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table of contents academic calendar 5 about the college 8 statement of mission 8 historical sketch 9 wcjc today 12 general academic information 14 degrees and certificates 14 instructional divisions 15 academic regulations 20 admission and registration information 35 admission 35 registration 39 thea test placement credit granting 40 financial information 45 tuition and fees 45 installment plan 46 room and board fees 46 financial aid 50 student services and activities 69 student activities and multicultural affairs 69 student services 72 libraries 75 dormitories 76 degree requirements 79 associate of arts 79 associate of arts core curriculum 83 associate of arts courses of study 88 associate of arts in teaching 112 associate of applied science 117 associate of applied science degrees and certificates 119 course descriptions 183 college personnel 280 index

admission and registration 35 admission and registration admission admission for college credit studies is open to all applicants who meet at least one of the methods of regular admission listed below however admission to the college does not imply admission to all programs guidelines for admission to the associate degree in nursing adn dental hygiene physical therapist assistant radiologic technology and licensed vocational nursing lvn are given in the degree requirements section of this catalog an applicant may obtain information about admission to a particular program from the director of admissions and registration or the appropriate division chair each applicant must satisfactorily complete all phases of the admission process methods of regular admission persons may qualify for admission to wharton county junior college by any of the following means 1 2 3 graduation from an accredited high school admission by examination a person whose high-school class has graduated may be

66 1 2 3 4 wcjc 08-09 catalog each course must be a requirement for graduation in a degree program no course may be taken for audit no course may be a repeat of a course for which credit has already been received each course must be completed and assigned a grade that is used to compute gpa and progress toward degree withdrawals without mitigating circumstances that result in no credit being awarded or no punitive grade being assigned results in benefits being terminated from the beginning date of the semester thus creating an over-award and possible repayment to the veterans administration academic requirements to remain in good standing not on probation a student must earn a 2.0 gpa each semester to insure satisfactory progress transcripts of veterans are monitored at the end of each semester should a veteran complete two semesters with a gpa below 2.0 he or she is issued a warning notice the notice states that the veteran is not maintaining satisfactory progress and may find it

associate of arts courses of study hist1301 us history i freshman year second semester crij 1306 the courts and criminal procedure crij 2301 community resources in corrections engl 1302 composition ii science biol chem geol phys hist 1302 us history ii sophomore year first semester crij 2323 legal aspects of law enforcement crij 2328 police systems practices math 1314 college algebra or above govt 2301 constitutions federalism participation any social/behavioral science social/behavioral or science or crime in america crij 1307 phed activity pe activity course sophomore year second semester crij 2313 correctional systems practices humanities any english literature course span 2311 span 2312 phil 1301 or huma 1301 perf/visual arts arts musi or dram course govt 2302 institutions rights public policies spch 1315 fundamentals of speech cosc 1301 microcomputer applications 97 core 060 3 16 semester hours recommended 3 recommended 3 core 010 3 core 030 4 core 060 3 16 semester hours

associate of applied science degrees and certificates itsc 1307 summer i itcc 1404 or itcc 1406 govt 2301 unix operating system i cisco exploration 2 – routing protocols and concepts or ccna 2 router and routing basics constitutions federalism participation sophomore year first semester itsy 1342 information technology security itnw 1345 implementing network directory services itsc 1358 unix administration i elective science or cett 1331 or any itsc itcc itnw imed itsw or itse course itnw 2370 implementing and managing mail servers 127 3 16 semester hours 4 3 7 semester hours 3 3 3 3 3 15 semester hours sophomore year second semester engl 1302 composition ii 3 arts drama musi elective 3 3 itnw 2335 cc network troubleshooting and support elective science or cett 1331 or any itsc itcc 3 itnw imed itsw or itse course itnw 2352 administering sql server 3 cc capstone course 15 semester hours elective if planning to continue on to a 4-year degree at least 6 hours of science and

158 wcjc 08-09 catalog nursing associate degree nursing aas degree preparation for rn 72 semester credit hours an associate of applied science degree program offered by the division of allied health the associate degree in nursing adn is a twenty-two month long program to prepare graduates to be accountable responsible beginning practitioners of professional nursing who are able to utilize the nursing process in giving direct care to clients in structured health care settings general education courses as well as nursing courses are included in the curriculum and are transferable to many four-year colleges that offer baccalaureate degrees in nursing upon successful completion of the program graduates are qualified to make application to take the national council licensure examination for registered nurses nclex-rn the program is approved by the texas board of nursing bon the adn program has a limited enrollment admission requirements due to a limited enrollment admission to the adn

course descriptions 189 electrical accessories emphasis on electrical schematic diagrams and service manuals prerequisites automotive technology major credit for or concurrent enrollment in aumt 1301 [offered fall semester type tech aumt 1410 automotive brake systems 4:3:4 operation and repair of drum/disc type brake systems emphasis on safe use of modern equipment topics include brake theory diagnosis and repair of power manual anti-lock brake systems and parking brakes may be taught with manufacturer specific instructions prerequisites automotive technology major credit for or concurrent enrollment in aumt 1301 [offered spring semester type tech aumt 1416 automotive suspension and steering systems 4:3:4 a study of automotive suspension and steering systems including tire and wheel problem diagnosis component repair and alignment procedures may be taught manufacturer specific prerequisites automotive technology major credit for or concurrent enrollment in aumt 1301 [offered summer

course descriptions 219 emergencies at the completion of this module the student will be able to integrate pathophysiological principles and assessment findings to formulate a field impression and implement a treatment plan for the cardiac patient prerequisite emsp 1356 type tech emsp 2261 emergency medical technology-paramedic clinical i 2:1:9 a method of instruction providing detailed education training and work-based experience and direct patient/client care generally at a clinical site specific detailed learning objectives are developed for each course by the faculty on-site clinical instruction supervision evaluation and placement is the responsibility of the college faculty clinical experiences are unpaid external learning experiences course may be repeated if topics and learning outcomes vary as outlined in the learning plan the student will apply the theory concepts and skills involving specialized materials equipment procedures regulations laws and interactions within and

250 wcjc 08-09 catalog nucp 1370 nuclear fundamentals i 3:3:0 introduces the student to theory and systems that are foundational to nuclear power plants theory topics include nuclear physics nuclear fission neutron life cycle and properties of materials used in nuclear plants basic overview of specific systems associated with the primary side of a nuclear power plant is included prerequisite elpt 1370 or ptac 1302 type tech nucp 1471 nuclear fundamentals ii 4:4:0 this second part introduces basic concepts associated with power plants and overviews of specific systems associated with the secondary side of a nuclear power plant includes studies on fluid flow heat transfer lubrication diesel engines pipe supports heating and ventilation valve operations filters and strainers pumps air compressors heat exchangers and steam traps most of this course is general in nature to all power plants but some aspects are specific to nuclear power plants like radiation detection radioactive waste and

college personnel 281 administrative executive officers betty mccrohan president b.s san angelo state university m.ed university of houston tyler g pate sr vice president of instruction a.a wharton county junior college b.s kansas state college pittsburgh m.ed university of missouri columbia ed.d university of houston bryce d kocian vice president of financial services a.a wharton county junior college b.b.a sam houston state university lyndon dale pinson vice president of workforce development continuing education and distance learning b.s m.a sam houston state university pamela j youngblood vice president of technology and inst research a.a.s wharton county junior college b.a.a.s university of houston victoria leigh ann collins dean of vocational instruction a.a.s wharton county junior college b.a.s m.a.i.s university of houston—victoria gus wessels jr c.p.a dean of financial and business services a.a wharton county junior college b.b.a southwest

index 311 scholarships 54 scholastic honors 26 scholastic probation 27 scholastic suspension 27 semester credit hours 27 services for students with disabilities 31 sexual harassment policy 34 student conduct and discipline 32 student employment 64 student government association 69 student grievances and complaints 27 student health 74 student loans 63 student organizations 70 student services and activities 69 students with disabilities 31 74 sugar land campus 12 table of contents 4 texas hazelwood act for veterans 66 textbooks and supplies 49 thea and alternative tests 41 72 thea exemptions 73 thea test placement credit granting 40 transcripts 28 transfer of semester credit hours 28 tuition and fees 45 tuition rebates 67 two plus two transfer program 13 veterans benefits 65 vocational rehabilitation 64 vocational-interest testing 73 wcjc today 12 withdrawal from college 31 workforce investment act