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another day at the office it s hard to imagine anyone tougher than a lumberjack or a truck more durable than a western star logging it s where we made our reputation where hauling fresh-cut timber down backwood mountain trails is just another day at the office and 200,000 lbs just another

tough as a lumberjack industry surveys show that western star owners continue to rank their trucks among the highest in customer satisfaction year after year they don t just like their trucks they love them logging bumpers a range of logging bumpers are available depending on the model · 10 and 11 chrome or painted steel with a choice of boxed ends chip guards mud guards and western star logo · 14 chrome or painted steel tapered swept back with mud guard and western star logo robust wiring electrical wires are laser-etched with alpha-numeric codes that are easy to identify and will last the lifetime of the truck · wiring is routed and fastened up from the frame rail minimizing corrosion-causing moisture · in-cab electrical panels are located in the center of the dash for ease of service quality is standard we re proud to offer more than 8,000 options but we re just as proud to say that there s one thing that comes standard with every truck we make western star quality and