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“m” majors click on the major below to get to the exact page management small business marketing he following section details the required curriculum for every degree and certificate program offered at the college students must complete all course requirements to petition for a skill certificate or state-approved certificate of achievement in order mathematics to be eligible for an associate medical assisting courses all west general education music degree students must fulfill all major requirements plan a or plan b and all other graduation requirements for a total of at least 60 units students should refer to “graduation requirements” in the “academics” section of this catalog for additional information students are also encouraged to seek assistance from counselors and faculty transfer students should consult the office for major preparation and general education requirements for the particular transfer institution of their choice transfer

major requirements choose at least 12 units from courses listed below no more than 6 units may be selected from any single discipline anatomy 1 anthropology 101 111l biology 3a 3b 6 7 chemistry 51 60 101 computer science 902 917 933 935 936 939 990 geography 1 15l geology 1 6l oceanography 1 microbiology 20 physiology 1 physics 6 7 37 and at least 3 units but no more than 6 units from courses listed below mgmt 2 organization management theory mktg 1 principles of selling mktg 21 principles of marketing law 2 business law ii speech 101 oral communication i electives 3 units from the following co sci 933 database design and programming bus 32 business communications entrep 1 introduction to entrepreneurship entrep 2 starting a new business entrep 3 building and growing a new business total units 3 3 3 3 3 units 3 3 3 3 3 35 mathematics 215 227 241 260 261 262 263 270 275 certificates of achievement note the total number of units must be at least 18 units certificate of achievement

major requirements students who successfully complete the associate in science in mathematics for transfer will be guaranteed admission to a california state university the as degree in mathematics meets the requirements of sb1440 for associate degrees for transfer the degrees were developed to ease the transfer process for students to the csu marketing associate degrees the associate of arts degree in marketing is primarily designed for vocational education and workforce training/development the curriculum is not aligned with course requirements for transfer to a specific major at a four-year college or university the marketing program prepares individuals for such marketing positions as store manager division manager department manager buyer credit manager and retail or industrial sales professional associate of arts degree major code 0509.00 associate of science degree for transfer as-t major code 1701.00 21 units completion of csu breadth or igetc required courses 15 units math

major requirements mathematics medical assisting associate degrees associate degrees the associate of arts degree in mathematics includes coursework that aligns with specific lower-division major requirements for the mathematics major at various universities within the university of california uc and california state university csu systems students interested in transferring to a four-year college or university with a major in mathematics are encouraged to visit the transfer center for complete information regarding transfer requirements for the institution of their choice students interested in transfer are also encouraged to consult the counseling office for individualized educational planning career possibilities actuary applied science programmer appraiser architect assessor auditor biomedicine researcher budget analyst casualty rater cartographer computer scientist programmer criminal analyst/investigator credit counselor cryptanalyst demographer econometrist engineering analyst

major requirements certificates of achievement certificates of achievement certificate of achievement administrative clinical certificate of achievement administrative 38.5 units 22 units required courses units ald hth 57 introduction to computers in health occupations 1.0 ald hth 33 medical terminology 3.0 hlthocc 51 medical office microcomputer management applications 1.0 hlthocc 52 medical office procedures i 4.0 hlthocc 53 medical office procedures ii 4.0 hlthocc 61 medical insurance 3.0 hlthocc 54 human disease 4.0 hlthocc 55 clinical assisting techniques i 4.0 hlthocc 56 clinical assisting techniques ii 4.0 htlhocc 57 medical office laboratory procedures 3.5 hlthocc 58 pharmacology for medical assistants 2.0 hlthocc 59 medical assisting practicum 2.0 hlthocc 60 medical assisting internship 3.0 required courses units ald hth 57 introduction to computers in health occupations 1.0 ald hth 33 medical terminology 3.0 hlthocc 51 medical office microcomputer management applications

major requirements music 341 intermediate piano plus 2 units from the following music 411 elementary voice i music 412 elementary voice ii music 413 elementary voice iii music 414 elementary voice iv 2 2 2 2 2 .5 5 .5 .5 33 the piano proficiency requirement may be met by examination if the student has had previous training enrollment in the elementary voice sequence music 411 412 413 414 and or the elementary piano sequence music 321 322 323 324 is recommended for music majors who are preparing for performance or music education careers music majors are required to enroll in a music performance class every semester skill certificates note skill certificates are not state-approved and are not included on transcripts only students completing state-approved degrees and/or certificates may participate in commencement skill certificate in songwriter’s workshop major code 2203.00 required courses music 271 songwriters’ workshop i music 272 songwriters’ workshop ii music