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the go-to tool for hardcore scandinavian pike anglers this light but powerful predator rod will handle any lure or big spinners and give you more than enough grunt to bring in your personal best rod design and blank technology at highest level is exactly what this rod offer our designers set out to build the coolest rod on the market and came up with something butch ’n sundance would have been proud to pull out with its comfortable trigger handle the powercast-t is built from the very finest components and materials we could source and it’s one of the lightest most powerful rods you can buy try it use it for a day and you won’t feel tired – just hungry for more • • code model fr00860 w8 powercast-t length class 8’6”/255cm xxh jigging • • • handle super grade cork handle reel seat fuji® skts hand painted in fe2o3 iron oxide color guides fuji® sic ln-frame blank high performance carbon for superior action

w4 spin w4 monsterstick-t w4 lightstick the light fantastic the monsterstick feels as light as an angel when you first pick it up but let it get the slightest hint of a fish and it turns into a demon lightweight enough to fish with for days on end you’ll definitely want this heavy duty brawler in your corner when you go pike and muskie fishing because when you want to cast heavy lures for record fish you need to bring out the big guns • • • • • • • • the w4 lightstick is designed to target small and middle-sized predators such as perch zander trout black bass and seabass this rod can be used for a large variety of techniques fishing with soft lures on light jiheads spinners small wobblers minnows and crankbait and even dropshot and texas and carolina rigs it’s extremely lightweight thanks to the japanese ’toray’ high performance carbon you can feel the lure swimming and feel even the most careful takes

w3 dropshot unlike conventional trolling and downrigger rods these w3 trolling rods are designed specifically for trolling large lures and targeting big freshwater predators like pike zander and muskies these rods are ready to set the hooks even if the lures are swimming far from the boat w3 trolling rods will also handle live bait line-mounted side planners or other tactics used for modern predator trolling besides superb fittings and the ‘toray’ high performance carbon blank w3 trolling also features the special designed comfort cross gimbal ccg when fighting a fish the ccg feels like a normal rubber butt cap but the ccg will fit in and stabilize the rod when placed in a fighting belt or cross type rod holder a sensitive ‘toray’ carbon blank with excellent hook setting abilities and lots of fighting power makes up the backbone of the w3 dropshot rods the two-parted sks reel seat is extremely light and offers direct contact to the kevlar carbon reinforced

hybrids features • lead-free • japanese-style #1/0 carbon steel hook • running depth 1-3m • slide lock easy to change connection • life-like lure • full eyelet-to-hook wire connection • interior chamber for rattle sticks features • lead free • hook size #2 #1 #3/0 • japanese style carbon steel hooks • running depth 1-3m 1-3m 2-4m • slide lock easy to change connection • life-like-lure • optional eyelets for shallow or deep water use • full eyelet-to-hook wire construction percy the perch percy the perch the hunter becomes the hunted with his wickedly flexible jointed body and kicking waggle lip percy has a teasingly aggressive swimming action that attracts big predators from afar once up close the fluttering fins are more than instinct can stand – they can’t help but bite bling perch dull perch crazy firetiger official roach blueback herring available in low floating 20 cm 100

hard lures features features • material abs plastic • lead free • running depth 0,5-2m • japanese-style #1/0 carbon steel hooks • afw surfstrand 1x7 90lbs wire • realistic semisoft fins • realistic eyes • hand painted detailed colors • worlds 1st ever inline hard lure • material abs plastic • lead free • running depth 0,5 – 2 m • japanese-style 4 carbon steel hook • full wire-through body construction • life-like lure • ultra sonic rattle balls • integrated long cast system • hand painted detailed colors percy the perch percy the perch hl small yet mighty – percy the perch’s harder brother is a big fish catcher with a serious attitude problem designed to be a near perfect copy of the real thing percy has a fantastic swimming action that is so good it will probably scare the life out of smaller bling perch fancy firetiger dull perch blue glamour silver fish

hard lures soft lures features • • • • • features • material abs plastic • lead free construction • hook size #2 #1 #1/0 • japanese style carbon steel hooks • running depth 2-4m 2-5m 2-6 meters • full wire-through-body construction jÄtte mini teez v-tail tail design double-layer life-like scale pattern optimized flexibility 3d ghost eyes perfected for drop shot • air chamber balance point mini teez when used on a drop shot rig an interior air chamber will make sure westin miniteez is held in a perfect horizontal position when rigged on a jig head the body will be elevated from the ground like a baitfish feeding on the bottom the v-tail design is perfect for fishing westin miniteez with very discrete and subtle movements known to produce big fish in cold water and on tricky days jÄtte jätte 17 cm the famous “westin roll” – the unique rolling movement of these predator lures

soft lures features features • optimized flexibility • realistic eyes • easy action shad tail • slim body design with great belly flash • optimized flexibility • realistic eyes • easy action paddle tail • double-layer life-like scale pattern • high body design with great belly flash • hand painted detailed colors • airchamber in tail • hand painted detailed colors shad teez shad teez shad teez shad teez puts other shads in the shadow shad teez is perfected down to the smallest detail the deep body slender wrist and wide tail create a rolling belly-flashing swimming action even in low speed which leaves big preda tors spellbound it’s perfected for jigging spinning and vertical fishing by imitating a mildly wounded panicking fish you’ll find your personal best attached to your line in no time at all this stunning big fellow puts other shads in its shadow so perfectly detailed in every way shad teez

sea lures features • lead free • featured with owner hooks • solid abs body • tungsten belly weight • perfectly balanced always lands on the belly • defending foam claws • life-like-lure • realistic semi-soft legs • hand painted detailed colors halibut anti twist rig halibut anti twist rig coco the crab coco the crab be careful when tying this lure onto your line he’s such a lifelike crab that he may give your fingers a little nip of course we’re kidding but coco the crab is a hugely realistic crab lure – made from a 3d scan of the real thing we spent a huge amount of time researching real crabs from around the world to create this lure and wide range of amazing trigger colours and patterns it is available in beach crab mud crab rock crab green crab when being fished along the bottom the defending foam claws rises above the crab’s body and the semisoft realistic legs ad balance and realism it can also

lures d360° d360° features • lead free construction • material zinc • several uv and fluomax colors • several front/back contrast colors • inline concept – lose less fish • designed and developed in scandinavia • lead free • material zinc • long cast design • durable hand painted detailed colors • inline concept – lose less fish • designed and developed in scandinavia included this inline lure is designed to catch more fish – and loose less it will cast far and has a great irregular action that will attract fish from far away occasional spin stops will make it spin and rotate to attract even more trout’s the 10g trout version is designed for put take fishing as well as well as other types of trout lakes where the trout sometimes tend to be very shy if necessary d360° can be fished at an extremely slow pace and still keep its vivid action this will make a huge difference in

clothing w4 sorona® jacket features • outer material 100 nylon 410t • inner lining 100 nylon 410t • filling 350g dupont™ sorona® renewably sourced fiber • ykk front zipper • sbs side pocket zippers • 2 side pockets and 2 inner pockets enjoy the unique benefits of insulation made with sorona® renewably sourced fiber the w4 sorona jacket features exceptional softness and outstanding warmth retention nice and stylish design to be worn on or off the water great compression and recovery meaning you can pack it for your next trip without taking up too much space available in size m to xxxl color victoria blue w4 2-layer pant features • outer fabric nylon taslon w/oxford nylon reinforcement • inner lining lightweight nylon and moisture wicking tricot • waterproof 10000 mm • breathability 8000g/m2/24hrs • ykk t8 water-repellent zippers on side pockets and legs • adjustable and removable braces • high

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