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when we innovate the car is not top of mind we admit it you fascinate us we think and talk about you all day everything about your life – its ups and downs joys and disappointments needs demands frustrations and hopes – captivates us so when we innovate every detail – from service design right down to the smallest screw – has to justify itself to you does it add anything is it useful all this time spent thinking about your life has allowed good things to happen perhaps you didn’t know but we have a vision that by 2020 nobody dies or is seriously injured in a new volvo just nice-sounding words not at all it’s realistic and achievable we know you always want to feel in control our intellisafe technologies not only help to save lives but also give you more enjoyment behind the wheel we know you want to stay connected to the world around you our sensus solutions ensure you are we also know you care about the future of the planet that’s why our drive-e technologies allow you to drive sustainably – without compromising on performance and we know you’re interested in self-driving cars each day we take pioneering steps in our quest to deliver a safe and relaxing autonomous driving experience the same goes for fully electrified powertrains and even smarter services we happily walk the extra mile to give you what you want at volvo everything we do is designed around you you are why we innovate.