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more than 10 years ago pro-climbing athlete stefan glowacz and climbing enthusiast uwe hofstädter set out for a journey they both founded red chili many things have happened since then and today red chili is one of the leading climbing shoe brands out there over the years the product range grew new passionate followers became enthusiastic e m ployees and wild country the famous british cam-campany became a partner yet as in the old days stefan`s expericence and deep domain knowledge can be found in each and every pair of red chili shoes he cares deeply about product development and design uwe is running the business coordinating production and worldwide logistics together they both still are the contact person for clients fans and friends of red chili red chili is a deeply personal story stefan glowacz uwe hofstädter when got started with red chili we were conviced that only climbers knew what climbers really needed we are a company with a deeply personal story each and every

lo-stretch synthetic easyand fa s t fitting speed-lace reworked midsole for sensitivity and feedback soft toe down design 4_5 profiled toe rubber pat chhabaneroanaccura cy thatbreedstotalconfidencethisisaface cl imbersdreamandkiller for sport or trad precision is the key to this new asymmetric lacing-shoe featuring a sharp low-profile toe a soft toe-down design a tensioned slingshot heel bonus toe rubber and a really sensitive midsole apart from the tech specs the habanero is also one of the most stylish shoes we have ever come up

all new heel cup for better hooking lo-stretch synthetic easyand fa s t fitting speed-lace matador lace andreas b i l idbh n gm mdecri lina re hcmi matador semi-asymmetric profile sensitive midsole for lasting tension matadorlace super-tensioned toe down design to edown stiffenedandsharpthesuper tensioned matador lace is built for power for unerring accurate placements that provide a perfect platform for the hardest sends with an awesome heelandbonustoerubberit s completecontrolina shoe the speed-lace system keeps the foot perfectly anchored while allowing quick and precise adjustments a sensitive midsole gives amazing feedbackwithoutsacrificingpower oversized toe rubber pat c h

spirit lady vcr matador vcr after countless cool problems and a stack of hard routes we ve given the matador a slick overhaul tuning up the midsole to uprate the toe power and widening the straps for maximum control highly rated and now even more highly evolved synthetic subtly enhanced inside and out this is still the sharp stylish shoe it s always been but with just a bit more bite built for the performance orientated female climber with a true women s last the beautifully balanced spirit lady gets even better synthetic sausalito our living legend stays true to itself refined with simple considered tweaks to give a even more rewarding fit it retains its renowned comfortable edging orientated performance perfect from first steps to alpine adventures now with our impact zone heel spirit vcr an advanced all rounder for the more technical climber or boulderer it s stylish versatile and one of chili s most popular shoes a true thoroughbred the vcr produces a pedigree performance across

a top quality classic deep hinged pad with top quality foam the splashdown has three stylish designs,is fully featured and a burly companion for your big bouldering days out logo crashpad size 120 x 90 x 12 cm weight 4,5 kg crash pads 10

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