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v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 4 helmets helmets new helmets modern climbing is all about movement on rock on ice or both and across the seasons adapting skills to surroundings and circumstances to make the most of changing conditions and unequivocally a top quality helmet now needs to do the same enter the new alpine shield the first true modular design that adapts as you do so from e5 to 5.12 scottish v to wi5 a simple and quick conversion scales the protection you need to meet the challenge you choose once again wild country enters the field with an innovative approach that moves the game on ­ challenging perceptions of what can be done and how it is done to the benefit of climbers and climbing new alpine shield helmet the awesome new alpine shield takes an innovative and stylish approach to creating the ultimate in adaptability and the perfect year round helmet this modular design adopts a `two-in-one approach combining a lightweight in-mould eps/polycarbonate

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 10 karabiners screwgates screwgates wild-wire one of the first ever wiregates and an amazing best seller the wildwire is still one of the most popular simple light and elegant to use it s smooth action makes clipping a joy wild-wire qds come in three lengths are still hugely popular and make one of the best all-round `trad units on the market qd comes with our tadpole sets of biners quickdraws available features `tech-wire gate hot forged bow back lightweight open shape product product code colour weight weight gm oz strength gate open kn strength gate closed kn strength minor axis kn gate clearance mm new oxygen screwgate reworked for 2009 the oxygen screwgate takes our proven keylock nose and cleaner lines but keeps the same solidity strength and reliability into a new season strong neat in the hand and very adaptable it s a great partner in loads of tight spots as with all wild country screws the hi-strength thimble resists inward

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 14 bouldering chalk bmc harnesses new boulder set it s bargain time if you re just hitting the long road to bouldering enlightenment then we think you ll appreciate this perfectly formed set of gear which includes boulder bag ­ our new large flat bottomed chalk sac boulder brush ­ a thin neat double ended nylon brush pure chalk 350gram bag ­ our big bulging re-sealable bag tape ­ a bonus item of thin sticky finger protecting stuff product code 29cbchkbldrset new boulder brush a thin tough and neat double ended brush designed to scrub even the smallest of edges to provide a clean true smeg free pull when you really need it on that crucial `last go brush comes with a free and unique harness clip for carrying on routes too weight 15grams product code 19bldrbrush syncro range the syncro is the stalwart of the wild country range and with an ultralite version available too these double buckled comfort monsters offer something that s

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 18 harnesses harnesses vision adjustable men s a big hit from day one the adjustability and adaptability of this model from the ziplock leg loops to the lightweight belt have gone down a storm making this a sought after all rounder add a host of great features from the batwing belt to the wear indicator and you have an effective package designed to go one step further in summer or winter note a junior model is also available suiting guys and gals down to around 11 years old features ziplock waist and leg loops `batwing belt shaping four gear loops 25kn belay loop single point drop seat mesh carry bag colour blue product product code size colour waist cm waist inch leg size leg size weight cm inch gm/oz new classic harness a proven design the wild country classic is a starter gym or group harness that s hard to better its `over the top tie in point allows quick and easy clipping in and unclipping either using a traditional knot or a

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 22 active passive protection passive protection rocks the fully featured rocks range should be seen as the benchmark units for the modern climber light solid durable and refined for all seasons and all circumstances they have the biggest range of any units available and an enviable list of features so from colour co-ordination to side tapers to top quality materials and 3 sigma testing the worlds original curved nuts rocks easily keep their place in the pantheon of `must-have gear sets available 1-8 9-14 features tapered sides anodised colour coding lighter thinner sidewalls fourteen sizes product product colour long edge code width mm depth weight weight strength side mm gm oz kn strength kn rockcentrics a eureka moment and the rockcentric was born combining the best ideas behind the clunky old hexentric with modern shaping and materials might not seem like genius but ask the hordes of climbers who ve been snapping them up since day

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 26 slings tapes slings tapes express slings `tadpole 10mm 12mm for sale singly and also supplied with all our quickdraws the 10mm and 12mm dyneema express slings are sewn through and sport a bonus feature the `tadpole the `tadpole is a neat rubber ring sewn into the sling at the bottom or rope-clipping end that grips the biner helping to keep it orientated correctly at all times conversely on these `dogbone slings the top end of the `draw remains loose so the biner there can be rotated for safety 16mm nylon slim light and easy to carry the 16mm nylon slings are a great choice for those who want confidence but without as much weight as before 16mm has a solidity and long term reliability second to none but its size is easier to use yet still gives a great visual re-assurance of their strength product product code colour length cm/inch sling strength weight weight kn gm oz 16mm nylon 22s1660 22s16120 various various various 60/24

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 32 infinity ropes ­ uk only infinity ropes ­ uk only sprint 8.4mm sprint 10mm these cutting edge ropes are characterised by an improved `feel and a finer relationship between strength weight and durability lower denier yarns braided on machines with higher carrier count result in a rope that is smoother to handle more flexible in use and consequently transmits a lower impact force making a more comfortable fall tailored for the expert and much lighter per metre than the enduro series their durability holds up well to give ultimate confidence in extreme situations sprint ropes are all dry coated features bcc dcc sd enduro 10.5mm non-dry after the success of our dry treated super-enduro we realised there were still a lot of people who wanted this diameter of rope but didn t necessarily need the water repellency the new enduro 10.5 still provides a high-spec rope but for those not seeking such extremes in their climbing it provides

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 36 red chili red chili red chili ­ 2009 range overview spirit lady impact zone vcr spirit impact zone lace new matador vcr corona vcr spirit sausalito mescalito spirit impact zone vcr durango durango vcr 36 www.redchili.de www.redchili.de

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 40 red chili red chili spirit lady impact zone vcr stylish sporty and technical and getting great reviews red chili first women s specific shoe looks and feels the business with a neat light trimmed down version of the best-selling spirit last as its base and adapted to fit the female foot shape better this looks a real winner on top our triple velcro upper is great for quick on offs and adjusts well for a precision fit even on slim feet while at the heel is a snug cup that should hook great a precision entry into the women s market thats sharp enough for the hardcore if worn tight but relaxed enough to take first steps in if fitted flat · specifically designed for a women s foot · impact zone heel for comfort with performance · triple vcr straps for easy adaptable control · cool new colorway · neat sharp low profile toe · red chili 4.2mm rx1 rubber · sizes uk 2 to 8 us 3 to 9 product codes 50rcspvizw02 ­ 50rcspvizw08 spirit

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 44 red chili clog ­ uk only logo chalk bag our best seller this classic bag comes in a variety of cool colours and our distinctive red chili logo comes with free belt product code 48cbrc cargo bag a zip pouch on this larger bag gives room for a topo power bar keys or other bits and pieces for a long day out comes with free belt product code 48cbcrc large logo chalk bag a larger bag with a `teardrop shape gives easy access and slightly bigger capacity still has the same cool red chili design with either a logo or pirate embroidery and comes with a new toothbrush holder on the side comes with free belt product code 48cbllrc chalk bag belt a neat 20mm webbing belt that fit red chili chalk bags perfectly simple adjustment through a fastex buckle product code 48cbb rope bag a simple classic design with a roll out tarp and strong easy adjust fastex buckles internal tie point and a simple backpack harness for ease of carrying product code

v4982_wc_workbook_2009_v5 24/6/08 4:45 pm page 48 slings belay devices sets ­ uk only standards 3 three sigma 0 polyester slings 25mm polyester slings these chunky units are super durable great value and with a breaking strain of 30kn inspire total confidence made from polyester which stays stronger when wet they are also ideal for group and centre use when repeated exposure to the harshest conditions is expected product product code colour size mm weight gm weight oz strength kn ce certification where required by law european union directive 89/686/eec for personal protective equipment wild country products are type examined tested and certified the organisation responsible for our iso 9001 quality system and ce marking is notified body no 0120 sgs uk ltd 202b worle parkway weston super mare bs22 6wa 25mm polyester 25mm polyester 25mm polyester ce en566 uiaa 104 26cs25060 26cs25120 26cs25240 various various various 60 x 25 120 x 25 240 x 25 2.17 4.20 8.19 62 120 234 30 30 30 the