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penny tile product

penny tile inspiration a unique hydrophilic coating provides wall and floor tiles with revolutionary properties the selective color palette is available in both strong and soft blends as well as white black and cream color palette color name .5” diameter glossy alum armour x atlantis 1” diameter glossy 1” diameter matte color variation x x 2 x x 2 x x 2 black x x x 1 gulf x x x 2 x x 2 x 1 haze iceberg x x latte x x 2 nautilus x x 2 pewter x x 2 sand x x seafoam x x skye x x smoke x x x 2 2 x 2 2 color variation 1 minimal if any color variation 2 slight color variation can be expected 3 a medium range of color variation is typical darker and lighter tones are evident 4 considerable color variation is typical from darks to lights and some tone changes 5 extreme color variation can be expected the range is often differing but complimentary color values such as greens varying from yellows to blues matte finish contains a non-slip finish please refer to application

color palette continued iceberg sand latte armour pewter skye gulf seafoam smoke nautilus black haze alum atlantis color palette shown in glossy please refer to color palette grid for size availability by color july

field sizes size sheet size 1” diameter 12 .5” diameter 12 5/16 x 12 5/8 5/16 x 12 5/8 sf per sheet 1.08 sf 1.08 sf please note .5” diameter not available in alum atlantis and haze applications and uses · interior walls and floors see below chart for floor use · exterior use – can be used in freeze/thaw environment · can be used for pool water line color name floor use rating for .5” diameter glossy alum armour 3 atlantis floor use rating for 1” diameter glossy floor use rating for 1” diameter matte 3 4 3 4 2 3 black 2 2 2 gulf 2 2 3 3 4 4 haze iceberg 3 3 latte 3 3 nautilus 2 2 pewter 3 3 sand 3 3 seafoam 3 3 skye 3 3 smoke 2 2 4 4 floor use rating 1 not acceptable for floor use 2 acceptable for light traffic areas such as bathrooms 3 acceptable for medium traffic areas such as kitchens 4 acceptable for high traffic areas such as hallways july