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major requirements associate of arts degree major code 1004.00 33 units plan a required courses music 200 introduction to music theory music 121 music history and literature i or music 122 music history and literature ii music 201 harmony i music 202 harmony ii music 203 harmony iii music 211 musicianship i music 212 musicianship ii music 213 musicianship iii units 4 3 office administration see computer applications and office technologies caot 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 paralegal studies plus 4 units total from the following music 321 elementary piano i music 322 elementary piano ii music 324 elementary piano iii music 341 intermediate piano 2 2 2 2 paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law plus 2 units from the following music 411 elementary voice i music 412 elementary voice ii music 413 elementary voice iii music 414 elementary voice iv 2 2 2 2 plus the following 2 units music 501 college choir music 561 chamber chorale music 725 community

major requirements according to the department of labor the demand for paralegals is expected to grow as an increasing population requires additional legal services paralegal and legal assistant positions are projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2010 employment growth stems from law firms and other employers with legal staffs increasingly hiring paralegals to lower the cost and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services the majority of job openings for paralegals in the future will be new jobs created by rapid employment growth but additional job openings will arise as people leave the occupation the median salary of a paralegal averaged $52,000 in 2008 note this program is not designed for preparation for law school admission students should consult catalogs of law schools of their choice or a counselor when planning to attend law school associate of arts degree major code 1402.00 41 units plan b earn an associate of arts degree with a

major requirements electives must successfully complete 12 units of the following with a grade of “c” or better palegal 12 tort law 3 same as law 12 palegal 13 wills trusts and probate administration 3 same as law 13 palegal 14 law office management and procedures 3 same as law 14 palegal 16 civil and criminal evidence 3 same as law 16 palegal 18 family law 3 same as law 18 palegal 19 property and creditor rights 3 palegal 20 probate procedures 3 same as law 20 palegal 33 entertainment law 3 same as law 33 palegal 35 immigration law 3 same as law 35 pre-law law west los angeles college does not have a law or pre-law program see the paralegal studies section for specific requirements for an a.a degree or certificate in paralegal studies meet with a counselor to discuss options philosophy the philosophy sequence is recommended for those who want to obtain a baccalaureate degree in this field emphasis is placed on meeting common lower-division university requirements students

major requirements and 4 units from the following dance 131 aqua aerobics same as phys ed 131 dance 440 social dance dance 460 ballet techniques dance 462 modern dance dance 463 modern jazz dance 822 dance rehearsals and performance phys ed 131 aqua aerobics phys ed 212 tennis skills phys ed 225 yoga skills phys ed 470 step aerobics activity phys ed 552 athletics pre-season conditioning phys ed 630 aerobic super circuit laboratory phys ed 665 basketball skills phys ed 666 body conditioning phys ed 668 body dynamics activity phys ed 690 weight training and maximum of 8 units from the following dance 814 dance production i health 12 safety education first aid phys ed 504 ics basketball phys ed 506 ics cross country phys ed 508 ics football phys ed 515 ics track field phys ed 521 strength and fitness training for ice hockey phys ed 550 cheerleading/yell leading phys ed 553 ics strength fitness training football phys ed 554 ics strength fitness training track field phys ed 555 ics

major requirements psychology real estate the associate of arts degree in psychology is designed for those who want to complete a baccalaureate degree in the field emphasis is placed on meeting lower-division requirements at a four-year institution the associate of arts degree in real estate is designed for the serious student who seeks a rewarding career as a real estate professional the degree offers a vigorous academic program exploring all facets of the real estate profession completion of the degree program fulfills the education requirements for the california real estate broker’s license professional opportunities for psychology majors include counseling social work management and public health psychology also provides valuable background for those seeking careers in such fields as law medicine nursing and child development students who wish to obtain an associate of arts aa in psychology may do so by completing at least 22 units in psychology as listed below as well as