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contents contenu contenidos inhalte contenutu making things better helium friends new helium friends new helium friends new helium friends new helium friends new helium friends helium friends zero friends 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 it s hard to improve on the best but that s what wild country constantly strives to do to make things better in 1977 wild country launched friends and unleashed a wave of radical first ascents not only on the iconic cracks of yosemite and the renowned gritstone crags of england but right across the globe friends are a truly revolutionary product that had an immediate far reaching and long lasting impact on climbing the longevity and popularity of friends bears testament to the ground breaking original design which has changed little in more than 30 years so as wild country takes the next step forward by launching the helium friend the best friend ever the questions arise how do we improve friends how do you make the best better we build on experience and stay

helium friends en for only the third time in 33 years friends have truly changed the new helium friend is the lightest friend ever building on the unique heritage of the most inspired innovative and copied product in climbing stylish dynamic and ergonomic the helium friend is designed to be the ultimate friend and has been superbly re-engineered to achieve this aim at the head radically revised new hot forged cam lobes shed weight without loss of strength create more range per unit and optimize the overlaps between sizes at the base a new thumb loop trigger and sling combine to give a smoother action with more reach and extra clipping points the helium friend redefines ease of use as testament to the first friends the helium stays true to the original key immutable concepts those features friends did first and best that have been proved time and again since day one so the helium keeps a slick single stem and predictable singleaxle a `floating trigger design and the awesome holding

helium friends helium friends helium friends technology features and specifications en designing the helium friends from scratch has made some essential differences to it s features form and function significantly helium friends have got a more concise and ordered range trimming the number of units to nine while at the same time each friend s individual range has increased and importantly so has the overlap between units both adjacent and alternate simply put this means there s a better chance the unit either side of the one you need but don t have will fit the placement you need it to more placements with less units the slick external overhaul also brings big benefits with a new stem/thumb loop making smoother triggering and giving a longer reach per unit meaning deep placements are easier to place and remove and the new sling should mean less need to extend however not scrapping all that went before has also left lots of well tested features instilling this new unit with an

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tom randall helium friend testing on electric blue e4 5c rhoscolyn wales ph ian parnell zero friends en a miniature miracle of modern engineering and still getting great reviews as well as gasps of astonishment the range and usefulness of zeros has to be seen and experienced to be believed the smallest and lightest cams ever made zero friends were designed without compromise flexible strong and reliable they are perfect for free or aid climbing and essential kit on every hardcore rack for 2011 zero 1 and 2 are longer making them easier to place features direct loading axle camstops guided triggers flexistem original 13.75 cam angle light 10mm dyn extendable sling colour coded zero friends fr un miracle de l engineering et de la miniaturisation à couper le souffle et toujours au top en matière d étonnement a chaque utilisation les `zeros doivent être vus et essayés pour être cru le plus petit coinceur et le plus léger existant sur le marcher le `friend zero a été conçu