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t5 awd r-design 707 crystal white metallic 20 5-double spoke matte black diamond cut alloy wheels

14 volvo xc40 stor age versatilit y 15 really clever storage the inventive storage solutions in the xc40 are the result of us listening to our customers and understanding what they want from their cars the front door pockets are each large enough for a laptop handbag or even three large bottles this feature is made ­possible l arge door bins by air woofer technology™ a volvo cars innovation that uses an audio speaker mounted behind the dashboard rather than in the doors to free up space where you need it most it’s just one of the many ways that the xc40 helps to make every day easier doors free of speakers mean that the pocket is large enough to fit a laptop or three large bottles wireless phone charging there’s a space beneath the center touchscreen where a mobile phone can be stored and wirelessly charged helping to reduce clutter and making it easy to reach when you need it optional card holders t5 awd r-design perforated fine nappa leather/nubuck

22 volvo xc40 sensus – volvo on call 23 always connected the volvo on call app connects your car with the rest of your world helping make life less complicated it’s always there when you need it so your car becomes more than just a means of travel – it’s your personal assistant you can use it to make your car ready for the drive to the office or the drive home by remotely cooling or heating the cabin it can remind you that you have left your car unlocked and allow you to remotely lock or unlock your car from anywhere in the world you can sync your volvo on call app with your calendar so if you have appointments it will tell your car where they are and how to get there and it keeps you safe automatically contacting emergency services if you’re involved in an accident and telling them where you are yourd ay madeeasierwith vo lvo oncall from saving you time in the morning to helping you relax on the way home volvo on call can be an indispensable part

30 volvo xc40 t5 awd r-design 707 crystal white metallic 20 5-double spoke matte black diamond cut alloy wheels 920 cit y safet y protecting what’s important to you volvo cars is synonymous with safety and the advanced features in the xc40 are the result of decades of experience and innovation – they are there to help you avoid a collision and protect you and your passengers if one should occur at the heart of everything is city safety this innovation identifies other vehicles pedestrians cyclists and large animals ahead even at night and warns you if a collision is imminent if you don’t react in time it will apply the brakes automatically to help avoid or mitigate a collision city safety is standard for every xc40 it will play a key role in helping us to realize our vision that by 2020 no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new volvo car intersection braking city safety includes an intersection braking function that can help to make an accident at a

t5 awd r-design 707 crystal white metallic 20 5-double spoke matte black diamond cut alloy wheels

46 volvo xc40 momentum 47 t5 awd momentum leather blond ud70 charcoal headlining optional urban grid aluminum decor inlays 437 designed for the cit y everything about the xc40 momentum is self-assured and confident it’s a genuine suv with a scandinavian twist the optional white roof and many interior combinations allow you to tailor a volvo suv that reflects your personal style and preferences the leather upholstery the concave urban grid aluminum decor and the sophisticated interior lighting add a touch of luxury to the interior ambiance t5 awd momentum 621 amazon blue with optional white contrast roof 19 5-spoke black white alloy wheels 923 optional requires white roof and includes mirror caps the front of the xc40 momentum is distinctively defined by the grille in dark grey and its frame in bright chrome the xc40 momentum interior with leather seats concave urban grid aluminum decor leather steering wheel and textile mats reflects the essence of beautiful scandinavian

56 volvo xc40 r-design 57 the exterior color you choose for your xc40 r-design makes a big impact on the visual expression crystal white metallic with the contrasting gloss black roof gives a cool robotic look while the black stone exterior color adds to a more mean powerful style – especially with the large 20 alloy wheels in matte black diamond cut gloss black roof on the xc40 r-design the roof is always in black this makes a bold statement while it perfectly matches the car’s other black exterior design elements 707 crystal white metallic 19 5-double spoke matte black diamond cut 911 standard 711 bright silver metallic 720 bursting blue metallic 019 black stone 725 fusion red metallic 20 5-double spoke matte black diamond cut 920 optional 714 osmium grey

64 volvo xc40 inscrip tion 65 the xc40 inscription exterior with its distinctive design touches expresses the essence of modern swedish luxury the wide exterior color palette – including four unique xc40 inscription body colors – allows you to create the xc40 inscription that truly reflects your style and personality available in several different designs the large alloy wheels connect visually with the exterior design cues to enhance your city suv’s powerful stance and stylish looks selected inscription body colors to further enhance the stylish presence of your xc40 inscription our designers have selected four dedicated metallic body colors with a uniquely rich and contemporary touch 719 luminous sand metallic 722 maple brown metallic 723 denim blue metallic and 724 pine grey metallic 707 crystal white metallic 20 5-spoke black diamond cut alloy wheel 917 optional 19 5-double spoke black diamond cut alloy wheel 924 optional 18 6-spoke black diamond cut

t5 awd r-design 707 crystal white metallic 20 5-double spoke matte black diamond cut alloy wheels

fe atures pack ages 81 xc40 standard features xc40 single options xc40 optional packages choose your xc40 powertrain t4 fwd or t5 awd and then select your trim level momentum r-design or inscription standard features momentum r-design inscription value volvo on call for 4 years see p 22 complimentary factory scheduled maintenance for 3 years 36,000 miles 4 years 50,000 miles new car warranty intellisafe see p 79 power tailgate with programmable height keyless entry with handsfree tailgate opening 19 alloy wheels with all season tires led headlights with thor’s hammer daytime running lights auto highbeam ahb roof rails hidden tailpipes under wrap doors dynamic chassis exterior roof in body color • sensus navigation pro o • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • bluetooth connectivity with audio