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regulating valve applications general installation guidelines outlet port inlet port strainers with blowdown valves regardless of any filters provided on a regulator a strainer with blowdown valve is recommended before upstream of all regulator installations pipeline debris and scale can damage internal valve components potentially leading to poor operation and/or failure blowdown valve below strainer ports note consider strainer orientation to avoid collection of condensate see diagram blowdown valve oriented at same elevation as strainer ports to avoid condensate collection drip legs steam traps to prevent condensate accumulated during shutdown from possibly damaging the regulator or piping at start-up an adequately sized drip leg with steam trap should be installed prior to all regulators this will also help protect the regulator during normal operation pressure regulating valve steam main drip leg steam supply line note separators may be necessary when boiler carryover or “wet” steam is a concern strainer gate valve strainer td600l drip trap to condensate return drain valve it is imperative to develop proper start-up and maintenance procedures and train personnel on the importance of following them at all times consult equipment manufacturers for specific guidelines if necessary tel 610-495-5131 • pottstown pa • usa •• engineering proper start-up maintenance procedures it is important to follow good start-up practices to avoid operational complications and potential system damage starting a steam system too quickly or using an improper sequence may lead to a potentially hazardous working environment lack of system maintenance over time can also contribute to this situation 437