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terms epa environmental protection agency 5 you can t love a western star too much.tm for the western star dealer nearest you call 1-866-850-star www.westernstartrucks.com things you need to know about nox nitrogen oxides g/bhp-hr grams per brake horsepower hour pm particulate matter soot and ash egr exhaust gas recirculation atd after treatment device doc diesel oxidation catalyst dpf diesel particulate filter specifications are subject to change without notice western star trucks is registered to iso 9001 western star trucks willoughby oh 44094 western star trucks is a member of the freightliner group copyright © 2006 freightliner llc all rights reserved freightliner llc is a daimlerchrysler company litho in u.s.a mms-56176 09/04 ws/mc-f-059 ulsd ultra low sulfur diesel

1 epa mandates nitrogen oxide and particulate matter levels be reduced the environmental protection agency epa has mandated that all engines built after 12.31.06 must reduce the level of nitrogen oxides and other particulate matter below current levels the nitrogen oxides nox exhausted by the engine will be limited to just over 1.0 grams per brake horsepower hour g/bhp-hr particulate matter pm cannot exceed .01g/bhp-hr nox will be reduced by increasing the percentage levels of exhaust gas recirculation egr and in some installations with the addition of a diesel oxidation catalyst doc pm made of soot and ash will be reduced through the use of a diesel particulate filter dpf both the dpf and when required the doc will be housed in an after-treatment device atd there are two types of regeneration passive and active both involve a temperature increase within the atd passive regeneration takes place inside the atd when temperatures reach 300-degrees celsius the process is ongoing