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Heating systems, water systems, gas supply, air conditioning

12 volt to 6 volt 12 volt to 9 volt hot water heater gas gas hot water heater electric hot water heater 240 volt ac generator circuit electric hot water heaters 240 volt ac generator hot water system stainless steel gas tanks air intake grill air conditionning system air conditioning systems air conditioning system heating and cooling pumps hot water heating systems air temperature and humidity stainless steel tanks hot water for water hose heating and cooling heat and cool cold air systems non return valve non return valves circuit electronic control unit heating and air conditioning air conditioning unit electronic control unit motor mount air conditioning heating and air conditioning controls power supply with 8 outputs dimension in mm on and on the seasons change gas tank rv shut off position rv rv water tanks rv led lights led lights for rv hot water heater boiler air ducts air duct air conditioner duct propane butane air conditioner air conditioners air inlet duct gas water heater propane gas water heater 6 volt air conditioner duct clamp water heaters water heater shut off electric heater air conditioner capacity

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truma app app-solute digital comfort the truma app for smartphones and tablets allows you to get off to an even more relaxed start to your camping holiday instructions tips and videos explaining how your truma appliances work are all within easy reach at all times the integrated dealer search guides you quickly to your closest truma dealer or service partner ahould you need them and you are always kept right up to date with the latest news from truma two practical camping tools are real highlights vehicle levelling put your mobile home on an even keel and never sleep slanted again simply lay your smartphone on the floor of the vehicle enter the wheelbase and the app will guide you smoothly through the levelling procedure sun alignment sun worshippers and shade enthusiasts can find the best place to park relative to the sun using a compass function the tool shows you where the sun rises and sets and where it is at its highest point download the truma app free of charge from the apple

truma cp plus digital control panel for truma combi heating systems aventa air conditioning systems saphir compact and saphir comfort rc the practical turn-and-push principle makes the cp plus digital control panel really easy to control you can intuitively select the required room or water temperature and the boost function offered by the cp plus adds real value it warms the water even faster and heats the leisure vehicle to a pleasant temperature – at the push of a button this digital high performer even lets you determine the energy source adjust the fan or programme the functions of your combi heater or air conditioning unit by time switch 8  more information

liquid gas and electric heaters with water boiler heater without waste gas discharge complete with room thermostat cp plus digital control panel with 6 m cable fastening parts abo/drain valve and elbow fittings for 10 mm Ø water hoses product part no description 33711-27 combi 4 e aus jg 2.75 kpa 12 v with electric heater 240 v 33111-27 combi 2 e aus jg 2.75 kpa 12 v with electric heater 240 v heating systems combi 4e 2e aus product overview technical details 350 500 540 minimum installation dimensions in mm please ensure that there is enough room for installation and servicing work to be carried out type of gas lpg liquefied petroleum gas – propane butane operating pressure 2.75 kpa see type plate water contents 10 litres heating up time from approx 15 °c to approx 60 °c measured according to en 15033 boiler approx 23 minutes heater boiler approx 90 min pump pressure max 0.28 mpa system pressure max 0.45 mpa nominal input 2.75 kpa combi 2 e australia 6.9 mj/h

product overview trumatic e 2400 aus exhaust gas duct trumatic e 2400 product part no description wall cowl kit ew 24 without cover compl with 1 m exhaust duct 1 m air supply duct and clips 39371-01 cream cowl cover kkw-2 for wall cowls with date of manufacture as of 03/2001 39141-00 cream accessories trumatic e 2400 aus exhaust gas duct trumatic e 2400 product part no wall cowl wk 24 without ducts wk 24 39381-01 aa 24 description cream Üs zr 24 warm air distribution trumatic e 2400 39490-00 elbow bg 80 for Ø 80 mm ducts 39610-00 y-pipe 80 inlet Ø 80 mm outlet 2x Ø 65/72 mm 39540-00 t-pipe 80 inlet Ø 80 mm outlet 2x Ø 65/72 mm 39500-01 air diffuser lr 80 inlet Ø 80 mm outlet 2x Ø 65/72 mm and 1x Ø 49 mm the way in which warm air will be distributed is designed for each individual type of vehicle note more warm air distribution accessories for all truma heating systems can be found from page 12 onwards

warm air distribution product part no description 40230-00 air duct Ür Ø 65 mm per metre 40241-01 clamp Üs agate grey Ø 65 mm 40151-02 t-pipe lt agate grey for ducts Ø 65 mm or Ø 72 mm 40181-01 end outlet nut em agate grey heating systems accessories for truma heating systems end outlet en with air throttle suitable for t-pipe lt end outlet nut em and Ø 65 mm ducts 40171-01 agate grey 40171-05 black end outlet en-o without air throttle for lamella inset la 40171-07 agate grey lamella inset la for attaching to end outlet en-o direction of air flow can be adjusted by turning 40721-05 black swivelling air outlet scw 2 non-closable air outlet for trumatic e and combi d for Ø 80 mm 72 mm or Ø 65 mm ducts 39971-01 black 40151-01 t-piece ts agate grey for air ducts Ø 65 mm or Ø 72 mm 40191-01 y-piece agate grey for air ducts Ø 65 mm or Ø 72 mm 39010-76400 elbow bg black for air ducts Ø 65 mm or Ø 72 mm 40161-01 straight coupling Üm agate grey

truma ultrarapid dimensions and technical details the new truma ultrarapid hot water system is the same height as the previous boiler and there are only minimal differences in the length and the width technical details 383 129 30 347 349 92 cowl electronic gas connection with test point contents pump pressure system pressure selectable temperature connection 14 litres 14 litres max 2.8 bar max 2.8 bar max 4.5 bar max 4.5 bar 60 °c or 70 °c – pressure-resistant hot water hose Ø 12 mm for rigid pipe installations type of gas test point pressure nominal input heat output gas consumption liquid gas propane 2.75 kpa 4.7 mj/h 4.1 mj/h 90 g/h heating times current water truma ultrarapid gas electric hot water system gas truma ultrarapid gas hot water system cut out cut out 168 132 all dimensions in mm 47 25 245 324 water connections power supply connection output power 230 v 240 v power consumption heating up 230 v 240 v power consumption 12 v ignition heating up stand-by

truma’s powerful aventa and saphir air conditioning systems offer sophisticated technology for more comfort on the move by cooling and dehumidifying the air inside your caravan or motorhome they ensure a pleasant climate all year round how do temperature and humidity influence your well-being air conditioning comfortable climate tailor-made by truma find your very own comfortable climate in order to make you feel comfortable in your vehicle the balance between temperature and humidity must be perfect this means the higher the room temperature the lower the humidity should be this is because it is easier for the body to give off excess heat into the room air if the air is dry you are therefore always making the right choice with a truma air conditioning system after all our systems cool the air extremely efficiently and also provide reliable dehumidification how to select the perfect air conditioning system for your needs the aventa and saphir air conditioning systems provide

aventa roof-mounted air conditioning system truma aventa comfort new roof top air conditioner truma aventa comfort an extremely powerful and aesthetically pleasing comfort solution with the slimmest air distributor on the market the aventa comfort not only looks great on the roof but in the living area too with two comfort functions in one device the aventa comfort offers powerful cooling and energy saving heating the aventa comfort comes with 2400 watts of cooling power and a sophisticated air distribution unit it will cool surroundings very quickly and very quietly thanks to the flexible air distribution unit rv enthusiasts can decide where they want to direct the air flow when the aventa comfort is operated in ‘sleep mode’ setting the evaporator and condenser fans run slower resulting in low operating noise inside and outside of the vehicle with 1700 watts of heating power the energy saving heat pump function ensures a pleasant on board temperature at the same time

air conditioning saphir climaster product overview saphir climaster underbunk air conditioners technical details saphir comfort rc climaster 69 2 275 315 57 65 0 0 90 1 0 42 accessories saphir climaster product part no description 36020-01 control panel truma cp plus please observe the notes on installation height not compatible with saphir vario saphir comfort and saphir compact up to serial number 23091000 40090-69300 electrical coupling for operating truma cp plus with saphir compact from serial number 23091001 40040-34800 extension cable 3 m for saphir comfort ir receiver 40090-89100 extension cable 3 m for saphir compact and saphir vario ir receiver 40040-29200 circulation air intake grille rectangular air stream cross-section 500 cm² 40040-60100 sound muffler for installation in cold air system for additional noise reduction in the living area 40090-64600 fluff filter saphir blue 40090-58100 particle filter saphir suitable for all saphir air conditioning systems

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