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  course description nursing certified nursing assistant 56 essential practical skills for nurse assistants 1 nda this course focuses on reinforcing and integrating the certified nurse assistant duties and skills required to assist patients in long term care facilities with of activities of daily living 399 certified nurse assistant certified home health aide 7 modularized courses listed below nda introduction to the health care field working with residents/patients in the long term care facility the acute care setting and the home care setting emphasis is given to safety principles infection control methods for providing physical care and emotional and social support 399a certified nurse assistant 5 nda recommended english 28 this course will provide students with an introduction to the health care field working with residents/patients in the long term care facility and the acute care setting emphasis will be given to safety principles infection control methods for providing

  course description 17 legal writing 3 prerequisite paralegal 10 and english 101 this course covers advanced legal drafting and writing including special research and projects 18 family law 3 prerequisite paralegal 10 and english 101 this course surveys family practice and procedure topics including parental prerogatives marriage separation divorce custody and support adoption and guardianship students learn to conduct client interviews and draft pleading necessary to the general practice of family law 19 property and creditor rights 3 prerequisite paralegal 10 and english 101 this course is a study of the law of property including community property joint tenancy leases deeds contracts escrows deeds of trust the system of recording and search of public documents bankruptcy laws and forms and evictions unlawful detainer actions the student will also study secured transactions collateral purchase money secured interest liens attachment garnishment and other creditor’s

  course description software packages topics include the development and production of client documents briefs motions pleadings time and billing records rules-based calendaring case contact and document management email management document assembly auto-fill court forms case notes and efiling students will also receive hands-on training in abacuslaw lexisnexis casemap summation smartdraw sanction and more which will provide up-to-date skill sets required for today s paralegals 51 legal research 3 csu prerequisite paralegal 10 and english 101 students learn how to perform library and computer assisted legal research topics include finding the law by using legal encyclopedias treatises legal periodicals a.l.r annotations restatements case reporters digests and their alternatives case citators constitutions and statutes regulations agency decisions and looseleaf services students also receive hands-on training in westlaw and lexisnexis pharmacy technician 21 retail products for

  course description philosophy 1 introduction to philosophy 3 uc:csu this course examines such questions as the existence of god the problems of evil the nature of the soul and the origin of knowledge it takes a historical approach to philosophical problems in the western tradition emphasizing the development of analytic and evaluative skills an inquiry into the nature of science religion metaphysics and the theory of knowledge is undertaken 6 logic in practice 3 uc:csu an introduction to critical thinking the skill of evaluating and constructing arguments as they appear in ordinary language this course examines problems of clarity of language as they appear in a variety of disciplines such as science the humanities social sciences law and business emphasis is placed on the practical application of logical skills to other disciplines 8 deductive logic 3 uc:csu this course is an introduction to the principles of deductive and inductive reasoning emphasizing critical and evaluative

  course description 7 general physics ii 4 uc:csu prerequisites physics 6 mathematics 241 physics 6 and 7 constitute a two-course sequence in general physics designed primarily for medicine dentistry pharmacy optometry and geology majors this course is a continuation of physics 6 covering electricity magnetism electromagnetism alternating currents electromagnetic waves optics the atom quantum physics and relativity uc transfer credit limit credit will only be given for one series physics 6/7 or physics 37/38/39 12 physics fundamentals 3 uc:csu prerequisite one year of high school algebra or mathematics 115 this introductory course in physics designed primarily for liberal arts students provides qualitative knowledge of fundamental physical principles uc transfer credit limit no uc credit will be given for physics 11 or 12 if taken after the physics 6/7 series or the physics 37/38/39 series 14 physics fundamentals laboratory 1 uc:csu prerequisite physics 12 or concurrent enrollment

  course description psychology 1 general psychology i 3 uc:csu this course presents an overview of the major fields of psychology including research methods learning and conditioning biopsychology memory intelligence health psychology motivation and emotion perception human development social psychology personality psychotherapy and abnormal psychology the history of modern psychology and its roots in philosophy is presented particular attention is given to the application of psychological concepts to the problems people find living in contemporary society 2 biological psychology 3 uc:csu prerequisite psychology 1 this course examines behavior from a biological physiological approach a detailed examination of the anatomy and physiology of the neuron and brain is provided including the central peripheral and autonomic nervous systems sensory systems are presented including vision audition and somatosensory a biopsychological perspective is taken to study motivation emotion language

  course description 67 counseling techniques for the chemically addicted 3 csu prerequisite psychology 64 this course emphasizes counseling techniques for the chemically addicted major elements include ethics and confidentiality interview and assessment techniques observation and listening skills dual diagnosis crisis intervention and documentation processes 68 biopsychology of chemical dependency drugs behavior and health 3 csu prerequisite psychology 64 this course offers comprehensive instruction on the pharmacological and behavioral effects of all major categories of both legal and illegal psychoactive substances including an overview of contemporary and historical drug regulation and abuse and a detailed review of the nervous system 74 research methods in the behavioral sciences 3 uc:csu prerequisite math 227 an introduction to basic research concepts designs and statistical techniques used in the behavioral and social sciences knowledge of descriptive and inferential