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wesleyan university press inside the dancer’s art rose eichenbaum elegant photographs of the mysterious and complex world of dance available now 258 pp 260 illus 229 color 10 x 8 paper $26.95 • 978-0-8195-7700-9 cad 36.00 ebook $21.99 • 978-0-8195-7701-6 dance photography acclaimed photographer rose eichenbaum captures the spirit beauty and commitment of dancers along with the dancers’ own words of wisdom and guidance more than 250 color and black and white photographs are paired with inspirational quotes from legendary and emerging dancers here words and images explore creativity art making the communicative power of the human body the challenges of balancing everyday life with the physical and practical demands of the dancer’s art and more in these intimate portraits eichenbaum reveals and celebrates the world of the dancer sensual and mesmerizing these images will entrance dancer and non-dancer alike—as well as anyone who

wesleyan university press ishiro honda a life in film from godzilla to kurosawa steve ryfle and ed godziszewski with yuuko honda-yun foreword by martin scorsese the first comprehensive biography of the director behind godzilla and other japanese sci-fi classics ishiro honda was arguably the most internationally successful japanese director of his generation with an unmatched succession of science fiction films that were commercial hits worldwide from the atomic allegory of godzilla and the beguiling charms of mothra to the tragic mystery of matango and the disaster and spectacle of rodan the mysterians king kong vs godzilla and many others honda’s films reflected postwar japan’s real-life anxieties and incorporated fantastical special effects a formula that appealed to audiences around the globe and created a popular culture phenomenon that spans generations now in the first full account of this director’s life and career authors steve ryfle and ed

along the valley line the history of the connecticut valley railroad max r miller the first book on the history of the connecticut valley railroad the connecticut valley railroad once carried both passengers and freight along the west bank of the connecticut river completed in 1871 today the railroad is known throughout new england for the nostalgic steam-powered excursion trains that carry over 30,000 passengers each year on a portion of the line between essex and chester this book written by railroad historian and former vice president and director of valley railroad max r miller provides the first comprehensive history of the connecticut valley railroad through maps ephemera and archival photographs max r miller is a historian of the connecticut valley railroad he worked for the valley railroad from the 1970s to the 1990s serving as vice president and director of the line the complete poetry of aimé césaire bilingual edition aimé césaire translated by clayton

wesleyan university press let’s not live on earth sarah blake if an alien ship came to earth would you get on poetry that acts as a fierce and loving resistance to violence evie shockley’s semiautomatic insists that art can feed the spirit and reawaken the imagination the volume responds to the twenty-first century’s inescapable evidence of the terms of black life—not so much new as newly visible the poems trace a whole web of connections between the kinds of violence that affect people across the racial ethnic gender class sexual national and linguistic boundaries that do and do not divide us in poems that span fragment to narrative and quiz to constraint from procedure to prose and sequence to song semiautomatic culls past and present for guides to a hoped-for future “the poems in semiautomatic are on fire.”  e rica hunt long island university evie shockley is the author of several collections of poetry including a half-red sea

class warrior—taoist style abdelkébir khatibi translated by matt reeck the first english translation of a seminal north african poem abdelkébir khatibi 1938–2009 is one of the most important writers and thinkers to emerge from north africa in the second half of the twentieth century though not widely known beyond the francophone world khatibi’s critical and creative works speak to the central concerns of postcolonial and postmodern life offered here in english for the first time his long poem from 1976 is a wildly inventive text matt reeck’s compelling translation captures the stylistic and thematic beats of khatibi’s verse the introduction provides biographical context and an overview of khatibi’s poetics of the orphan “this elegant gripping translation of abdelkébir khatibi’s evocative text compels readers to contemplate complicated questions of class language love and identity in poetic terms.”  a lison rice

wesleyan university press eight lectures on experimental music public art installations create structures and performance spaces out of cast off objects described as an artist of “prodigious imagination and intelligence” by the new york times jill sigman makes art at the intersection of dance visual art and social practice with 473 color photographs ten huts presents a series of site-specific huts hand built from found and repurposed materials ranging from the mundane e-waste and plastic bottles to the bizarre circus detritus moose bones dental molds and mugwort in landscapes as varied as industrial brooklyn and the norwegian arctic each of the extraordinary huts in this book is a structure a sculpture and an emergency preparedness kit which raises questions about sustainability shelter real estate and our future on this planet praise for jill sigman “sigman is riveting—an elf with the rebelliousness of the ‘60s avant-garde the piscine

the kind of man i am jazzmasculinity and the world of charles mingus jr nichole rustin-paschal lineage of loss counternarratives of north indian music max katz explores the forgotten voices and visions of a north indian musical tradition an exploration of masculinity in jazz culture and the work of charles mingus jr nearly four decades after his death charles mingus jr remains one of the least understood and most recognized jazz composers and musicians of our time mingus’s ideas about music racial identity and masculinity challenged jazz itself as a model of freedom inclusion creativity and emotional expressivity drawing on archival records published memoirs and previously conducted interviews the kind of man i am uses mingus as a lens through which to craft a gendered cultural history of postwar jazz culture “an absorbing timely and indeed important book the kind of man i am introduces a fresh model for thinking about jazz and gender.”  j ohn gennari university of

wesleyan university press in the air essays on the poetry of peter gizzi edited by anthony caleshu archeophonics peter gizzi now in paperback the first comprehensive exploration of the poetry of peter gizzi this first critical book of essays on the poetry of peter gizzi shows how his work extends the traditions of twentieth-century modernism gizzi is author of seven critically acclaimed books of poetry including archeophonics a finalist for the national book award in 2016 lauded contributors including ben lerner and marjorie perloff explore gizzi’s poetry for its embodiment of an american tradition while also exhibiting a twenty-firstcentury sensibility “peter gizzi is one of america’s most significant contributors to contemporary poetry anyone interested in the current condition of poetry will learn from the wide variety of essays here.”  s usan howe author of the birth mark anthony caleshu is author of three collections of poetry and two books

partly new and selected poems 2001–2015 rae armantrout now in paperback to see the earth before the end of the world ed roberson now in paperback new and selected poetry from pulitzer prize–winning author rae armantrout rae armantrout is professor emerita of writing at the university of california san diego and the author of thirteen previous books of poetry october 252 pp 6 x 9 paper $19.95 • 978-0-8195-7773-3 cad 27.00 ebook $15.99 • 978-0-8195-7656-9 poetry wesleyan poetry entanglements rae armantrout a chapbook of poems about physics from rae armantrout a new world jazz symphony in poems earth and sky neighborhood life and ancient myths, the art of seeing and the architecture of the imagination are all among the subjects of these poems recurring images and ideas construct a complex picture of our world ourselves and the manifold connections tying them together this collection is composed of five sequences each developing a particular constellation

wesleyan university press homegrown terror benedict arnold and the burning of new london  eric d lehman the mountains in art history edited by peter mark peter helman and penny snyder the first englishlanguage study of mountains as subject matter and inspiration for the visual arts now in paperback a new look at the quintessential traitor on september 6 1781 connecticut native benedict arnold and a force of 1,600 british soldiers and loyalists took fort griswold and burnt new london to the ground the brutality of the invasion galvanized the new nation in homegrown terror eric d lehman chronicles the events leading up to the attack and highlights this key transformation in arnold—the point where he went from betraying his comrades to massacring his neighbors and destroying their homes homegrown terror draws upon a variety of perspectives from the traitor himself to his former connecticut comrades “more than the dramatic story of benedict arnold’s

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