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Global Headquarters and Factory
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Phone: 800.526.2588
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Western Office and Factory
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non metallic sheathed cable two wire end to end connector how to wire a 2 wire 12 volt switch plug in power supplies how to wire up 3 wire to 2 wire 12 volt direct plug in power supply mains on off switch how to order catalog how to order a catalog led strip light led strip lighting led strip lights energy efficient lighting wall mounts for lights 24v ac dc die cast aluminum ac dc power supply led dimming current rate circuit breakers lamp and fixtures 12v to 12v 12v dc variable speed controler 12v ac power supply with 8 output 14 awg wire 6 14 awg wire 3 14 awg wire copper bus bar variable speed control wire to wire connector wire low voltage junction box 18 x 18 x 8 316 x 18 stainless steel 3 1 2 fitting plug in class 2 transformer adjustable push buttons short circuit protected 10 gauge wire terminals 10 gauge wire maximum load capacity for threaded rod maximum load capacity for 3 4 threaded rod male connector 14 to 14 max distance of 10 gauge wire floor to floor cable connector c type to n type connector adapter cutting edge technology power supply with 8 outputs hotel and restaurants wall thickness of 14 inch 12 volt to 6 volt 12 volt to 9 volt 12 volt up to 24 volt touch of class main circuit breaker stainless steel catalog fittings catalog stainless steel all powers supply catalog wire and cable catalog

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factory direct relationship for 30 years our family has cherished this relationship with our customers who have invited us to serve them in their homes and businesses and in turn have supported the growth of our business

line voltage 4” par20 interchangeable lamps • durable stamped metal construction • retention clips hold trim firmly to housing • abrasion resistant powder coat paint or plated metal finish • various lamp options available including led downlight trims order housing separately model lamp finish reflector/trim r-421 par20 50w r20 50w bn cl/wt brushed nickel specular clear/white model lamp finish baffle/trim r-420 par20 50w r20 50w bn cb wt/wt brushed nickel/brushed nickel copper bronze/copper bronze white/white model lamp finish trim r-432 par20 50w bn cb wt brushed nickel copper bronze white r-422 a19 40w wt white model installation rating r-402s-n-ica new construction ic – airtight ready r-400s-n-a new construction non-ic – airtight ready r-401s-r-a remodel non-ic – airtight ready open reflector 8 32 5 step baffle 8 32 5 specialty trims order housing separately gimbal ring 20° adjustment from vertical s max 38 5 shower

invisiled® 121 121 121 invisiled® classic 121 121 24v ac/dc featured product led-t24-5-am 121 invisiled® classic 121 121 classic 24v actual size power lumens cri rated life • 5 colors white amber blue green red • designed for accent lighting • ul listed for damp location • 5 year warranty 2w ft up to 115 lm ft 85 50,000 hours 8 • maximum run length 40 feet • may be field cut every 2 inches at the end of a run • smooth and continuous elv dimming 2 1 and 5 sections 1n a a 1 1n tape selections system led-t24 length 2in 1 5 2in 2in-10 led-t2430 1 1-40 5 qty 2 inches 1 foot 5 feet 1 1 1 2 inches 2 inches 1 foot 1 foot 5 feet 1 10 1 40 1 color am bl gr rd amber blue green red peak wavelength 595nm 470nm 530nm 625nm l connector led-t2430-3l-wt color white 3000k each l connector consumes 0.6 watt wt white 3000k example led-t2430-1-40-wt class 2 power supply for classic 24v required type model power dim input output remote

paloma premium led museum-quality led luminaires with high performance reflector optics and recessed drivers • meets 2013 california title 24 efficiency • die-cast aluminum construction • 365° horizontal rotation and 180° vertical aiming • smooth and continuous elv dimming for 120v • 50,000 hours rated life 65 lm/w recessed driver hidden within w track accommodates 1 filter lens and 1 accessory color lenses filter lenses and beam control 105 w track

720 730 738 halogen par20/r20/par30/par38/br40 6w 34 94 7w 42 5 42 720 52 730 738 system model lamp finish htk ltk jtk 720 730 738 par20 50w par30 75w par38 150w bk black wt white h track l track j/j2 track 62 shown with par38led-17n30-bk led lamp order lamp separately example ltk-738-bk 178 universal medium base lamping led br20/30/40 led par20/30/38 see p.344 for order details or halogen 120v a br g par20/30/38 50w max lens options 1 lens with the use of a lens clip par lamps only system htk ltk jtk h track l track j/j2 track model finish 178 bk black bn brushed nickel wt white 4 2 order lamp separately example ltk-178-bn led lamps model par20led-10n30 par30led-l14n30 par38led-17n30 br20led-7n27 br30led-11n27 type par20 par30 par38 br20 br30 finish barn door order separately bk wt model par20bd par30bd par38bd wt finish bk black bn brushed nickel wt white 188 universal medium base lamping led br20/30/40 led par20/30/38 see p.344 for order details or halogen 120v a br g

how to order solorailâ„¢ system design guidelines sample layout wattage a b c lm-en12-150e lm-t8 lm-x4 defgh lm-i lm-ec lm-qadp qp518 qf-182 300w is the maximum load allowable for 12v systems 600w is the maximum load allowable for 24v systems surface mount electronic well suited for small runs surface mount magnetic high wattage capacity remote mount magnetic larger capacities,minimize voltage drop if located within 10 feet of power feed determine the ceiling type select standoffs that match the height of the power feed component or surface mount transformer minimum three supports for 8 foot section two for 4 foot section custom length suspensions are possible by using cables or suspension rods with rod couplers a variety of designs can be achieved by using various connectors some are electrically conductive others join rails mechanically but not electrically dead end connectors allow you to connect runs together mechanically that exceed the max wattage per circuit shaping rail

cascade eternity jewelry collection lamping ledme® 12v xenon bp-50 power lumens color temp cri 3.7w 165 3000k 85 50w max shown qp-led332-cl/ch a modern twist on crystal our original pendant design is exquisitely crafted and dressed with strands of hundreds of miniature faceted crystals juxtaposed with jewelry-finished cast accessories these upscale pendants utilize various light sources and low voltage technology to inspire curiosity and appreciation system model lamping shade color socket finish mp qp led332 332 integral led xenon cl ch canopy quick connecttm clear chrome 72 max 8d” example qp-led332-cl/ch canopy models include quick adjusttm canopy quick connecttm models require additional adapter see p.284 213 pendants sconces for up to date product specifications and assistance please visit 7a

shown qp919-bu/db pome lamping power lumens color temp cri cosmopolitan collection led 2w 110 3000k 85 12v xenon bp-50 50w max colored like a deep red apple pome is finely crafted in germany with an exquisite trumpet design perfect to add an exquisite burgundy hue to a fine home nightclub or restaurant system mp qp canopy quick connecttm model 919led 919 lamping jc led bi-pin xenon shade color socket finish bu burgundy bn ch db example qp919-bu/db 5w” canopy models include quick adjusttm canopy quick connecttm models require additional adapter see p.284 249 pendants sconces 72 max brushed nickel chrome dark bronze for up to date product specifications and assistance please visit 5d”

quick connect™ canopies mirror glass multipoint canopies integral transformers • for use with any of our hundreds of quick connect™ pendants • 1w minimum load • 60w integral electronic transformer for each drop • smooth and continuous elv dimming model finish 188 12-point mirrored canopy round 1w 24 qmp-g12rn 20d 15 6-point mirrored canopy round 1w 24 qmp-g6rn 17 9 3-point mirrored canopy round qmp-g3rn 1w 24 mr 11w mirror 23w” 1w 24 3-point mirrored canopy rectangular qmp-g3re 42” 11w 42 1-point mirrored canopy round 1w 24 qmp-g1rn 6 monopoint canopies integral transformers • 1w minimum load required • 60w integral electronic transformer • smooth and continuous elv dimming • for use with a 4 junction box includes optional collar for shallow junction box early electric canopy 2w model finish 1w qmp-60ern-1 ab bn ch antique bronze brushed nickel chrome 1w qmp-60ern bn ch db brushed nickel

silky smooth curves round out an impeccable design with lustrous plated finishes the flair pendant has a white interior for true-white inter-reflected light and the powerful leds are shielded with a mouth blown etched opal diffuser for a finished look from any viewing angle use in multiples to reveal a wide wash of light over a conference table dining area or kitchen island 321 led pendants i dwelled