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4 leveraging technology creating solutions t oday’s building landscape is radically different from when we began in 1946 but our commitment to being on the forefront of technological development has never changed vulcraft is built on the idea of restless innovation from precision joists to first-in-class applied joist technology vulcraft continues to leverage technology to create solutions that work for our customers vulcraft is built on the idea of restless innovation vulcraft’s technological leadership is centered on providing forward-thinking solutions for our customers — solutions that make our customers’ jobs easier and more accurate solutions like nubim™ joist plug-in for tekla structures the nubim vulcraft addin for revit® software and sds/2 bim detailing software these programs and others like them satisfy our customers’ needs to find better ways to build in an increasingly competitive marketplace vu35899 nataccts brochure

6 nubim™ joist plug-in for tekla structures and interoperabilit y with sds/2 make bim even more powerful nubim joist plug-in for tekla structures n ow you can build and manage projects more effectively with vulcraft’s nubim joist plug-in for tekla structures vulcraft’s nubim joist plug-in for tekla structures enables you to specify vulcraft joists during the creation of the building model the joist parameters from the model can then be exported directly into vulcraft’s detailing and design programs our nubim features are also included in sds/2 out of the box using the sds/2 bim joists with the nubim preconfigured panels you get the same functionality as our tekla plug-in allowing better communication with vulcraft sales and engineering services this gives you the power to • model joists correctly for increased accuracy and higher quality • place joists in your tekla model with a preconfigured web panel layout • quickly see exactly how a

7 innovation in action nucor detailing vulcraft employs a staff of canadian registered professional engineers p eng for the design manufacture and marketing of its products vulcraft’s canadian detailers largely based in our nucor canada products group offices are familiar with cisc nbcc and provincial that which help us deliver solutions to meet the local job site requirements the nucor canada products group employs project managers and project coordinators to support the site and customers’ project management teams in resolving construction issues through our team of dedicated canadian detailers we are able to shorten detailing times improve detailing quality and decrease detailing costs we’ve taken bright minds paired them with the industry’s best software and created an environment that not only allows for better collaboration but it also encourages it the nucor detailing center located in norfolk nebraska was created for the same reasons to shorten

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10 vulcraft joists – never compromise on qualit y a t vulcraft we built our reputation fabricating the best steel joists and decking our products are literally the backbones of buildings coast to coast and around the world in manufacturing steel joists there can be no compromise on quality vulcraft uses high-quality steel and welds to exact specifications ensuring structurally sound joists the following represents an overview of vulcraft’s joist offerings parallel chord joists open web steel joists are an engineered truss-like construction component used to support loads over short and long spans alike typically used in non-residential construction steel joists and joist girders provide an economical system for supporting floors and roofs all vulcraft jobs are designed in accordance with the latest edition of the national building code of canada or provincial building codes whichever supersede joists joist girders and steel members are designed per the latest edition of

12 vulcraft composite joists c omposite steel construction has been recognized as one of the most economical systems for constructing building floors composite joists are designed to work in conjunction with the concrete in a flooring system shear studs are field-attached to the joists prior to the pouring of the concrete for the floor in many applications joists used in this type of floor system are an economical alternative to other methods composite joists are designed to work in conjunction with concrete in a flooring system a composite joist provides a shear-stud connection between a joist top chord and its overlying concrete slab the connection allows the steel joist and concrete to act together as an integral unit after the concrete has cured composite joists offer a number of potential advantages depending on the project vu35899 nataccts brochure canada.indd 12 • ideally suited for use in commercial construction where large column-free areas are desired •

13 the most important advantages are speed and the ability to support long spans economically composite joists are perfect for 35’ 11m and longer spans 30’ x 30’ 9mx9m bays are a common size in the non-composite and composite floors vulcraft can accommodate longer spans for a small increase in cost composite joists also coordinate well with other building disciplines such as castin-place concrete structural steel masonry light-gauge steel stud and insulated concrete forms vulcraft steel decking s teel roof and floor decks have long been recognized for their economy because of their light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio they provide a durable and attractive roof or floor system for fast all-weather construction steel decks also provide excellent lateral diaphragm action thus reducing the necessity for structural bracing and their incombustible nature assures architects engineers and owners of excellent fire ratings vulcraft steel accessories i n addition

14 the ecospan® composite floor system e cospan a division of vulcraft manufactures the ecospan composite floor system an innovative effective and economical method of providing all steel structural components for elevated floor construction plywood forms and shoring are not required saving time and costly handling sub-trades can even begin work the day after concrete is poured joists are spaced at 4’-0” on center and the open web design allows easy access for hvac and electrical trades the ecospan composite floor system has been successfully fire rated for one two and three hours by underwriters laboratories inc tested by a renowned acoustical laboratory the system also received a sound transmission classification stc of 57 furthermore additional tests performed with a variety of common flooring materials revealed an impact insulation classification iic of 50 or greater the ibc code minimum in all cases when typical sound attenuation materials were used a safe

15 verco decking v erco a nucor company offers a complete range of roof deck profiles with various methods of attachment that will satisfy any project requirements the primary purpose of steel roof deck is to support vertical loads and the weather resisting system such as insulation roofing and waterproofing materials additionally roof deck serves as a horizontal diaphragm transferring shear loads due to earthquake or wind forces to the lateral force resisting system verco decking is noted for its innovative development of steel roof decks including the use of shear elements such as the sheartranz systems and mechanical side lap connections with the punchlok® system all of verco’s profiles are available in an acoustical or cellular version for sound attenuation or to provide a different finished look than standard deck profiles verco offers a complete range of roof deck profiles vulcraft and verco manufacture many different types of deck including roof deck floor deck

nucor and affiliates are manufacturers of steel products with operating facilities primarily in the u.s and canada products produced include carbon and alloy steel – in bars beams sheet and plate steel joists and joist girders steel deck fabricated concrete reinforcing steel cold finished steel steel fasteners metal building systems light gauge steel framing steel grating and expanded metal and wire and wire mesh harris steel group a wholly owned subsidiary of nucor has over 80 strategically located facilities in canada and the united states through these facilities they service a diverse customer base within the construction industrial and mining markets vulcraft and verco have a long history of success in the joist and deck business along with the expertise and experience we have grown and developed into a modern company employing some of the latest technology in the fabrication facility as well as in the office vulcraft has the capability to provide quality products on time