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“b” majors click on the major below to get to the exact page he following section details the required curriculum for every degree and certificate program offered at the college students must complete all biology broadcasting business course requirements to petition for a skill certificate or state-approved certificate of achievement in order to be eligible for an associate degree students must fulfill all major business administration courses all west general education requirements plan a or plan b and all other graduation requirements for a total of at least 60 units students should refer to “graduation requirements” in the “academics” section of this catalog for additional information students are also encouraged to seek assistance from counselors and faculty transfer students should consult the transfer center or the counseling general education requirements for the particular transfer institution of their choice transfer students who want to

major requirements aviatek 20 aviatek 21 aviatek 22 aviatek 23 aviatek 24 reciprocating powerplant overhaul lab powerplant troubleshooting and testing powerplant troubleshooting and testing lab inspection and evaluation inspection and evaluation lab 2 4 2 4 2 total units 54 note students must have a minimum 2.0 gpa in aviation maintenance technology prior to enrollment in aviatek 23 and 24 skill certificate in composite structures fabrication major code 0950.50 required course a/c ps 102 fabrication and repair of advanced composites a/c ps 110 aerospace production blueprint reading i a/c ps 115 aircraft structures total units units 6 4 6 16 certificate of achievement airframe maintenance technician major code 0950.10 biology 48 units required courses units aviatek 1 maintenance procedures 4 aviatek 2 maintenance procedures lab 2 aviatek 3 basic aircraft science 4 aviatek 4 basic aircraft science lab 2 aviatek 5 basic electricity and auxiliary systems 4 aviatek 6 basic electricity and

major requirements group 2 chem 211 chem 212 organic chemistry for science majors i organic chemistry for science majors ii units 5 5 group 3 math 260 math 261 pre-calculus calculus i units 5 5 total units 38-40 broadcasting skill certificates note skill certificates are not state-approved and are not included on transcripts only students completing state-approved degrees and/or certificates may participate in commencement skill certificate in radio broadcasting major code 0603.10 the radio broadcasting curriculum is designed to provide study and training leading to an occupation for students seeking employment in the radio broadcasting industry required courses units brdcst 1 fundamentals of radio and tv broadcasting 3 brdcst 7 radio announcing i 3 brdcst 12 broadcast station operation 3 brdcst 14 broadcast station management 3 brdcst 931 cooperative education 3 total units 15 associate of arts degree major code 0501.00 38 units plan b all other west requirements for associate

major requirements business administration chemistry associate degrees associate degrees also see management small business the associate of arts degree in business administration includes coursework that aligns with specific lower-division major requirements for business administration and related majors at various universities within the university of california uc and california state university csu systems students are encouraged to visit the transfer center for complete information regarding transfer requirements for the institution of their choice students interested in transfer are also encouraged to consult the counseling office for individualized educational planning career opportunities in business administration are available for multiple professions including accounting managers stockbrokers financial consultants insurance brokers marketing managers and computer specialists in addition a prospective professor of business may get a start in the associate and baccalaureate