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2014 catalog 90 west hotel resorts hotel units plan front desk of hotels universities for hotel management in america

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“h” majors click on the major below to get to the exact page history hospitality he following section details the required curriculum for every degree and certificate program offered at the college students must complete all course requirements to petition for a skill certificate or state-approved certificate of achievement in order to be eligible for an associate degree students must fulfill all major courses all west general education requirements plan a or plan b and all other graduation requirements for a total of at least 60 units students should refer to “graduation requirements” in the “academics” section of this catalog for additional information students are also encouraged to seek assistance from counselors and faculty transfer students should consult the office for major preparation and general education requirements for the particular transfer institution of their choice transfer students who want to obtain an associate degree may

major requirements associate of arts degree geography major code 1914.00 40 units plan b all other west requirements for associate degree associate degrees the associate of arts degree in geography includes coursework that aligns with specific lower-division major requirements for the geography major at various universities within the university of california uc and california state university csu systems students are encouraged to visit the transfer center for complete information regarding transfer requirements for the institution of their choice students interested in transfer are also encouraged to consult the counseling office for individualized educational planning required courses units chem 101 general chemistry i 5 chem 102 general chemistry ii 5 geology 1 physical geology 3 geology 6 physical geology laboratory 2 math 261 calculus i 5 math 262 calculus ii 5 physics 37 physics for engineers and scientists i 5 physics 38 physics for engineers and scientists ii 5 physics 39

major requirements at least 6 units from the following anthro 101 human biological evolution or anthro 102 human ways of life cultural anthropology econ 1 principles of economics i geog 1 physical geography pol sci 1 the government of the united states history 5 history of the americas history 29 asian civilization the middle east history 52 the role of women in the history of the us total units certificates of achievement 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 certificate of achievement hospitality major code 1307.05 36 units same major requirements as for associate degree no general education requirements certificate of achievement hotel front desk and back office operations major code 1307.06 18 units hospitality associate degrees the associate of arts degree in hospitality is primarily designed for vocational education and workforce training/development the curriculum is not aligned with course requirements for transfer to a specific major at a four-year college or university students interested in

major requirements certificate of achievement event and convention planning major code 1307.08 18 units required courses units travel 175 meeting/convention and incentive planning 3 hospt 302 introduction to hotel/motel operations 3 hospt 320 hospitality law 3 hospt 340 introduction to professional food service 3 hospt 345 event management 3 and 3 units from the following travel 140 travel industry sales service and marketing travel 175 meeting/convention and incentive planning 3 3 18 total units law see paralegal studies liberal arts sciences associate degrees arts and humanities option behavioral and social sciences option health professions option math science and computer science option the liberal arts and sciences degree program provides students with an opportunity to earn an associate of arts degree in one of four major areas of emphasis math sciences and computer science behavioral and social sciences arts and humanities and health professions it is designed for students