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• must demonstrate proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis an entering student is defined as a student new to higher education transfer and transient students from another college or a student who has not been enrolled one fall or spring semester and is returning to wharton county junior college are also subject to this requirement it is important to consult a physician about the need for the immunization against bacterial meningitis to prevent the disease not all students are required to show proof of the vaccination please read further for details about exemptions and how to opt out of showing proof of the vaccination students may elect not to take the vaccination by filing a medical exemption affidavit or certificate or a texas department of state health services tdshs exemption from immunization for bacterial meningitis for reasons of conscience form evidence of vaccination or exemption should be submitted to wharton county junior college office of admissions and

and b may be reasonably expected to benefit in terms of employment from vocational rehabilitation services thousands of handicapped college students receive services from the commission each year all dars clients are entitled to diagnostic evaluation counseling and guidance career planning job-development placement and followup in those cases where economic need can be demonstrated the following services may be provided to handicapped college students tuition and required fees textbooks physical restoration and assistive devices severely handicapped students may also be eligible for room and board mobility assistance note-takers tutors and attendant care the rehabilitation counselor and the student identify intermediate and long-range goals they determine actions needed to achieve those goals and they work together to reach them the ultimate goals are to assist each student in completing his or her college education in getting a good job after graduation and in achieving the highest

sophomore/semester i govt 2305 federal government federal constitution and topics any course listed under core 080 social or behavioral science language philosophy any course listed under core 040 culture humanities english any literature course any course listed under core 050 creative arts performing/visual arts core 070 3 core 080 3 core 040 3 recommended core 050 3 3 15 semester hours sophomore/semester ii texas government texas govt 2306 constitution and topics phed 13xx any 3 sch phed course introduction to general psychology psyc 2301 math 1314 or above math any phed activity course phed 1xxx introduction to computing cosc 1301 core 070 3 recommended core 080 core 020 recommended recommended 3 3 3 1 3 16 semester hours mathematics course freshman/semester i engl 1301 hist 1301 math 2413 biol chem or phys spch 1315 freshman/semester ii engl 1302 hist 1302 math 2414 biol chem or phys phed 1xxx course title core component semester hours composition i u.s history i calculus i biol

cosmetology certificate course title semester hours orientation to cosmetology fundamentals of cosmetology introduction to hair cutting related theory introduction to application of hair color 4 5 3 2 14 semester hours 5 4 csme 2237 csme 2343 artistry of hair theory and practice chemical reformation related theory the principles of hair coloring related theory advanced cosmetology techniques salon development semester iii csme 2441 csme 2439 examination preparation for state licensing ex advanced hair design 4 4 8 semester hours course semester i csme 1401 csme 1505 csme 1310 csme 2202 semester ii csme 1551 csme 1453 csme 2501 cosmetology instructor i training program total contact hours 176 5 2 3 19 semester hours continuing education continuing education department this professional training course provides 176 contact hours towards the 500 contact hours needed to obtain a cosmetology instructor license in the state of texas this course will cover the fundamentals of

freshman/semester ii crij 1306 3 3 crij 2313 engl 2311 court systems practices elective from general education core list for aas degrees or crime in america corrections systems practices technical business writing summer i cjsa 2288 internship-criminal justice/safety studies i 2 2 semester hours summer ii cjsa 2289 internship-criminal justice/safety studies ii 2 2 semester hours legal aspects of law enforcement police systems practices criminal investigation fundamentals of speech or interpersonal communication elective from general education core list for aas degrees 3 3 3 3 3 social behavioral science elective or crij 1307 sophomore/semester i crij 2323 crij 2328 crij 2314 spch 1315 or 1318 language philosophy culture humanities or creative arts performing/visual arts elective 3 3 12 semester hours 15 semester hours sophomore/semester ii cjle 1506 cjle 1512 cjle 1518 cjle 1524 basic peace officer i basic peace officer ii basic peace officer iii basic peace officer iv capstone

estimated expenses tuition and fees consult wcjc catalog books and supplies $800 proof of immunizations hepatitis b required varies cpr certification varies uniform and name tag $100 150 approximately parking required at some clinics varies travel – students may be required to leave the wharton area to varies complete their full-time clinical affiliations resulting in additional travel and housing costs graduation cap and gown $35 approximately criminal background check $55 approximately drug screen $40 approximately student liability insurance fee $14.50 student accident medical insurance fee $11.55 fee added to ptha 1413 and ptha 2435 courses fee added to the ptha 1360 course transportation costs to clinical sites vary with location of clinics proof of immunizations is required prior to admission to the program due to senate bill 1177 effective september 1 2012 the college must verify immunity by way of a titer for all healthcare students for the following varicella rubella

prerequisite type grade of c or better in itsw 1301 itse 1301 artc 1302 tech inew 2330 3:2:2 comprehensive software project planning and design capstone course a comprehensive application of skills learned in previous courses in a simulated workplace covers the development testing and documenting of a complete software and/or hardware solution this is the capstone course for the computer programming aas degree prerequisite completion of 30 computer credit hours in the degree type tech inew 2334 advanced web programming 3:2:2 web programming using industry-standard languages and data stores prerequisite itse 2302 type tech itcc 1401 cisco exploration – network 4:3:3 fundamentals introduces the architecture structure functions components and models of the internet describes the use of osi and tcp layered models to examine the nature and roles of protocols and services at the application network data link and physical layers covers the principles and structure of ip addressing and

prerequisite type tsi reading requirements met or concurrent enrollment in read 0306 or 0307 acad phed 1306 first aid 3:3:0 instruction in and practice of first aid techniques intent of this course is to help students feel more confident of their ability to provide temporary assistance in an emergency prerequisite tsi reading requirements met or concurrent enrollment in read 0306 or 0307 type acad phed 1346 drug use and abuse 3:3:0 study of the use and abuse of drugs in today’s society emphasizes the physiological sociological and psychological factors prerequisite tsi reading requirements met or concurrent enrollment in read 0306 or 0307 type acad mathematics math math 0308 beginning algebra 3:3:0 topics in mathematics such as arithmetic operations basic algebraic concepts and notation geometry and real and complex number systems designed to provide a foundation for the intermediate algebra course prerequisite tsi placement the student must earn a c or better to successfully

wldg 2451 advanced gas tungsten arc welding 4:3:4 gtaw advanced topics in gtaw welding including welding in various positions and directions prerequisite wldg 1434 or division chair approval type tech wldg 2453 advanced pipe welding 4:3:4 advanced topics involving welding of pipe using the shielded metal arc welding smaw process topics include electrode selection equipment setup and safe shop practices emphasis on weld positions 5g and 6g using various electrodes prerequisite wldg 1435 or division chair approval type tech start smart wharton county junior college