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wcjc services directory office of admissions and registration wharton 979 532-6303 assistant registrar wharton 979 532-6383 assistant registrar – sugar land 281 243-8415 assistant registrar – fort bend technical center 281 239-1544 transcript analyst 979 532-6382 office of continuing education 979 532-6514 office of distance education 979 532-6336 office of financial aid 979 532-6345 office of student services wharton 979 532-6388 director of academic advising/counseling 281 243-8422 counselor/advisor – sugar land 281 243-8414 counselor/advisor – fort bend technical center 281 239-1527 ada coordinator wharton 979 532-6384 vocational support services coordinator wharton 979 532-6440 office of testing wharton 979 532-6386 testing assistant – sugar land 281 243-8434 testing assistant – fort bend technical center 281 239-1532 iv 2010-2011 college

supervisor in accordance with the district’s grievance policy [reg 591 and 877 however no procedure or step in that policy shall have the effect of requiring the employee or student alleging sexual harassment to present the matter to a person who is the subject of the complaint note the director of human resources or the president may also be contacted by personnel on issues relating to sexual harassment admission and registration admission admission for the college credit studies is open to all applicants who meet at least one of the methods of regular admission listed below however admission to the college does not imply admission to all programs guidelines for admission to the associate degree nursing adn dental hygiene physical therapist assistant radiologic technology surgical technology and vocational nursing lvn programs are given in the degree requirements section of this catalog or from the respective program directors each applicant must satisfactorily complete all

and possibly uniforms tools and financial assistance with transportation and childcare applicants may apply for services under the workforce investment act through their local work source office fro more information contact the work source office at 979-531-0730 career and technical education support services career and technical students attending wharton county junior college may qualify for a broad range of support services including career guidance and academic counseling peer tutoring childcare/transportation registration assistance and information/referral to other federal state and community service programs services are provided through the federally funded carl d perkins career and technical education act of 2006 perkins funding supports special populations enrolled in career and technical education special populations include individuals with disabilities single parents displaced homemakers economically disadvantaged individuals preparing for non-traditional fields and

dram 1120 rehearsal performance recommended 1 16 semester hours freshman/semester ii engl 1302 hist 1302 spch 1315 dram 2331 dram 1352 dram 1120 composition ii u.s history ii fundamentals of speech stagecraft ii acting ii rehearsal performance core 010 core 060 core 011 recommended recommended recommended 3 3 3 3 3 1 16 semester hours core 070 3 core 040 core 030 recommended recommended recommended core 090 3 4 3 3 1 1 18 semester hours institutions rights policies any course listed under core 030 any course listed under core 080 core 070 core 030 core 080 3 4 3 math 1314 or above acting iii musical theater core 020 recommended recommended 3 3 1 17 semester hours course title core component semester hours composition i u.s history i calculus i general chemistry i core 010 core 060 core 020 core 030 3 3 4 4 14 semester hours composition ii u.s history ii general chemistry ii calculus ii any course listed under core 090 core 010 core 060 core 030 recommended 3 3 4 4 1 15 semester

semester i csme 1401 csme 1505 csme 2441 csme 1391 orientation to cosmetology fundamentals of cosmetology prep for the state licensing exam special topics in cosmetics services 4 5 4 3 16 semester hours semester ii csme 1551 csme 2439 csme 2343 csme 2237 artistry of hair theory and products advanced hair design salon development advanced techniques 5 4 3 2 14 semester hours semester iii csme 2501 csme 1453 csme 1193 principles of hair color and theory chemical reformation and related theory salon etiquette 5 4 1 10 semester hours dental hygiene aas degree aas degree 72 semester credit hours division of allied health the dental hygiene program consists of a combination of subject matter experiences and general liberal-arts courses designed to prepare a person to provide dental hygiene services to patients the dental hygienist’s primary functions include oral prophylaxis taking and processing radiographs and oral-health education the program is fully accredited by the commission

elpt 1370 or ptac 1302 bcis 1305 math 1314 or math 2312 engl 1301 freshman/semester ii nucp 1370 nucp 1471 ptac 1432 chem 1405 or chem 1411 nucp 1472 sophomore/semester i cett 1409 nucp 2470 ptac 2314 intc 1450 social science elective intro to power technology or intro to process technology 3 business computer applications college algebra or precalculus 3 3 composition i 3 15 semester hours nuclear fundamentals i nuclear fundamentals ii instrumentation intro chemistry or general chemistry i 3 4 4 4 nuclear power plant organization process 4 19 semester hours dc-ac circuits nuclear power plant systems i quality digital measurement controls w lab elective from aas general education course list 4 4 3 4 sophomore/semester ii nucp 2471 nuclear power plant systems ii capstone course humanities elective elective from aas general education course list discipline-related ‡discipline related studies elective from the list below elective‡ spch 1318 bmgt 2347 interpersonal

drug screen…………………………………………… $40 tdh license………………………………………… $32 arrt exam…………………………………………… $150 upon acceptance into the program students must remit a deposit of $75 to secure final admission capstone experience during the last semester of the program the capstone experience consists of a total body competency exam that tests the student’s psychomotor skills and a mock registry exam that measures cognitive skills the students are then allowed to sit for the american registry of radiologic technologists examination degree plan below is a sample schedule assuming no previously completed course work radiologic technology aas degree title course freshman/semester i radr 1201 radr 1303

dhyg 1319 dental materials 3:2:2 physical and chemical properties of dental materials including the application and manipulation of the various materials used in dentistry prerequisite dhyg 1339 1304 1261 1227 and 1307 with a grade of “c” or higher offered summer i semester type tech 3:0:14 a health related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory skills and concepts direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional prerequisite dhyg 2362 2201 1315 and 1235 with grade of “c” or higher offered spring semester type tech dhyg 1339 general and oral pathology 3:3:0 disturbances in human body development diseases of the body and disease prevention measures with emphasis on the oral cavity and associated structures prerequisite dhyg 1301 1311 and 1431 with a grade of “c” or higher offered spring semester type tech drama dram division of communication and fine arts dhyg 1431 preclinical

distribution and probability with applications to various fields prerequisite thea math requirement met type acad math 1348 analytic geometry and elementary functions 3:3:0 core 020 includes lines planes conic sections and graphing techniques in two and three dimensions covers functions including polynomial rational exponential logarithmic and trigonometric prerequisite thea math requirement met offered as demand requires type acad math 1350 fundamentals of math i 3:3:0 core 020 concepts of sets functions numeration systems number theory and properties of the natural numbers integers rational and real number systems with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking this th course is designed specifically for students who seek 4 th 8 grade teacher certification prerequisite thea math requirement met and any college level math except math 1324 1325 1342 or consent of department head type acad math 1351 fundamentals of math ii 3:3:0 core 020 concepts of geometry probability and

type tech srgt 1541 surgical procedures i 5:3:2 introduction to surgical pathology and its relationship to surgical procedures emphasis on surgical procedures related to the general ob/gyn genitourinary ophthalmic eent and orthopedic surgical specialties incorporating instruments equipment and supplies required for safe patient care procedures and related pathologies emphasis on surgical procedures related to general obstetrics/gynecology genitourinary otorphinolaryngolog and othropedic surgical specialties incorporating instruments equipment and supplies required for perioperative patient care prerequisite srgt 1405 and 1409 offered spring semester type tech srgt 1542 surgical procedures ii 5:3:2 introduction to surgical procedures and related pathologies emphasis on surgical procedures related to thoracic peripheral vascular plastic/reconstructive ophthalmology cardiac and neurological surgical specialties incorporating instruments equipment and supplies required for perioperative

paralegal studies philosophy physical therapist assistant physics process technology psychology radiologic technology reading sociology spanish speech surgical technology vocational nursing welding course load course numbers course numbering digital descriptions course offerings credit by examination damages delinquent accounts records developmental education plan division of allied health division of communications fine arts division of life sciences division of math physical science division of social behavioral science division of technology business division of vocational science dormitories dropping adding courses early admission for high school students el campo palacios extension centers faculty faculty emeriti final examinations financial aid general academic information general admission procedures general education development ged grading policy grade reports grade points graduation requirements grants hazelwood act historical sketch honor societies hope scholarship