auto restart on power restoration after a load shedding or grid supply failure semi auto mode manual single button start and stop since further sequence is programmed manual test mode facilitates testing under supervision capacity control regulates in response to chilled water outlet temperature safety and protection microcomputer motor protection device µmpd and microcomputer voltage protection device µvpd protect chiller from phase unbalance current unbalance phase loss phase reversal overload under/over voltage and

technical details acdr series nominal capacity tr kw kcal/hr compressor model number of compressors compressor motor type of starter capacity control steps of full capacity chiller model no of chillers chillers inlet/outlet nozzle nb inches nb mm nominal chilled water flow rate gpm lts per sec condenser module number of condenser modules condenser fan diameter inches mm number of condenser fans refrigerant r 22 charge approx lb kg unit dimensions in mm length width height 030 30 105.5 90720 05040 035 35 123.0 105840 05046 055 55 193.4 166320 05066 070 70 246.2 211680 05086 105 105 369.3 317520 05126 1 1 1 1 1 ip 55 tefc squirrel cage induction motor suitable for 415 10 volts 3 phase 50 hzac power supply star/delta 100/75 50/25 10036lr1 1 3 80 72 4.55 9av 30 1 31-1/2 800 2 66 30 2535 1270 2470 4851 2205 star/delta 100/75 50/25 10036lr1 1 3 80 84 5.30 9av 35 1 31-1/2 800 2 77 35 2535 1270 2470 5188 2358 star/delta 100/83.3 66.7/33.3 10066 1 4 100 132 8.33 9av 30 2 31-1/2 800 4 132

vscada voltas supervisory control and data acquisition system setup for remote monitoring modem microcontroller op hours counter chw out auto semiauto run prog default diagnos stop start o chw in analog i/p o 7.2 12.2 c value remote pc modem telephone para value system controller pc graphical display reciprocating chiller

vscada voltas supervisory control and data acquisition this is a system which links machines to computer voltas supervisory control and data acquisition system monitors and controls operating parameters of chillers pumps ahus etc features control function remote on /off of chillers and other equipment sequencing of chillers and other equipment ensure equal run hours optimum starting and stopping of chillers as per load variation live mimic of full plant i.e all chillers fans ahus pumps cooling towers motorized valves etc giving online real time data live mimic of individual chiller with air with chilled water inlet/outlet temperature condenser air inlet /outlet temperature suction discharge oil net oil pressure saturated suction saturated discharge temperature compressor current no of load/unload stages compressor operating hours and no of starts on/off status of safety motors compressor motorized valves of chillers value of various set points can be changed through keyboard data

air conditioning and refrigeration business group voltas house `b t b kadam marg chinchpokli mumbai 400 033 a enterprise product development is a continuous process in voltas hence specifications and technical data are subject to alterations without notice