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wcjc services directory office of admissions and registration wharton 979 532-6303 assistant registrar wharton 979 532-6383 assistant registrar – sugar land 281 243-8415 assistant registrar – fort bend technical center 281 239-1544 transcript analyst 979 532-6382 office of continuing education 281 239-1531 office of distance education 979 532-6336 office of financial aid 979 532-6345 office of student services wharton 979 532-6388 director of academic advising counseling 281 243-8422 counselor/advisor – sugar land 281 243-8414 counselor/advisor – fort bend technical center 281 239-1527 counselor-wharton 979 532-6441 academic advisor – wharton 979 532-6918 ada coordinator wharton 979 532-6384 office of testing wharton 979 532-6386 testing assistant – sugar land 281 243-8434 testing assistant – fort bend technical center 281 239-1532 iv 2012-2013 college catalog directory

wharton county junior college only recognizes and accepts transferable credit from colleges or universities that have been accredited by one of the following six “regional accreditation” bodies 1 middle states association of colleges and schools 2 new england association of schools and colleges 3 north central association of colleges and schools 4 northwest association of schools and colleges 5 southern association of colleges and schools 6 western association of schools and colleges students on scholastic probation at another institution and eligible to return to that college may be admitted to wharton county junior college with the status of scholastic probation provided they meet the other entrance requirements in cases of doubt about the academic status of a transfer student from another institution wcjc standards on probation and/or suspension are applied to the case students enrolling in a certificate program any person seeking a technical certificate is eligible to

the human services club is an organization promoting the general welfare of students majoring in human services to provide additional career supportive opportunities to better school and community relations and to stimulate student participation the jazz band is designed to acquaint students with present day materials and techniques for the modern dance orchestra with special emphasis on jazz the group provides music for assembly programs and various community affairs the law club provides an outlet for students interested in pursuing a career in law related fields the organization brings in monthly speakers on recent topics and career opportunities in any law related fields not only is the club beneficial to students in an academic setting but the wcjc law club also provides opportunities for students with similar interests to befriend one another and jointly aid one another in class work and job placement the pioneer band engages in the study of musical literature from the

sophomore/semester i govt 2301 constitutions federalism participation math 2415 calculus iii phys 2425 engineering physics i social or behavioral any course listed under core 080 science humanities any course listed under core 040 sophomore/semester ii govt 2302 institutions rights public policies math 2320 differential equations phys 2426 engineering physics ii humanities any course listed under core 040 performing/visual any course listed under core 050 arts core 070 3 recommended recommended core 080 4 4 3 core 040 3 17 semester hours core 070 3 recommended recommended core 040 core 050 3 4 3 3 16 semester hours the following is a recommended course of study for music students who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree in music should seek advising from the wcjc music department and the institution to which they intend to transfer all entering music students are evaluated by audition before being placed in the requisite courses students who intend to teach music may want to

in order to receive full acceptance for enrollment in the dental hygiene program an applicant with an unsatisfactory criminal background check must obtain a criminal history evaluation che from the tsbde to ensure licensure eligibility upon graduation http www.tsbde.state.tx.us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=154&itemid=144 if you have been charged and/or convicted of any misdemeanor or felony other than a traffic violation you must submit the che to the tsbde 90 days prior to the application deadline the che will then be complete if you are selected into the class or if you have alternate status and will not prevent final acceptance into the program expenses each dental hygiene student must purchase instruments supplies pin and insurance costing approximately $2,700 scholarships are available and students may contact the financial aid office for information capstone experience during the last semester of the program the capstone experience consists of a mock national board

freshman/semester ii nucp 1370 nucp 1471 ptac 1432 chem 1405 or chem 1411 nucp 1472 nuclear fundamentals i nuclear fundamentals ii instrumentation i introductory chemistry or chemistry i 3 4 4 4 nuclear power plant organization process 4 19 semester hours sophomore/semester i cett 1409 dc-ac circuits intc 1450 digital measurement controls w lab ptac 2314 quality elmt 2437 electronic troubleshooting service and repair social science elective elective from aas general education course list sophomore/semester ii intc 1457 humanities elective elmt 2441 spch 1315 bmgt 2347 ac/dc motor controls elective from aas general education course list electromechanical systems fundamentals of speech critical thinking problem solving 4 4 3 4 3 18 semester hours 4 3 4 3 3 17 semester hours students may enroll in these courses if qualified chem 1412 math 2413 special note if already taken cosc 1301 will be accepted in place of bcis 1305 nuclear power technology/instrumentation control technician

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 brief summary of work experience admissions points are given to those who have at least 6 months of medical experience including volunteering must be 18 years old include documentation such as copy of i.d completion of 16 hours of observation in a radiology department of a hospital or clinic observing a licensed radiographer the prospective student must complete 8 of the 16 hours starting at 8:00 a.m monday through friday prospective students are expected to adhere to the hospital or clinic’s rules and ethical conduct codes an appointment must be made with the contact person listed on the observation from found in the application please wear slacks and a nice shirt or blouse jeans tshirts and open-toed shoes are not acceptable if you are not dressed appropriately the clinic personnel will send you home observation evaluation form verifying observation hours form included in application packet this evaluation form will be completed by the technologist

csme 2439 advanced hair design 4:2:8 advanced concepts in the theory and practice of hair design prerequisite director approval type tech csme 2441 preparation for the state licensing exam 4:2:5 demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for completion of the state licensing examination prerequisite director approval type tech criminal justice crij cjsa 2288 internship 2:1:6 provides the pre-service law-enforcement student with on-site experience at various levels such as federal states and local agencies provides field observation and actual work experience in a law-enforcement agency this is a required course for all students seeking an associate of applied science degree in criminal justice in-service students currently employed as full-time commissioned peace officers can satisfy degree requirements for the internship courses under the provisions related to work/life experience prerequisite completion of nine hours in academic criminal justice courses and instructor approval

humanities huma huma 1301 introduction to humanities 3:3:0 core 040 an interdisciplinary multi-perspective assessment of cultural political philosophical and aesthetic factors critical to the formulation of values and the historical development of the individual and society prerequisite tsi satisfied in reading and writing type acad kinesiology phed phed 1103 aerobics i 1:0:3 core 090 helps students assess their own fitness and learn how to exercise properly through instruction and participation in aerobic activities prerequisite none offered fall and spring semesters type acad phed 1105 aerobics ii 1:0:3 core 090 exercise program that provides guidance in the selection of activities for immediate and future needs through instruction in advanced aerobics prerequisite phed 1103 offered fall and spring semesters type acad phed 1107 beginning weight lifting/circuit training 1:0:3 core 090 combines weight lifting with aerobic activities in a structured conditioning program that trains the

spch 2341 oral interpretation 3:3:0 this is a skill development course that focuses on effectively reading and performing from the printed page vocal characterization and movement are developed along with analysis of literature prerequisite tsi satisfied in reading met or concurrent enrollment in read 0307 type acad surgical technology srgt hitt 1249 pharmacology 2:2:0 overview of the basic concepts of the pharmacological treatment of various diseases affecting major body systems prerequisite none offered spring semesters type tech hprs 2301 pathophysiology 3:3:0 study of the pathology and general health management of diseases and injuries across the life span topics include etiology symptoms and the physical and psychological reactions to diseases and injuries prerequisite biol 2401 and 2402 or vnsg 1420 offered fall and spring type tech srgt 1301 medical terminology 3:3:0 study of the basic structure of the medical words including prefixes suffixes roots combining forms plurals

housing application term fall 20 spring 20 name last first mi home address street or p o box city state zip date of birth age social security student cell classification freshman sophomore parents’ name parents’ phone parents’ address if different from above wharton county junior college seeks to provide equal education opportunities without regard to race color religion national origin sex age handicap or veteran status sex male female dorm preference frankie hall male dorm mullins hall on campus female dorm brooking hall off campus female dorm roommate preference if known college major hobbies wcjc scholarship if applicable art band baseball choir drama rodeo volleyball to be valid this application must be accompanied by a $200 deposit to cancel the residence hall reservation and contract the student must submit a request in writing to the student housing department 15 calendar days before the first day of class failure to cancel a