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22 volvo xc40 sensus – volvo on call 23 always connected the volvo on call app connects your car with the rest of your world helping make life less complicated it’s always there when you need it so your car becomes more than just a means of travel – it’s your personal assistant you can use it to make your car ready for the drive to the office or the drive home by remotely cooling or heating the cabin it can remind you that you have left your car unlocked and allow you to remotely lock or unlock your car from anywhere in the world you can sync your volvo on call app with your calendar so if you have appointments it will tell your car where they are and how to get there and it keeps you safe automatically contacting emergency services if you’re involved in an accident and telling them where you are yourd ay madeeasierwith vo lvo oncall from saving you time in the morning to helping you relax on the way home volvo on call can be an indispensable part of your daily routine theperfects ta rtfind yo urcarreadyforanewd ay when you get into the car in the morning it’s warm defrosted and the navigation system knows where you’re going thanks to volvo on call you’ve forgotten where you parked so you use the car locator map to find the street and then use the flash lights function to pinpoint the car a notification reminds you that you’ve got a meeting tomorrow you send the location to the sensus navigation system so you are ready to go in the morning 7:30 am 11:00 am where next a calendar card shows your next meeting you push a button in the app sending the address to the car’s navigation system 12:00 pm 5:15 pm remote control comfort you use the remote start functionality to warm the car interior so it’s ready when you leave the office 10:20 pm