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the time of the end 24 vac to 24 vdc schedule 40 steel pipe pressure rating shell and tube heat exchangers 100 240 v 50 60 hz 100 240 y 50 60 hz 100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz 24 x 12 x 12 24 x 12 12 types of ups and all types diagrames parts of a parts catalog shell tube heat exchanger heat exchanger tube bundle air pressure regulators pilot operated pressure relief valve kit high pressure high flow regulator gas pressure regulating valve low pressure 60 hp single phase motor stainless steel check valve back pressure regulator valve air pressure regulator with gauge stainless steel heat exchangers schedule 80 steel pipe pressure water heater control valve water pump air pump 50 50 flow control valve seamless carbon steel pipe single phase to three phase motor schedule 40 steel 9 pipe schedule 40 steel 1 pipe schedule 40 steel pipe schedule 40 steel 8 pipe stainless steel ball valve high pressure 2 1 2 stainless steel ball valve high pressure schedule 40 steel pipe fittings pressure 316 stainless steel plate schedule 40 steel pipe fittings schedule 40 steel pipe 24 water heater control valve install pressure for schedule 40 steel pipe electronic control valves for inlet pressure control 400 in lbs ft lbs 120 volt ac to 24 ac corrosion resistant stainless steel connection 10 32 unf 2a hot water heating systems 1 18 x 250 x 250 30 30 model 340 in lbs in kg m frictional losses in pipes 30 30 model a small back to back seats equivalent length of pipe 36 inch face to face 16 16 v

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condensate return pumps systems pages 129-197 • non-electric condensate return pumps – pmp series • standard customized skid mounted systems • receiver tanks • pump-trap combinations • accessories options • insulation jackets • gauge glass • cycle counters • electric condensate pumps page 242-285 • pressure regulating • temperature regulating • back pressure relief valves • piston-actuated pages 286-307 control valves control valves • pneumatic control valves • electropneumatic i/p transducer • electronic pid controllers • air filter/regulator • rtd thermocouple temperature sensors • thermowells pages 308-326 liquid drainers pages 327-364 pipeline accessories liquid drainers • float type • inverted bucket • thermodynamic • guided float type • installation guidelines pipeline accessories • check valves • safety relief

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steam traps universal style uc450 series quick-change connectors dimensions uc450 uc450s uc450sb universal connectors connectors available in 1/2” 3/4” and 1” sizes in npt or socket-weld connections 3.31 1/2” 3/4” 6.06 1” 2.92 1/2” 3/4” 5.66 1” note optional flange units available 3.31 1/2” 3/4” 6.06 1” .29 .81 .84 .84 2.75 3.38 .84 1.97 1/2” 3/4” 3.35 1” uc450 uc450s uc450sb no strainer strainer strainer blowdown uc450sr uc450sbr universal connectors flow direction to right note optional flange units available connectors available in 1/2” 3/4” and 1” sizes in npt or socket-weld connections 3.31 1/2” 3/4” 3.62 1” 3.31 1/2” 3/4” 3.62 1” npt or socket weld 1.00 3.4 3.9 uc450sr uc450sbr strainer strainer blowdown flow direction to left uc450sl uc450sbl universal connectors connectors available in 1/2” 3/4” and 1” sizes in

pump systems pumps with receiver tanks pmpc pmpf pressure motive pumps standard skid mounted systems asme certified duplex systems condensate pumps features • pmp pump systems reduce installation 40.0” costs only 4 pipe connections are required in the field • watson mcdaniel ensures that vented receivers and other components are properly sized for optimum system performance 44.0” vent 6” 150 flange • watson mcdaniel’s fully-qualified fabrication facility is asme code certified our engineers can design and build complete custom systems to meet all your requirements 48 gal receiver condensate inlet 3” npt to pump exhaust 11/2” npt auxillary inlet 3” npt gauge glass 1/2” npt pump exhaust 1” npt receiver motive steam inlet 1/2” npt condensate outlet options • • • • • • gauge glass assembly cycle counter insulation covers motive steam drip trap overflow pipe connection

condensate return pumps j w4200 cast iron receiver simplex duplex • 4200 24 gallon receiver j simplex duplex • 4200 36 gallon receiver electric pumps gate valve check valve pressure gauge optional electric pump gate valve check valve pressure gauge optional gauge glass optional gauge glass optional 11/2” npt vents 18.00 11/2” npt vents isolation valve optional 3.31 11/2” npt pump discharge 29.28 isolation valve optional duplex pump duplex pump 11/2” npt pump discharge 3.13 2” npt process return 1” npt overflow 3” npt process return tel 610-495-5131 • pottstown pa • usa ••

pressure regulators introduction what are pressure regulating valves prvs used for steam liquids and other gases are typically transported through piping systems at relatively higher pressure than ultimately needed and therefore need to be reduced to a lower pressure at the final point of use the purpose of the pressure regulating valve prv is to reduce the pressure of steam liquid or gas to a lower pressure appropriate for its final application all pressure regulating valves are self-operated which means they do not require any outside source of power such as air pressure or electric actuators to operate in contrast control valves do require an outide source of power to actuate the valve all pressure regulating valves are self-operated however they are categorized as either direct-operated or pilot-operated the pilot-operated regulators are either piston-actuated or diaphragm-actuated direct-operated o-series for steam air water 455-series for steam b-series for water liquids

control valves 2-way valve hb series hb series control valve with electric actuator 6.97” the hb series control valve with electric actuator is a robust user-friendly alternative to the standard pneumatic actuator on the hb series control valve with fast and precise movement this actuator is designed to handle a broad range of applications including instantaneous and semi-instantaneous water heaters ideal for installations where pneumatic lines are not present or are prohibitive wmea electric actuator specifications power supply 115vac 24vac 24vdc nominal current a 0.66 3.15 2 max current a 0.86 4.1 2.6 57 53 48 control valves max power consumption w force stem velocity nominal 3/4 travel time duty cycle iec 60034-1,8 ambient temperature shut-off pressure 1/2” to 2” hb 1,100 lbs actuator weight 17.6 lbs 22.43” 0.088 0.177 in/sec 6 8 sec s2 30min s4 50 ed 77°f -4 to 140°f 2.95” 300 psig a hb series control valve with electric actuator features

pipeline accessories flash steam recovery vessel wflv series carbon steel model sizes connections body material pmo max operating pressure tmo max operating temperature pma max allowable pressure a wflv 6” 8” 12” 16” 150 rf carbon steel 150 psig 366ºf 150 psig 562˚f h 150 flange outlet f 1/2” npt g j note 250 psig unit available consult factory npt e typical applications c the wflv flash tanks are installed in condensate return systems to separate off flash steam from hot condensate and neutralize pressure in condensate return lines the flash steam may be used for low pressure heating applications or vented to atmosphere b inlet h 150 flange how to size order use table 1 to determine amount of flash steam that will be generated by the hot pressurized condensate the percentage of flash steam formed is found where condensate pressure and flash tank pressure intersect multiply your condensate load by the decimal equivalent of the flash steam percent

steam traps replacement parts kits for thermostatic traps clean steam traps ta25b ta125 series radiator thermostatic steam trap kits size for models seat material pmo psi kit order ta25b-12-n brass 25 w-kit-tt-12-025 1/2 3/4” ta125-12-n stainless steel 125 w-kit-tt-12-125 ta25b-13-n brass 25 w-kit-tt-13-025 ta125-13-n stainless steel 125 w-kit-tt-13-125 kit consists of 1 thermal element 1 valve seat 1 valve seat washer 1 cover gasket cover spring thermal element valve seat ts25b ts125 series radiator thermostatic steam trap kits size for models seat material ts25b-12-n ts125-12-n ts25b-13-n ts125-13-n valve seat washer body 1/2 3/4” pmo psi kit order brass 25 w-kit-tt-12-025 stainless steel 125 w-kit-tt-12-125 brass 25 w-kit-tt-13-025 stainless steel 125 w-kit-tt-13-125 fda300 fda400 fda500 series clean steam trap parts for models kit order product description fda300 fda300 fda400/410 fda500/510 w-kit-300-01 w-kit-300-02 gasket thermal assembly w-kit-500-01 gasket

regulating valve applications pressure reducing station • using spring-loaded pilot purpose for reducing system inlet pressure to a constant outlet pressure operation the pressure reducing valve prv can be easily adjusted to set the desired outlet pressure and modulates to maintain that pressure setting the prv requires no external power source installation guidelines see figure 5 this example depicts a pilot-operated steam prv whereby an external sensing line is required to sense downstream pressure the end of the sensing line is placed away from the turbulent flow of the valve outlet this helps to improve accuracy of the set pressure set pressure is adjusted by turning a screw on the pilot to increase or decrease compression on a balancing spring • for optimum operation and service life maintain recommended minimum piping straight runs before and after the prv inlet pipe diameters could be 1-2 sizes larger and outlet pipe diameters 2-3 sizes larger than the end

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