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e x t er iord esi g n 2 vo lvo v90 cross countr y “no matter what’s going on outside the v90 cross country is a sanctuary inside.” go further your adventure awaits a car to take on more than the everyday the v90 cross country is a true all-road vehicle in bad weather on rough roads and when conditions get tough you can rely on it elegant and refined the v90 cross country tells the world what it can do and where it can take you clean taut lines and rugged details create a powerful look that conveys a strong sense of capability – with practicality built in the v90 cross country is packed with innovative technology that has one purpose to make your life easier and one principle it must be easy to use no matter what’s going on outside the v90 cross country is a sanctuary inside the spacious light-filled cabin is made from the finest materials and constructed with the care and attention provided by swedish craftsmanship designed to make every experience an

6 vo lvo v90 cross countr y “the clever design and versatile interior layout make every day easier.” versatilit y a car that fits your life – all of it getting you there is just the start the v90 cross country matches its all-road ability with built-in versatility to create a car that can do more the clever design and versatile interior layout make every day easier the shape of the load compartment makes it easy to fit your cargo and the rear seats fold at the touch of a button to create a longer completely flat load space you can do this from inside the load compartment so you don’t have to open the rear doors to fold the seats the through-loading hatch means you can carry long items such as skis without folding the seats the power-operated tailgate has a hands-free function so if your hands are full you don’t have to put down what you’re carrying to open it just move your foot under the rear bumper to automatically open and close the tailgate

1 0 vo lvo v90 cross countr y sensus sensus navigation your destination every time with ease let sensus navigation be your guide helping you find your destination and keeping you informed everything you need to know is shown on the 12.3 digital driver display right in front of you the high-resolution image self-adjusts so it’s never too bright automatically resizing the instruments to accommodate navigation information the graphical head-up display shows all the vital information on the lower part of the windscreen projected to look like it is hovering in front of the car you stay informed without ever having to take your eyes off the road getting to your destination is made even easier with the clear graphics of our maps with free lifetime mapping upgrades sensus stays one step ahead guiding you accurately voice control controlling sensus is as easy as telling it what to do talk to your volvo using natural phrases such as “call emily johnson,” and voice control

vo lvo v90 cross countr y 1 3 in t el l is a fe protecting what’s most important protecting you and your passengers has always been our priority at volvo cars and our latest generation of cars does more than ever to keep you safe from preventive technology that helps you avoid collisions to protective features that cushion the impact of any collision we will never stop innovating in order to improve your safety the foundation for our new generation of cars is a very strong passenger compartment that uses a high percentage of ultra high-strength boron steel to create a protective cage around you and your passengers the sculpted front seats in the v90 cross country are more than just beautiful to look at their unique structure helps to absorb vertical impacts helping to protect your spine if the car lands heavily after leaving the road should your car leave the road run-off road protection technology reduces your chances of suffering serious injury prepared front seat belts

c h a s sis vo lvo v90 cross countr y 17 t6 awd cross country osmium grey metallic 20 10-spoke tech matte black diamond cut alloy wheels advanced chassis driven to per fection we designed the v90 cross country from the ground up for all-road capability and on-road precision that’s why the sophisticated suspension gives you the best of both worlds accuracy and precision when you want it with the technology to keep you moving when conditions are bad double wishbone front suspension works in harmony with integral axle rear suspension to give you precise control over the car our active chassis with rear air suspension compensates for loads while adapting to the road and driving conditions for an even better ride advanced driver aids such as electronic stability control and understeer control logic keep the v90 cross country stable contributing to the way it handles corners the cross country suspension and larger wheels create additional ground clearance and all-wheel drive

2 0 vo lvo v90 cross countr y yo urchoice – eq u ip m en tlev el s the right equipment for your drive choosing a volvo v90 cross country is easy and now all you need to do is select the equipment level that’s right for you and your adventures already our standard equipment level cross country will provide you with a high level of technology that will meet high demands on style comfort and safety for example you can enjoy the control provided by our 12.3 digital driver display and sensus connect with enhanced connectivity – such as the intuitive operation of our 9 sensus touchscreen and voice control – and the clear sound reproduction of our high performance audio system including bluetooth® music streaming our electronically-controlled 2-zone climate system ensures you and your passengers can enjoy a comfortable cabin climate in all temperatures – the driver and front seat passenger can adjust the temperature to suit individual preferences and

2 4 vo lvo v90 cross countr y 707 crystal white metallic c r os scountrywith lu xury pac k ag e 714 osmium grey metallic 717 onyx black metallic comfort seat 1 2 3 19 6-double spoke tech matte black diamond cut alloy wheel 151 standard t6 20 10-spoke tech matte black diamond cut alloy wheel 226 optional cross country with luxury package the rugged yet elegant v90 cross country with luxury package exterior is a timeless expression of classical scandinavian design the exterior color palette allows you to create the v90 cross country that best reflects your style and preferences the lower body parts and wheel arch extensions in full body color-coordinated sills and bumpers add to the enhanced elegance available in distinctive diamond cut design the 19 or 20 wheels connect visually with the exterior design cues to create a harmonic impression of contemporary elegance inside the v90 cross country you are surrounded by thoughtful luxury there are genuine materials and fine

2 8 vo lvo v90 cross countr y the sculpted supportive contour seats in the v90 cross country volvo ocean race are finished in an upholstery designed specif­ically for this car a mix of rich supple leather and smart practical textile it’s available in blond or c r os scountry vo lvo oceanr ac e charcoal also included are water-resistant reversible seat covers to protect the upholstery and a set of trans­lucent waterproof mats as well as the textile mats to keep the carpet clean and dry contour seat 1 2 upholsteries fine nappa leather/graphite open grid textile 1 charcoal flare orange piping in charcoal interior with charcoal headlining and flare orange seat belt rb0z 2 blond flare orange piping and blond deco seams in blond/charcoal interior with blond headlining and flare orange seat belt ub0z mats 3 textile or translucent seat covers 4 front seat covers reversible inlay 5 carbon fiber 480 3 4

vo lvo v90 cross countr y 31 ac c es s o r ies make your life easier with accessories that extend the built-in versatility of the v90 cross country and protect the car’s interior a steel grill provides a sturdy barrier between the load and passenger compartments the load compartment divider splits the trunk in two so you can carry a pet and luggage and a dog gate creates a secure compartment to keep pets safe keep the interior of your v90 cross country immaculate with our load compartment covers including a tough plastic mat a dirt cover that protects the entire load compartment and folds out to protect the bumper too and a reversible foldable mat with fabric on one side and plastic on the other an illuminated tailgate scuff plate covers the load sill 1 3 the electrically folding tow bar gives you the ability to tow and folds discreetly away when not in use a press of a button inside the load compartment and the tow bar folds out – all you have to do is lock it into

vo lvo v90 cross countr y 3 5 t h e vo lvo e x p er ien c e service by volvo taking care of you and your volvo is our top priority with a unique approach to service that’s personal professional and efficient we get you everything you need in the simplest way possible to make your life less complicated knowing your vehicle is always up to our highest standards for as long as you own it – that’s the driving force behind service by volvo to help you get the most out of your volvo we’ll ensure each service or maintenance provides peak conditioning through our expertly trained technicians field-tested repair methods and precision-engineered genuine parts that’s because we focus on our promises to service your car and simplify your life our service by volvo promises when you have your car serviced at an authorized volvo dealer we promise to provide you with a premium ownership experience for the life of your vehicle enjoy our lifetime parts and labor