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English Language Titles, Complete Catalogue by Walter de Gruyter

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Catalogue: Walter de Gruyter  English Language Titles, Complete Catalogue
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1997 2000 catalogue 2005 x 504 pp 9 a communicative grammar applications of c language economics and language english for translation in linguistics english language english second language english word formation general reference general references german language h van historical linguistics history of english service introduction to english language of speeches materials of the library organs of speech in english parts general references process of speech communication sound of english sounds of english the archive of the sing akademie zu berlin catalogue

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walter de gruyter gmbh co kg genthiner straße 13 10785 berlin germany p.o box 30 34 21 10728 berlin germany phone +49 030-26005-0 fax +49 030-26005-251 e-mail walter de gruyter inc 545 eighth avenue suite 1650 new york ny 10018 usa phone +1 212 564-9223 fax +1 212 564-9224 e-mail editorial deadline 6th of june 2008 all titles are published by walter de gruyter unless indicated otherwise prices in represent the retail prices valid in germany recommended retail prices are marked with rrp prices in us apply to orders placed in north america only prices are subject to change without notice.

linguistics applied linguistics language and the cognitive construal of the world ed by john r taylor robert e maclaury 1995 xiii 406 pp cl rrp 102.00 us 163.00 isbn 978-3-11-014301-0 trends in linguistics studies and monographs [tilsm 82 mouton de gruyter language death factual and theoretical explorations with special reference to east africa ed by matthias brenzinger 1992 viii 445 pp 9 figs cl rrp 39.95 us 59.00 isbn 978-3-11-013404-9 contributions to the sociology of language [csl 64 mouton de gruyter language attrition in progress ed by b weltens k de bot t van els 1986 viii 224 pp pb rrp 48.00 us 77.00 isbn 978-3-11-013087-4 studies on language acquisition [sola 2 mouton de gruyter language diversity endangered ed by matthias brenzinger xvii 454 pp numerous tabs 23 maps 2007 cloth rrp 98.00 us 145.00 isbn 978-3-11-017049-8 trends in linguistics studies and monographs [tilsm 181 2008 pb rrp 34.95 us 48.00 isbn 978-3-11-017050-4 mouton reader mouton de gruyter language change the i

mathematics geometric aspects of dwork theory ed by alan adolphson francesco baldassarri pierre berthelot nicholas katz francois loeser 2004 2 vols vol 1 xiv 554 pp 1 frontispiece vol 2 vi p 555 1129 hc rrp 328.00 us 388.00 isbn 978-3-11-017478-6 de gruyter proceedings in mathematics enore guadagnini the link invariants of the chern-simons field theory new developments in topological quantum field theory 1993 xiv 312 pp 158 figs hc rrp 103.00 us 156.00 isbn 978-3-11-014028-6 de gruyter expositions in mathematics 10 mats gyllenberg dmitrii s silvestrov hans-otto georgii gibbs measures and phase transitions 1988 xiv 525 pp cl rrp 144.00 us 198.00 isbn 978-3-11-010455-4 de gruyter studies in mathematics 9 quasi-stationary phenomena in nonlinearly perturbed stochastic systems to be published 2008 approx 560 pp hc rrp 128.00 us 189.00 isbn 978-3-11-020437-7 de gruyter expositions in mathematics 44 hans-otto georgii rüdiger göbel jan trlifaj stochastics introduction to probability and st is not a reseller or dealer of Walter de Gruyter .

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