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vapour absorption machines under technical collaboration with hitachi ltd japan the most energy efficient and reliable advanced paraflow

voltas at its very best voltas offers vapour absorption machines with state-of-the-art technology from hitachi versatility versatility is built into voltas vapour absorption machines single stage single effect machines can use low-pressure steam as well as hot water to drive the lithium bromide absorption cycle effectively two stage double effect machines are designed to work on hitachi patented parallel flow cycle using medium pressure steam for a lower steam consumption rate with reduced energy cost converting waste into worth waste heat sources can be used to produce cooling the absorption machines are also used as a heat pump by utilising absorption refrigeration cycle heat energy in the hot water at outlet of absorber and condenser circuits for applications requiring simultaneous cooling and heating and in co-generation applications environment protection li br solution as absorbent non-toxic lithium molibidate and lithium nitrate inhibitors and water as refrigerant are harmless

superior features technology for double effect vam in india only voltas offers world s most preferred parallel-flow technology originally patented by hitachi now followed by majority of renowned manufacturers in japan usa other countries for details refer page 6,7 8 voltas double effect vam offers lowest steam consumption when compared with others at identical operating parameters voltas offers standardisation of machine capacity with cooling water inlet temperature at 32ºc having large design margins compared to machines designed at 29.4ºc at identical capacity by others wide range available i.e 80 tr to 1250 tr in double effect vam in evaporator absorber section hitachi s patented design ss nozzles provided for pressurised soft spray of refrigerant absorbent for excellent heat transfer co-efficient full coverage of heat transfer areas additional benefits are no clogging and no need for automatic cooling water shutoff valve absolutely essential in gravity feed system in

single effect models hau-d,n,h,l single effect absorption machines work on low-pressure steam or hot water as heat source a negligible amount of electrical energy is required to operate them features unique single shell leak tight construction maintaining excellent hermatic conditions perfect protection from thermal stresses due to floating end type generator design simple but efficient capacity control by steam condensate throttling better safety margin against crystallization easily openable water boxes efficient soft spray arrangement in evaporator and absorber sections for full coverage of heat transfer area high performance tubes in evaporator for best approach there by possible to get consistent chilled water outlet temperature fully factory performance tested unit under simulated load conditions single effect vapour absorption machine chilled water suspension cutout automatic start/stop relay condenser sight glass vacuum manometer refrigerant level guage generator evaporator

working of single effect machines hau d n h l this is the refrigeration cycle description operation voltas single effect absorption machine consists of two sections in one shell the lower section houses the evaporator and the absorber the upper section houses the generator and the condenser the pressure in the lower section is of the order of 6 mm hg abs while the pressure in the upper section is about 70 mm hgabs libr-water combination is used in the operation of vapour absorption cycle water acts as the refrigerant and libr as the absorbent solution pump refrigerant pump heat exchanger purge unit and the control panel complete the machine 1 evaporator the absorber through a misteliminator concentrated libr-water solution is sprayed over the absorber tube bundle the refrigerant vapour is absorbed by the strong solution being sprayed and heat of absorption is removed by cooling water passing through the absorber tubes the weak solution form the absorber is sent by the solution pump

double effect models hau-w h n s introduction double effect absorption machines work on medium pressure saturated steam and a negligible amount of electrical energy is required to operate them voltas double effect vapour absorption machines use medium pressure saturated steam pressure of 3 to 10 2 kg/cm g to produce a refrigeration effect it can also provide simultaneous heating by utilizing the heat that is removed during the vapour absorption cycle at standard operating conditions steam consumption of voltas double effect steam absorption machines is just about 4 3k/g hr tr under the technical collaboration with hitachi ltd japan voltas manufactures the world famous parallel flow vapour absorption machines patented by hitachi these machines are surprisingly compact and are well known for their reliability and energy efficiency operation hitachi patented parallel flow solution cycle can be located at a lower level whereas in the series flow double effect machines used by

working of double effect machines hau-w h,n,s this is the refrigeration cycle of the patented parallel flow method 1 evaporator 4 low temperature generator the refrigerant pump sprays the water over the evaporator tube bundle the water to be chilled circulating in the evaporator tube gets cooled as the refrigerant water evaporates because of extremely low pressure in the evaporator the refrigerant water vapour goes to the absorber through the mist-eliminator concentrated libr-water solution is sprayed over the absorber tube bundle the refrigerant vapour is absorbed by the strong solution being sprayed and the heat of absorption is removed by cooling water passing through the absorber tube weak solution from the absorber is sent by the solution to the high temperature and low temperature generators to recover the refrigerant water vapour 3 high temperature generator the hot evaporated water vapour from high temperature generator is used to heat the weak solution that has been pumped

exclusive features exclusive features of hitachi parallel flow cycle lower first-stage generator pressure higher corrosion allowance higher operational allowance on fouling of condenser absorber tubes lower first-stage generator temperature lower solution flow rate less heating energy input increased efficiency enabling floor installation of first-stage generator compact design single package unit highly reliable since no site welding is required scope of supply items absorption chiller main unit cooling water connection piping foundation bolts vibration-isolator rubber pads refrigerant water 1 equipment steam inlet control valve steam inlet pressure gauge steam inlet shut-off valve drainage back pressure setting valve steam-safety valve other safety and control devices libr solution factory performance tests 2 testing customer witness tests shipping 3 transportation unloading etc x optional items note o indicates scope of supply by voltas x indicates out of scope of supply by

plann ing and construction steam piping schematic for single effect machine piping schematic for two effect machine a water side voltas scope of supply b steam and condensate side voltas scope of supply separate shipment voltas supply

dimensions single effect models hau dimensions and weights 200n h-200n l-200n 16d 18d h-16d h-18d l-16d l-18d 20d 19d h-19d h-20d l-19d l-20d length l width w height h tube replacement length rigging weight t 3290 1750 2055 3200 5.0 4815 7185 7275 8975 2180 2180 2560 2560 2885 2920 3290 3290 4300 6600 6600 8300 11.0 13.0 17.4 22.1 all dimensions in mm double effect b side a side layout dimensions overall dimensions and weight model hau w length l width w height h rigging weight t 80s 2460 1495 1902 4.1 1 2 0 s 2 0 0 n 2 5 3 1 0 h2 5 4 0 0 h2 5 5 0 0 h2 5 6 0 0 h 2 5 7 0 0 h2 5 8 0 0 h 2 5 1 0 0 0 h2 5 1 2 5 0 h2 5 2870 1720 2126 5.5 3370 1800 2060 6.5 4600 2130 2515 11.6 4600 2130 2515 15.0 5600 2130 2580 16.0 6600 2130 2600 20.0 7500 2130 2670 25.5 8610 2330 2670 26.0 8670 2670 2830 30.0 8670 3350 3300 42.0 installation layout requirements model hau wabcdef 80s 4460 1705 2495 500 1495 500 120s 4870 1930 2720 500 1720 500 2 0 0 n 25 3 0 0 h 25 4 0 0 h 25 5 0 0 h 25 6 0 0 h 25 7 0 0

standard specifications double effect steam models hau w h n s model units chilling capacity nominal steam pressure saturated temperature chilled water flow rate piping size temperature cooling water flow rate piping size elect reqt 415 v,50hz,30 flow rate steam steam piping size drain piping size rt kg/cm g 0 2 hau w 2stage steam 80s 80 120s 120 200n25 310h25 200 310 12 cin 49 3 83 4 1.3 344 2 ½ 73 4 125 5 2.1 516 2 ½ 121 5 208 6 4.7 860 2 ½ 187 6 320c in 322 8 5.8 1333 3 ¾ 416 8 6.9 1720 3 ¾ 242 6 0 400h25 500h25 600h25 700h25 800h25 1000h25 1250h25 400 500 600 700 70c out 363 8 624 12 9.6 2580 5 ¾ 423 10 37.40c out 728 12 9.6 3010 5 1 832 12 15 3440 6 1 1040 14 15 4300 6 1¼ 1300 16 16.6 5375 6 1¼ 484 10 605 12 755 12 800 1000 1250 8.0 c 8 m3/h in 0 302 c m3/h in kw kg/h in in 520 10 7.6 2150 4 ¾ single effect high temp and low temp hot water models hau h l-n d model units chilling capacity nominal temperature flow rate temperature flow rate flow rate h w temp rt 0

air conditioning refrigeration business group voltas house `b t b kadam marg chinchpokli mumbai 400 033 tel 4617777 fax 3771970 product development is a continuous process in voltas hence specifications and technical data are subject to alterations without notice