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1 for over three decades waterworks has transformed the bath through an absolute commitment to design authenticity innovation and quality these long held beliefs guide our vision for an ideal environment where personal needs and desires are satisfied from a complete master bathroom suite to a single powder room hand towel waterworks creates an experience that reflects our clients’ visions for themselves and their worlds this is the enduring commitment that lives within each waterworks fitting and fixture surface and furnishing accessory and finishing detail bwww.wat erworks comwww.wat erworks c o

left impeccable quality requires meticulous selection of high-grade materials supple fiber unadulterated metal finely-grained wood venetian glass kaolin-rich clay and tuscan marble ensure waterworks products’ longevity and beauty authentic functional at waterworks we begin with the genuine materials that distinguish our work from brass poured in artisanal factories to hand-picked long-staple egyptian cotton it s this absolute veracity that governs all waterworks choices 2 w w w.wat erworks comwww.wat erworks c o m

4 w w w.wat erworks c o m below right cast in factories in normandy france—a region known for centuries for fine production of faucetry and decorative hardware— waterworks’ handmade spouts handles and escutcheons are crafted with an elevated level of detail and precision high-concept thinking and creative collaborations with influential architectural and design firms give rise to products whose form and function have been meticulously measured and considered

right from edwardian elegance to a modernist simplicity individually and in unison waterworks’ curated aesthetics work in concert offering unique options for all designs design craftsmanship fully integrated into the waterworks approach is an expert understanding of design history and fabrication processes this blend of scholarly appreciation and applied experience guarantees mechanical integrity meticulous craftsmanship and timeless designs 6 w w w.wat erworks comwww.wat erworks c o m

our focus on design and craft translates into a world of products that comfortably meet the needs of our clients today and for generations to come w w w.wat erworks c o m

right studies in juxtaposition waterworks’ visual and tactile palettes balance lightly hewn and deeply refined shades and surfaces a rich interplay of light and dark glossy and matte organic and polished imbues uncommon dimension and depth layering sophistication texture waterworks understands how products can come together in a multifaceted sensory composition creamy glazed ceramic against richly grained mahogany delicate colors and vivid veined marble each element possesses subtle character and together can be effortlessly sophisticated 10 w w w.wat erworks c o m 11 w w w.wat erworks c o

a bath by shelton mindel associates features waterworks surfaces fixtures and accessories that layer sleek lightly textured and boldly punctuated fields in a single serene setting w w w.wat erworks c o m

left while styles and forms vary waterworks’ graceful essence is timeless a refined point of view unites many distinct elements in elegant harmony elegant serene gracious exquisite proportion serenity and balance define the waterworks bath environment our furnishings lighting and accessories are designed not merely to complement our fittings and fixtures but to transform intimate indulgences into truly personal environments 14 w w w.wat erworks c o m 15 w w w.wat erworks c o

a long deep soaking tub soft bath sheets close at hand bespoke tile designed especially for the home by roman and williams the complete bath experience is at heart an individual one w w w.wat erworks c o m

w w w.wat erworks c o m left below an elegant backdrop calls for equally graceful details including hardware worthy of a jeweler’s bench delicately fragranced apothecary selections and well-dressed furnishings and accessories simple routines can be moments for personal ceremony this waterworks bath designed by aman carson inspires reflection serenity and repose

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