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    major requirements a degree in french can open doors to such professional opportunities as a career in foreign trade travel translating teaching and government especially in the state department french also provides valuable background for those pursuing studies in art music cinema and literature program learning outcomes plos • • • • • • • listen with understanding to french conversations respond meaningfully in personal and community situations speak the target language effectively and articulately in personal community and work settings read confidently and competently for personal information professional and academic needs write in target language to communicate with purpose meaning and grammatical correctness develop processes that lead to insight an understanding of the culture interact sensitively and respectfully with the cultures mores beliefs and traditions in the target language award type grad plan req major units

    8 major requirements apply and relate their understanding of international trade and initiatives to develop multiple perspective on globalization issues and their impact on economic decision makers award type grad plan req courses units tota l units global studies aa ge/igetc/csu 27 64-66 french 1 french 2 japanese 1 japanese 2 spanish 1 spanish 2 elementary french i elementary french ii elementary japanese i elementary japanese ii elementary spanish i elementary spanish ii 5 5 5 5 5 5 for recommended course sequence consult a wlac counselor at least 64-67degree applicable units are required to earn an associate degree health science associate of arts degrees health sciences division global studies major code 2210.00 27 units required courses units econ 11 economics globalization 3 english 204 world literature 3 philos 33 comparative study of world religions 3 poli sci 7 international relations 3 polisci 60 intro to globalization 3 total required units 15 restrictive