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178 wcjc 2009-2010 catalog arts 2317 painting ii 3:2:4 continuation of arts 2316 further skill is developed in the use of line mass and color in creative expression with some emphasis on painting the human figure individual techniques are encouraged three outside work hours a week prerequisite arts 2316 [offered spring semester type acad arts 2326 sculpture i 3:2:4 exploration of basic techniques and aesthetics of three-dimensional forms in various media plaster plastic wood metal carving forming and casting including additive and subtractive techniques three outside work hours a week prerequisites arts 1312 and arts 1317 [offered spring semester type acad arts 2346 ceramics i 3:2:4 basic techniques in hand building pinch coil and slab glaze formulation is explored as well as stacking and firing a kiln the use of the potter s wheel is introduced three outside work hours a week prerequisites arts 1312 and arts 1317 [offered fall and spring semesters type acad automotive technology aumt division of vocational science aumt 1249 automotive electronics theory 2:2:1 a course in automotive technology including electrical principles semiconductor and integrated circuits digital fundamentals microcomputer systems and electrical test equipment prerequisites concurrent enrollment in the wcjc automotive technology program [offered spring semester type tech aumt 1301 introduction and theory of automotive technology 3:3:0 an introduction to the automobile industry including automotive history safety practices shop equipment and tools vehicle subsystems service publications fasteners professional responsibilities and automobile maintenance prerequisite thea reading requirement met [offered fall and spring semesters type tech aumt 1407 automotive electrical systems 4:3:4 an overview of automotive electrical systems including topics in operational theory testing diagnosis and repair of batteries charging and starting systems and electrical accessories emphasis on electrical schematic diagrams and service manuals prerequisites automotive technology major credit for or concurrent enrollment in aumt 1301 [offered fall semester type tech aumt 1410 automotive brake systems 4:3:4 operation and repair of drum/disc type brake systems emphasis on safe use of modern equipment topics include brake theory diagnosis and repair of power,