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10 failure to comply with reasonable directions of college officials acting in the performance of their duties 11 making unreasonable noise on campus 12 conduct that adversely affects the student’s responsibility as a member of the academic community 13 use or possession of firearms explosives including fireworks swords daggers straight razors or illegal knives is not permitted on campus or in automobiles on campus streets or in parking lots 14 any form of gambling 15 improper dress in consideration of sanitation distraction or offensiveness to other students and faculty students are expected to wear appropriate clothing 16 unauthorized use of facilities misconduct may result in the student being placed on disciplinary probation or suspension dismissal wharton county junior college has identified certain behaviors that are possible grounds for immediate dismissal from the college if any of these six situations occur immediate dismissal may result 1 illegal use or possession

withdrawals without mitigating circumstances resulting in no credit awarded or no punitive grade being assigned results in benefits being terminated from the beginning date of the semester this creates an over-award scenario and possible repayment to the veterans administration may be required academic requirements to remain in good standing not on probation a student must earn a 2.0 gpa each semester to insure satisfactory progress transcripts of veterans are monitored at the end of each semester should a veteran complete two semesters with a gpa below 2.0 he or she is issued a warning notice the notice states that the veteran is not maintaining satisfactory progress and may find it impossible to earn the required 2.0 gpa for graduation students who receive this notice are encouraged to re-examine their educational objectives course load etc to improve their academic record if a veteran should fail to earn a 2.0 gpa in any following semester certification is terminated until the

sophomore/semester ii govt 2306 texas government texas constitution and topics performing/visual any course listed under core 050 arts elective academic acad transfer course elective academic acad transfer course core 070 3 core 050 3 recommended recommended 3 3 12 semester hours course title core component semester hours composition i u.s history i precalculus physical geology physical geology laboratory general chemistry i core 010 core 060 core 020 core 030 core 030 recommended 3 3 3 3 1 4 17 semester hours geology course freshman/semester i engl 1301 hist 1301 math 2312 geol 1303 geol 1103 chem 1411 note – prerequisite math 1316 or 4 years of high school math including trigonometry or precalculus or consent of department head freshman/semester ii engl 1302 hist 1302 geol 1304 geol 1104 chem 1412 phed composition ii u.s history ii historical geology historical geology laboratory general chemistry ii any course listed under core 090 sophomore/semester i humanities any course

second year/semester i cosc 2436 programming fundamentals iii 4 12 semester hours local area network lan marketable skills achievement award achievement award 12 semester credit hours this marketable skills award will proved education and training for individuals interested in developing their knowledge and skills as network professionals with emphasis on preparation for those wishing to take the ccna certification exam marketable skills achievement awards are embedded into aas and or certificate program plans upon completion of the series of courses fill out application with the registrar to ensure that your award is included on your transcript local area network lan marketable skills award course first year/semester i itcc 1401 first year/semester ii itcc 1404 second year/semester i itcc 2408 recommended itcc 2410 course title semester hours cisco exploration 1-network fundamentals 4 cisco exploration 2-routing protocols and concepts 4 cisco exploration 3-lan switching and wireless

credit for the following courses may be awarded by resume under the work/life experience policy cjsa 2288 cjsa 2289 cjle 1506 cjle 1512 cjle 1518 cjle 1524 internship i internship ii basic peace officer i basic peace officer ii basic peace officer iii basic peace officer iv these classes are courses required for graduation with an associate of applied science degree from wharton county junior college medical office specialist training program total contact hours 286 continuing education continuing education department the medical office specialist program is a comprehensive program designed to assist students in gaining the skills and procedures necessary to become effective employees in the medical office students of the program will learn medical terminology medical office procedures insurance coding and billing additionally the graduate will develop job-seeking and interpersonal skills the office skills required to work in a medical or physician s office are quite different

the following qualifications must be met prior to enrolling in the wcjc police academy 1 be at least 21 years of age within 60 days of graduation from the police academy or • have received credit for at least 60 semester hours of study from an accredited college or university or • have received an associate degree from an accredited college or • have received an honorable discharge from the armed forces of the united states after at least two years of active service and 2 have never been convicted at any time of a felony offense 3 have never been nor currently on court-ordered community supervision or probation for a criminal offense of a class b misdemeanor or within the last 10 years 4 have never been convicted for any criminal offense the grade of a class b misdemeanor or a class b misdemeanor within the last 10 years 5 have never been convicted at any time of a family violence offense 6 are not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or

itse 2309 database programming 3:2:2 database development using database programming techniques emphasizing database structures modeling and database access prerequisite none offered fall semester type tech itse 2321 object-oriented programming 3:2:2 introduction to object-oriented programming emphasis on the fundamentals of design with classes including development testing implementation and documentation prerequisite itse 1350 offered spring semester type tech prerequisite type nelson-denny tech csme 1505 fundamentals of cosmetology 5:3:8 a course in the basic fundamentals of cosmetology topics include service preparation manicure facial chemical services shampoo haircut wet styling and comb out prerequisite nelson-denny type tech csme 1551 artistry of hair theory and practice 5:3:7 instruction in the artistry of hair design topics include theory techniques and application of hair design prerequisite nelson-denny type tech itse 2331 advanced c programming 3:2:2 further application

prerequisite type tsi placement the student must earn a c or better to successfully exit the course or the student make re-take the tsi at any time acad math 0312 intermediate algebra 3:3:0 a study of relations and functions inequalities algebraic expressions and equations absolute value polynomial radical rational with a special emphasis on linear and quadratic expressions and equations prerequisite math 0308 or tsi placement the student must earn a c or better to successfully exit the course or the student make re-take the tsi at any time type acad math 1314 college algebra 3:3:0 core 020 in-depth study and applications of polynomial rational radical exponential and logarithmic functions and systems of equations using matrices additional topics such as sequences series probability and conics may be included prerequisite tsi satisfied in math type acad math 1316 trigonometry 3:3:0 core 020 in-depth study and applications of trigonometry including definitions identities inverse

wldg 1435 intro to pipe welding 4:3:4 an introduction to welding of pipe using the shielded metal arc welding process smaw including electrode selection equipment setup and safe shop practices emphasis on weld positions 1g and 2g using various electrodes prerequisite wldg 1428 or division chair approval type tech wldg 1457 intermediate shielded metal arc 4:3:4 welding smaw a study of the production of various fillets and groove welds preparation of specimens for testing in various positions prerequisite wldg 1428 or division chair approval type tech wldg 2447 advanced gas metal arc welding 4:3:4 gmaw advanced topics in gas metal arc welding gmaw includes welding in various positions and directions prerequisite wldg 1457 or division chair approval type tech wldg 2450 orbital tube welding 4:3:4 orbital tube welding in various industries special emphasis on the disciplines of orbital tube welding including cutting facing and development of advanced welding procedures using high

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