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“p” course descriptions click on the course area below to get to the exact page paralegal physical science personal development physics pharmacy technician physiology philosophy political science physical education psychology p.e physical education course

course descriptions 398 geriatric care technician 4 prerequisite nursing 399a this is a specialized program that expands and enhances the theoretical and clinical skills of the certified nurse assistant cna with regards to care of the seniors the geriatric care technician is a new role that meets increased needs of an aging population 399 certified nurse assistant certified home health aide 7 modularized courses listed below introduction to the health care field working with residents/patients in the long term care facility the acute care setting and the home care setting emphasis is given to safety principles infection control methods for providing physical care and emotional and social support 399a certified nurse assistant 5 recommended english 28 399b certified home health aide 2 prerequisite successful completion of 399a or state of california certification as a certified nurse assistant oceanography also see earth science environmental science and geography 1 introduction to

course descriptions 20 probate procedures 3 prerequisite paralegal 10 and paralegal 13 a comprehensive study of methods for fact gathering office procedures and required court work involved in the handling of probates of both testate and intestate decedents 8 career planning and development 2 csu this course is an introduction to career planning and is designed for students who are considering vocational careers the focus is on a comprehensive career and personal evaluation developing an appropriate educational plan and utilizing a personal career strategy 33 entertainment law 3 csu prerequisite paralegal 10 this course presents an overview of the legal aspects in the entertainment industry students will be exposed to legal aspects of contractual agreements copyright requirements privacy regulations of the federal communications commission libel and slander freedom of speech and press publishing rights trademarks unions and related concerns 17 college survival skills development 1 csu

course descriptions 25 pharmacy clerk clinical experience 1.5 prerequisites pharmacy tech 24 corequisites allied health 56 and 57 this course is designed to provide the student with pharmacy clerk practical experience in selected outpatient community pharmacy settings working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist 29 body systems i 3 recommended english 28 in this course students will learn the use and side effects of prescription medications nonprescription medications and alternative therapies used to treat diseases affecting the muscular skeletal respiratory renal cardiovascular and hematologic systems students will first master an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology and learn the brand and generic name standard pronunciation and routes of administration for each medication studied students will also learn medical terminology and abbreviations associated with the use of medication therapy affecting the body systems studied 30 body systems ii 3 recommended english

course descriptions 20 ethics 3 uc:csu an inquiry into the nature of morality and ethical theory in both historical and contemporary settings as they apply to business the arts science and medicine an analysis of utilitarianism duty theory and virtue theory as well as contemporary moral issues such as abortion capital punishment animal rights environmental issues and the role of ethics in political and social policy physical education 304 basketball skills 1 csu rpt 3 students will learn to identify and demonstrate basketball terminology and rules of the game while learning basic basketball skills and fundamentals 313 soccer skills 1 rpt 3 this course emphasizes fundamental soccer skills as well as the selection and care of equipment rules proper etiquette terminology and strategies of the game the student will be introduced to individual and team offense and defense as well as terminology and the five components of fitness 322 volleyball skills 1 csu rpt 3 course will focus on

course descriptions 550 cheerleading/yell leading 2 csu rpt 3 this course will teach and practice the techniques skills and knowledge necessary to perform on a cheerleading or yell leading squad 552 athletics pre-season conditioning 1 uc:csu rpt 3 this course is designed for the student athlete and will cover physical conditioning strength training and aerobic conditioning 553 intercollegiate sports strength and fitness training for football 1 uc:csu rpt 3 this course is designed for the student athlete and is intended to provide focused strength and conditioning exercises teach safety and injury prevention and present new rules and game plays for football 554 intercollegiate sports strength and fitness training for track and field 1 uc:csu rpt 3 this course is designed for the student athlete and is intended to provide focused strength and conditioning exercises teach safety and injury prevention and present new rules for track and field 555 intercollegiate sports strength and

course descriptions 7 general physics ii 4 uc:csu prerequisites physics 6 mathematics 241 physics 6 and 7 constitute a two-course sequence in general physics designed primarily for medicine dentistry pharmacy optometry and geology majors this course is a continuation of physics 6 covering electricity magnetism electromagnetism alternating currents electromagnetic waves optics the atom quantum physics and relativity uc transfer credit limit credit will only be given for one series physics 6/7 or physics 37/38/39 p e physical education non-activity 718 fundamentals of athletic training 3 uc:csu this course is designed for future athletic trainers physical educators coaches physical therapists and any one else who plans on working with active individuals who are prone to injury this course introduces the concepts and practical skills of athletic training including the prevention recognition evaluation and management of athletic injuries 12 physics fundamentals 3 uc:csu prerequisite one

course descriptions physiology psychology also see anatomy 1 introduction to human physiology 4 uc:csu prerequisite college biology 3 or 3a and 3b with a grade of “c” or better this course presents the biochemical and biophysical principles underlying the physiological processes of the human being lecture topics include the neural and hormonal regulation of bodily processes and the integration of the organ systems to maintain a constant fluid environment within the body special emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of body temperature blood pressure breathing and urine output as well as the interpretation of clinical laboratory tests laboratory exercises will introduce the student to the spectrophotometer ekg machine blood pressure cuff and urinalysis tests this course is intended to meet the requirements of students majoring in nursing dental hygiene occupational therapy psychology physical education and life sciences or for those who wish to extend their knowledge of

course descriptions 41 life-span psychology from infancy to old age 3 uc:csu this course presents the psychological development of the person from the prenatal period through old age and death each of the eleven stages of life is presented emphasis is placed on theories and their application to the behavioral cognitive social and biological aspects of human development psychosocial and life-span approaches are employed to illustrate the interconnectedness of all stages of life 43 principles of group dynamics i 3 csu using the class as a group principles of group dynamics are studied from both experiential and theoretical perspectives related topics include historical developments dynamics leadership diversity assessment treatment and practice in a group situation 52 psychological aspects of human sexuality 3 uc:csu this course addresses the psycho-sexual development of the individual and the values that are learned in our culture and comparative information from other cultures the