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water pump air pump 60 hp single phase motor stainless steel check valve single phase to three phase motor stainless steel ball valve high pressure 2 1 2 stainless steel ball valve high pressure 30 30 model 340 frictional losses in pipes 30 30 model a what is the importance of operating system selection of condenser water pump diagram of condenser water pump design of condenser water pump electrical water centrifugal pumps pressure pump from vacuum wiring diagram for condensing unit operation of water pump diagram of water pump in water how to change water pump npt x npt valves 316 ss 700 x 700 steam boiler check valve float switch wiring diagram discharge check valve motor single phase contactor motor wiring single phase 1 stainless steel steam valve check valve vertical ss 316 stainless steel 0 psi crack pressure valve 1 hp single phase electric motor contactor with overload gauge isolator valve carbon steel 316 gallons per minute single phase motor model 15 hp single phase electric motor stainless steel tanks 220 v 3 phase motors wiring diagram for starter wiring diagram for relays stainless steel body valve 304 stainless steel stainless steel 304 316 stainless steel 316 stainless steel pipe 316 1 stainless steel pipe 316 stainless steel piping low pressure check valve temperature controller valves temperature control valve drain check valve gallons per minute gauge cast iron housings

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condensate return pumps introduction • applications for using pmps why choose a pmp instead of an electric centrifugal condensate return pump condensate pumps reliability is the primary purpose for selecting mechanical type pmp’s instead of electric condensate pumps electric pumps require a mechanical seal to prevent the leakage of liquid around the rotating shaft that drives the impeller the liquid being pumped acts as a lubricant so the seal faces of the mechanical seal may rotate freely against each other when the liquid remains relatively cool the mechanical seal could last for many years however hot condensate can flash to steam between the seal faces leading to seal failure a centrifugal pump creates a low pressure zone at the eye of the impeller which draws the fluid into the pump hot condensate can flash into steam in the low pressure zone causing cavitation cavitation happens when bubbles form in the liquid on the inlet side of the pump that will re-compress on

pmpf stand-alone pumps fabricated steel tank pressure motive pump 1.19” 1” npt vent 1.19” 1/2” npt motive condensate pumps optional gauge glass lifting eyes model body cover check valves pmo max operating pressure tmo max operating temperature pma max allowable pressure pmpf carbon steel carbon steel stainless steel 200 psig 388ºf 250 psig 650˚f check valve inlet check valve outlet 29.31” 9.31” drain c b a typical applications the pmpf model carbon steel non-electric pressure motive pump is typically used when liquids must be moved to higher elevation higher pressure or extended distances this stand-alone pump is capable of operating with a maximum motive pressure of 200 psig provided by steam air or other gas supply these tanks are fabricated with 1/8” corrosion allowance and receive the asme “um” code stamp dimensions – size inlet x outlet 1” x 1” 11/2” x 1” 11/2” x 11/2” 2”

sump drainer pmpsp the “pit boss” sump drainer typical pmpsp piping configuration motive steam or air discharge line condensate pumps vent disc trap pmpsp sump drainer inlet protected by screen water enters the inlet check valve thru a screened area at bottom of pump after the pump fills the internal mechanism is actuated and the pump is discharged by the motive steam or compressed air other compressed gases such as nitrogen can also be used minimum diameter 18” pmpsp 14.75” pmpspl pmpsp pmpspl pumpca pa cities size/connection model code pmo weight psi lbs 11/2” pmpspl 150 110 11/2” pmpsp-1 150 230 2” pmpsp-2 150 270 2” pmpsp-3 150 290 outlet npt – water gpm motive pressure psig total back pressure psig pmpspl 11/2” pmpsp-1 11/2” pmpsp-2 2” pmpsp-3 2” 10 20 20 40 40 40 70 70 70 100 100 100 100 150 150 150 150 150 150 0 10 0 20 10 0 40 20 0 70 40 20 0 100 70 40 20 10 0 2.8 3.1 3.3 3.2 3.4 3.5 3.2 3.4 3.6

pump trap combination internal steam trap pumping traps model body cover sizes check valves pmo max operating pressure tmo max operating temperature pma max allowable pressure pmpt ductile iron stainless steel 1” 11/2” npt stainless steel 125 psig 366ºf 150 psig 450˚f pmpt pmpts stainless steel stainless steel 11/2” flg stainless steel 125 psig 366ºf 150 psig 450˚f typical applications the pmpt low-profile pressure motive pump trap combination has an internal steam trap for draining heat exchangers and other equipment whose steam pressure is modulated by a temperature regulator or a temperature control valve in these applications the steam pressure in the heat exchanger may not be sufficient to overcome the back pressure in the condensate return line when this condition occurs the pressure powered pump takes over and uses high pressure steam supplied to the pump to discharge the condensate when sufficient pressure does exist the pmpt functions like a

pump-trap combinations sizing selection – ti ts – to Δt ts 2 250 – 45 250 – 140 2 from the steam table 15 psig steam has a temp of 250˚f pumping traps stall condition when the steam pressure in the hx is equal to the back pressure of 15 psig the condensate will no longer drain out of the hx the pump-trap will now need to operate in pump mode to remove the condensate from the hx we need to calculate how much condensate will be produced when there is 15 psig in the hx Δt 157.5˚ f avg temp difference to find out how much energy will be transferred to the water we use the Δt calculated above in our heat transfer equation e uxax Δt 120 x 116 x 157.5 2,192,400 btu/hr to determine how much steam is required to heat the water we use the following formula lh latent heat qs lbs/hr e lh 2,192,400 for 15 psig steam the lh is 946 btu/lb 946 steam flow 2,318 lbs/hr when the hx stalls we will be using 2,318 lbs/hr of steam and will

electric pumps introduction simplex vs duplex pump operation a simplex system contains a single pump and receiver tank duplex systems contain two pumps on a common receiver tank allowing the second pump to serve as a back up in case of failure for duplex condensate return pumps the float switch is replaced with a mechanical alternator the mechanical alternator is attached to a float and activates only one pump at a time in an alternating manner the mechanical alternator switches power between the two motors so that the runtime of each pump is shared allowing the system to continue operation in the event of a single pump failure electrical connections electric pumps mechanical alternator/float switch must be ordered separately with duplex units motors controls single-phase motors single-phase motors supplied with these pumps have overload protection and therefore do not require ancillary motors starters single-phase motors can be wired directly to the float switch for simplex units or

w4100 w4200 w4300 electric condensate pumps electric pump how to order an electric condensate return or boiler feed pump ordering guidelines electric pumps 1 decide on appropriate receiver tank material for the application w4100-series with steel receiver tanks w4200-series with cast iron receiver tanks or w4300 with stainless steel receiver tanks 2 based on the particular application the model selection charts are separated on adjoining pages into either boiler feed or condensate return units the proper pump model/size in gpm gallons per minute to suit the application and recommended receiver size for a boiler feed application is based on boiler size measured in boiler horsepower the proper pump model size in gpm and recommended receiver size for a condensate return application is based on the effective direct radiation edr in square feet of the heating surfaces throughout the facility that the pump is expected to handle 3 select a pump discharge pressure that will exceed system

w4200 boiler feed pumps • model selection boiler feed pumps cast iron receivers g j series pumps electric pumps g 20 psi max discharge pressure j up to 50 psi max discharge pressure c a pa cities boiler horsepower 15 15 15 30 15 45 15 60 discharge pressure psig 20 30 40 50 20 30 40 50 20 30 40 50 20 30 40 50 flow rate gpm 33 3 6 39 3 12 motor horsepower 1/3 1/2 1 2 1/3 1/2 1 2 1/3 1/2 1 2 1/3 1/2 1 2 receiver capacity gallons 30 36 30 36 30 50 30 50 simplex model w4222gf w4232jf w4242jf w4252jf w4224gf w4234jf w4244jf w4254jf w4226gf w4236jf w4246jf w4256jf w4228gf w4238jf w4248jf w4258jf weight lbs 465 505 510 520 465 505 510 520 575 615 620 625 575 615 620 625 duplex model w4222gdf w4232jdf w4242df w4252jdf w4224gdf w4234jdf w4244df w4254jdf w4226gdf w4236jdf w4246df w4256jdf w4228gdf w4238jdf w4248df w4258jdf weight lbs 500 580 590 600 500 580 590 600 610 690 700 710 610 690 700 710 typical 4200-series boiler feed pumps simplex duplex g series pump shown in duplex

w4100 w4300 condensate return pumps j simplex duplex • 30 gallon receiver 4100 • steel receiver 4300 • stainless steel receiver electric pump j simplex duplex • 45 gallon receiver 4100 • steel receiver 4300 • stainless steel receiver electric pumps 2”vent npt 2” npt vent 2” npt vent 11/2” npt pump discharge 11/2” npt pump discharge gate valve check valve pressure gauge optional 2” npt overflow gate valve check valve pressure gauge optional 2” npt process return 2” npt overflow 2” npt process return 0.25 footpad 0.25 footpad tel 610-495-5131 • pottstown pa • usa ••

boiler feed pumps g w4200 4100 • steel receiver 4300 • stainless steel receiver j simplex duplex • 4100/4300 36 gallon receiver electric pump simplex duplex • 4100/4300 50 gallon receiver boiler feed boiler feed electric pumps gate valve check valve pressure gauge optional gate valve check valve pressure gauge optional gauge glass gauge glass 2 1” npt vents 2 11/2” npt vents 3/4” npt pump discharge 11/2” npt pump discharge duplex pump duplex pump lifting eyes optional lifting eyes optional gauge glass gauge glass 1” npt overflow 3” npt process return 1” npt overflow 3” npt process return drain tel 610-495-5131 • pottstown pa • usa ••