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v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 4 helmets helmets helmets modern climbing is all about movement on rock on ice or both and across the seasons adapting skills to surroundings and circumstances to make the most of changing conditions and that s why last year wild country brought out the first helmet that could truly claim to do the same the alpine shield with its modular two in one system which has been a great success so this year we ve arrived with its pared down cousin the rock lite light with new colours a new look but the same careful and well thought out approach it s the perfect `cragging lid alpine shield helmet the awesome alpine shield takes an innovative and stylish approach to creating the ultimate in adaptability and the perfect `year round helmet this modular design adopts a `two-in-one approach combining a lightweight in-mould eps/polycarbonate helmet with an exclusive `alpine shield cover that can be quickly attached to give enhanced protection rock

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 10 locking karabiners karabiners astro techwire strength minor axis kn gate clearance mm locking karabiner comparison table product product code colour weight weight gm oz strength gate open kn strength gate closed kn at just over an ounce per unit and with the stylish and strong `i beam technology the new astro provides an amazing platform for the wild country range to sit on like a miniature of the original amazing helium the astro s technology combines plenty of strength with a definitive design that keeps up the downward momentum of weight loss small but designed to sit perfectly in the hand its size belies the ease of use built with our easy clip `tech-wire wiregate and skinny safe hooded nose that makes it perfect for super slick clipping it s not hard to see why it handles so well the astro is a hyperlight high performance biner that weighs less to give more and wild country s lightest biner qd qds come on 10mm dyneema with

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 14 harnesses harnesses syncro ziplock the syncro is a stalwart of the wild country range and with its quality performance and unsurpassed adjustability has always been widely regarded as a benchmark harness the current model with its wide firm belt seven gear loops and tons of cool safety features has continued the syncro heritage as one of the best load carriers around add to this the classic syncro double buckle system giving perfect centering of the harness whatever the clothing worn and its obvious that this `load monster offers something that s unavailable elsewhere an all rounder with a unique pedigree the syncro s slick and simple functionality makes it a great choice for winter summer or instruction features ziplock waist buckle ziplock leg loop buckles `batwing belt shaping seven gear loops 25kn belay loop offset 15kn haul loop `hideaway pocket single point drop seat mesh carry bag alloy buckles colour orange product

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 18 harnesses active protection zeros a miniature miracle of modern engineering and still getting great reviews as well as gasps of astonishment the range and usefulness of zeros has to be seen and experienced to be believed from the diminutive zero 1 ­ still the smallest cam ever made ­ upwards the many unique features of zeros combine with their unrivalled flexibility to make sure they are a keystone of wild country s range the longer stem of sizes 3-6 makes them easier to place and remove than many rival cams and the large trigger ensures even gloved use while aiding is no problem features direct loading axle camstops guided triggers flexistem original 13.75 cam angle light 10mm dyn extendable sling classic ziplock harness product product code colour expansion expansion mm inch weight gm weight oz strength cam stop kn strength kn classic ziplock harness a proven design the wild country classic is a starter gym or group harness that s

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 22 passive protection mini rocks small and really useful in extremis the mini rocks combine a neat precise shape with a positive fit flat sided due to their size they are engineered to make the most out of very little metal neat touches include a `sunken-wire head which provides protection and strength where the wire s at its weakest and fine rumbling which gives a super smooth finish four sizes all below a rock 1 wide give a range of placement options product product code colour long edge width mm depth weight weight strength side mm gm oz kn strength kn belay ascent descent vc pro 2 with an easy organic shape and intuitive feel the vc pro 2 has been a success since its launch and is recognised as one of the leaders on thin ropes and it has two great attributes to make it so firstly it has a smooth finish for fatter cords with a flattened out bottom which keeps the biner a bit further away and decreases grab secondly to give even

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 26 slings tapes accessories 10mm dyneema cordelette this huge and hugely useful sling makes perfect use of 10mm dyneema compact enough to carry easily the cordelette is the simplest way of safely equalising any belay ideal for all mountain environments comes with instructions and with bonus mesh carry bag product product code length cm length inch sling type strength weight weight kn gm oz pro-key in stainless steel tough durable and very practical the smartly designed pro-key has been a big hit a wire gate means a direct clip to the harness while a folded top gives a bigger surface area to allow a firmer less painful push with the palm and large holes keep the weight down and finally the tip of the pro-key is precision ground to give it the most accurate nose for removal even in tiny slots the pro key can also be bought with an optional removable extendable leash and clip which means you re safe from dropping it in tight spots colour

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 32 red chili red chili red chili 2009/10 range overview spirit lady impact zone vcr new spirit matador vcr new corona vcr new urban climber sausalito mescalito new spirit impact zone vcr new durango new durango vcr 33 32 www.redchili.de

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 36 red chili spirit lady impact zone vcr stylish sporty and technical red chili first women s specific shoe looks and feels the business with a neat light trimmed down version of the best-selling spirit last as its base and adapted to fit the female foot shape better ­ this looks a real winner on top our triple velcro upper is great for quick on offs and adjusts well for a precision fit ­ even on slim feet ­ while the heel cup has a refined fit that hooks great a precision entry into the women s market that s sharp enough for the hardcore if worn tight but relaxed enough to take first steps in if fitted flat · specifically designed for a women s foot · impact zone heel for comfort with performance · triple vcr straps for easy adaptable control · cool colorway · neat sharp low profile toe · red chili 4.2mm rx1 rubber · sizes uk 2 to 8 us 3 to 9 · colour yellow/blue product codes 50rcspvizl02 ­ 50rcspvizl08 spirit lady impact

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 40 red chili accessories logo chalk bag our best seller this classic bag comes in a variety of cool colours and our distinctive red chili logo comes with free belt product code 48cbrc logo chalk bag red chili ­ accessories cargo bag a zip pouch on this larger bag gives room for a topo power bar keys or other bits and pieces for a long day out comes with free belt product code 48cbcrc cargo bag t-shirts two new stylish designs bring the red chili line up to date and adding in the classic logo t give three elegant choices to wrap up your buff bod before you send that route or crank that problem sizes s m l xl colours red grey black large logo chalk bag a larger bag with a `teardrop shape gives easy access and slightly bigger capacity still has the same cool red chili design with either a logo or pirate embroidery and comes with a new toothbrush holder on the side comes with free belt product code 48cbllrc boulder bucket built for

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 44 harnesses ­ uk only centre ­ threadback ziplock the centre has proved extremely popular over the last few years as a basic no-frills introduction to a `proper tie-in climbing harness as it s name suggests it is ideal as a teaching or group harness especially where the emphasis is on best practice and correct climbing tie-in procedure there are now two versions of this popular model being offered the original with `threadback buckles and a new model with clog s new `ziplock style buckles which are always threaded and are simply pulled to tighten comes with a single gear loop for 2009/10 this harness gets a distinctive red right leg to make it easier to identify when fitting features high visibility belay loop colour defined leg loops leg loop identity labels huge size range per model product product code size waist cm waist inch legs cm legs inch weight weight gm oz slings belay devices sets ­ uk only 25mm polyester slings

v5494_wc_workbook_2010_v2/aw 17/7/09 16:00 page 48 standards wild country s tom cain sets off on wind hvs 5b clogwyn y grochan llanberis wales photo dave simmonite 3 0three sigma the three sigma rating system is a method of statistical quality control sqc which we use to describe analyse and control the rated strengths of our products for each batch produced a statistically representative sample is taken and tested to destruction in accordance with the relevant european standard for that product and/or our own approved internal quality assurance procedures these procedures are an integral part of our quality assurance system from the data obtained from destruction testing the average or mean and sample standard deviation which is a measure of variance based upon the results obtained is calculated 3õ is three times the sample standard deviation when 3õ is deducted from the mean result obtained we can predict the spread of results which would be obtained if we were to destroy the