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industry surveys show that western star owners continue to rank their trucks among the highest in customer satisfaction year after year western star owners don t just like their trucks they love them for turning mountains into molehills for making even the toughest jobs seem like just another day in the freezing sub-arctic temperatures of alaska and the canadian rockies or near the boiling heat of the indonesian jungle or the australian outback they love the big steel cab that s gained a reputation among drivers for its durability and quiet ride they trust the western star logo the symbol of pride and power they love their trucks as much as we love building them when they re not driving them they re talking about them the quality their traditional good looks how tough they are their custom specs how no two are exactly the same the fact that you can take them where a lot of other trucks wouldn t even think of going into oil fields and mine pits and washed out logging trails owning a

mountains into molehills 4900 sa 123 bbc dump truck with super visibility

brute force 4900 sa twin steer/tri-drive

if you need it we ll work to build it 4900 ex 132 bbc australian road train with severe-duty

premium suppliers 4900 sa 123 bbc heavy haul

the president s office suspended brake and clutch pedals led illuminated rocker-type switches backlit easy-to-read star gauges and optional 18 two-spoke leather-wrapped woodgrain steering

phoenix maroon ­ cloth phoenix blue ­ cloth interiors phoenix tan ­ cloth phoenix gray ­

6900xd 4900ex 4900sa 4900fa 4900 fa set-forward axle 109 bbc 33 ba 123 bbc 33 ba 123 bbc 29 ba 4x2 6x4 8x6 4900 sa super visibility hood set-back axle 109 bbc 50 ba 123 bbc 50 ba 4x2 4x4 6x4 6x6 8x6 4900 ex extended hood set-forward axle 132 bbc 33 ba 6x4 8x6 6900 xd set-back axle 141 bbc 59 ba 6x4

uptime is money 4900 fa 123 bbc dump

your business is our