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  course description 2 elementary spanish ii 5 uc:csu prerequisite spanish 1 with a grade of “c” or better or two years of high school spanish or equivalent this course is a continuation of spanish 1 it is designed to provide the student with further skill development in understanding reading speaking and writing spanish more advanced cultural material is presented to further develop the interest knowledge and appreciation for the lifestyle of hispanic peoples note students must complete 16 hours of lab work for each course 3 intermediate spanish i 5 uc:csu recommended spanish 2 with a grade of “c” or better or three years of high school spanish this course assists the student with the continued development of proficiency in spanish language skills it reviews and expands grammatical concepts learned in previous courses and emphasizes idiomatic construction and conversational ability discussion of elected literary and cultural readings will provide training

  course description theater 100 introduction to the theater 3 uc:csu this survey course introduces students to the theater students learn to become aware of the components constituting an artistic entity and to intelligently and objectively evaluate a professional or non-professional performance as a final project students may collectively produce a play 110 history of the world theater 3 uc:csu this course surveys theater from its prehistoric beginnings to contemporary drama it emphasizes the reflection of the culture in the drama of each historical period and follows throughout the threads of subject matter dramatic structure playwrights acting techniques and approaches playing space and visual elements 114 script study for theatre performance production and appreciation 3 csu principles theories and techniques of play script analysis for theatrical production 130 playwriting 3 csu rpt 1 this course introduces the student to the basic principles and techniques of playwriting

  course description travel 100 introduction to the travel industry 3 this course gives students a practical overview of the travel industry and its various components including such sectors as cruising tours travel agencies air transportation rail travel rental cars and lodging students will become familiar with terminology and concepts of researching a destination and planning a basic itinerary 101 travel systems and technology 3 this course introduces students to the major technology systems used by retail travel agents and other travel businesses student will learn about the major gds and booking systems databases and customer relationship management tools the internet as a research service and technology to aid in communications sales and marketing 102 legal ethical and fiduciary matters 3 csu this course provides an overview of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the travel professional as well as a framework for making ethical decisions students will learn about the

  course description 140 travel industry sales service and marketing 3 this course covers marketing objectives strategy planning travel motivation and research promotional ideas press releases advertising sales techniques and applications discover the secrets of selling travel profitably effectively serving customer needs and successfully marketing travel products 155 tour escorting planning and operations 3 tour conducting guiding and planning are among the most rewarding and sought after careers in travel in this course students will explore the appeal of tours as well as job strategies cross-cultural sensitivities client psychology and anticipating customer and supplier needs the course includes several field trips 180 cruise sales specialization 3 cruising is the travel industry’s fastest growing sector this course will give students a deep understanding of the cruise experience and business including client motivation cruise line profiles world-wide port geography sales