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custom fitting now accounts for more than half of the golf equipment sold in the world while nothing replaces dynamic fitting by a pga professional or a qualified fitting expert it s essential for these experts to understand wilson s own the fairway approach to fitting our simple two-step fitting process not only identifies a particular playing style it ensures proper distance gapping for simpler club selection here s how it works fit your irons which staff player are you?tm it s a great opening question that allows you to understand a playing style which then can be matched to the appropriate wilson staff iron f player wants pleasing visual cues at address needs to be able to work the ball relies on feel for feedback c player wants a player s club look at address wants power to generate distance needs forgiveness d player wants a stable looking club at address needs to reduce hooks and slices wants to hit it long fine tune your game.tm with the core iron in place we fine tune long

irons fg tourtm the fg tour cavity-back forging a first in a long line of historic wilson forgings earned instant recognition around the world when it was introduced golf digest® named it a hot listtm winner hailing any low-to-mid handicapper will benefit from this club eel · wants pleasing visual cues at address · needs to be able to work the ball · relies on feel for feedback 1 cavity-back forging · a cavity-back blade redistributes weight from the heel to the toe the resulting higher cg increases moi for greater stability and delivers higher spin to account for the new groove rule 2 progressive offset tour-configured sole · progressive offset through the set delivers playability in the long irons while ensuring distance control in the scoring zone · the slightly wider sole promotes improved turf interaction for creative shot-making from a variety of lies 3 visual cues soft feel · our wilson staff tour was instrumental in developing the head shape · the square toe and

fairway utilities fybrid® rstm this clever line of fairway utilities fuses fairway woods and hybrids into a single family allowing golfers to build proper distance gapping into their game fybrids offer simple club selection with 1-to-1 iron replacement hybrids with easy-to-hit fairway woods bridged by a unique multipurpose fy club new 1 rs rocker sole · the face has a rounded sole profile that helps to create even symmetry at address to helping to identify the ideal impact area · by removing material near the toe and hosel fybrid allows for maximum flexibility in a variety of lies and minimal turf interaction on uneven surfaces 2 low and deep center of gravity · the deeper head and flat crown inspire greater confidence at address and bring the center of gravity further and lower back for a higher launch angle making it easier to get the ball airborne quicker · dual rail sole promotes cleaner turf interaction and moves the cg lower and deeper in the head providing cleaner contact

drivers dxitm the wilson staff dxi driver uses trajectory control to reduce spin and deliver soaring distance for both low and higher handicap players the key is two high density tungsten rubber inserts that move the cg location further back as loft increases better players will prefer low loft options for the lower-spinning penetrating ball flight higher handicappers will opt for higher lofts for higher ball flights both options deliver one result maximum distance 1 trajectory control · high-density tungsten rubber inserts and an internal weight pad move mass in the head to fine tune the cg location for each loft of driver · 8° and 9° features weight concentrated low in the head to maximize vertical gear effect which lowers spin · 10.5° and hl feature weight being kept low but moving progressively back in the head to maximize dynamic loft which produces a higher ball flight 1 2 five-zone face thickness · our proprietary variable face thickness increase the high ct area of the

package sets profile® senior the profile® senior set improves the overall experience of playing golf while addressing physical considerations of older players senior complete 15-piece set · driver fairway hybrid irons 5 sw · lightweight components and vibration dampening graphite shafts · high moi mallet putter with anti-glare finish and unique alignment aid · premium cart bag with great functionality and plush shoulder strap · higher lofts result in more hang time and produces greater distance wggc83900 profile senior pkg set mrh profile® teen the profile® teen set is perfect for the in-between player not at full height but definitely not a junior teen complete 15-piece set · driver fairway hybrid irons 5 sw · matches physical geometries of teen s length and swing speed · high moi mallet putter with anti-glare finish and unique alignment aid · durable carry bag with numerous multi-use pockets · bridges the gap between junior product and adult product perfectly

wedges harmonizedtm tour proven design classic styling and unmatched value have made harmonized wedges perennial top-sellers available in black and traditional chrome finishes a harmonizedtm black chrome wedges · durable anti-glare finish · gap 52° sand 55° and lob 60° · right-hand only b harmonizedtm classic wedges · classic high-polish finish · right-hand options pitch 50° gap 52° sand 55° lob 60° trouble 64° · left-hand options sand 55° lob 60° · women s right-hand options sand 55° lob 60° cabc harmonizedtm hope® wedge · available in ladies right-hand 56° sand wedge wgd8661 wgd8658 wgd8659 wgd8650 wgd8653 wgd8735 wgd8200 harmonized black chrome gw harmonized black chrome sw harmonized black chrome lw harmonized classic pw harmonized classic gw harmonized classic sw harmonized classic sw 52° 55° 60° 50° 52° 55° 55° mrh mrh mrh mrh mrh mrh mlh wgd8002 wgd8665 wgd8201 wgd8003 wgd8666 wgd8766 harmonized classic sw harmonized classic lw harmonized

golf balls fiftytm elite 2-piece fifty elite launched an entirely new performance expectation into the 2-piece distance ball category as the original ­ and only ­ 50 compression golf ball fifty offered unmatched feel in a ball that is as long as any on the market today fifty elite is hands down the best value in premium balls offering performance similar to balls twice the price 1 performance balance · an aggressive core is offset by a responsive cover · explosive distance is coupled with soft feel · low driver spin is offset by high greenside spin · long carry quick stop new wgwp17002 wgwp25700 wgwp25800 fifty elite 2-piece fifty elite yellow fifty elite orange dozen dozen dozen new ziptm multilayer higher spin longer distance and unmatched soft feel zip offers the best that multilayer construction can offer with something that no other ball can match it s ultimate soft feel the patented zero compression core delivers amazing feel with shot-stopping spin 1 performance achieved

gloves grip titm this long-wearing comfortable microfiber glove uses soft leather in the palm and thumb to deliver durable performance · high-tech advanced titanium-enfused microfiber · anti-microbial performance mesh dissipates heat and moisture · s m ml l xl xxl · cs cm cml cl cxl wgja00026s wgja00026m wgja00026ml wgja00026l wgja00026xl wgja00026xxl grip ti mlh grip ti mlh grip ti mlh grip ti mlh grip ti mlh grip ti mlh s m ml l xl xxl wgja00027s wgja00027m wgja00027ml wgja00027l wgja00027xl wgja00027xxl grip ti mrh grip ti mrh grip ti mrh grip ti mrh grip ti mrh grip ti mrh s m ml l xl xxl wgja00028s wgja00028m wgja00028ml wgja00028l wgja00028xl grip ti mlhc grip ti mlhc grip ti mlhc grip ti mlhc grip ti mlhc s m ml l xl new grip plus this ergonomically engineered glove with hightech digitized microfiber and soft cabretta leather offers both comfort and performance · digitized synthetic leather enhances grip in all weather conditions · soft cabretta leather patch for

accessories men s women s new fg tourtm engineer cap wilson staff® shield · white black gray · a-flex construction classic wilson staff® · gray brown · a-flex construction fg tourtm wilson staff® · black white · a-flex construction tour -wilson staff® · khaki navy red · a-flex construction visor wilson staff® · white black red relaxed wilson staff® · beige red black navy · adjustable wilson staff® · white black navy · adjustable beanie wilson staff® · red white black women s relaxed cap hope® · white tour pro and hope® umbrella · 68 tour pro or 62 hope® arc provides protection from rain wind and sun · anti-wind canopy tour towels · 24 x 38 · 16 x 21 hope® towel · 16 x 21 spongebob® towel · 16 x 25 spongebob® headcover wgh222sbl wgh222sgy wgh222swh wgh222lbl wgh222lgy wgh222lwh wgh223sgb wgh223lgb wgh220swb wgh220lwb wgh221skh wgh221sna engineer cap black engineer cap gray engineer cap white engineer cap black engineer cap gray

golf bags nfl® bags a nfl® cart · 9 x 8 14 way divider top · tube construction · premium polyester nylon fabrics · five closed pockets · two large side clothing pockets · two large front accessory pockets · valuable velour pocket · external putter well holder · towel/glove holder · umbrella holder · rain/travel hood b nfl® carry · 9 x 7 5 way divider top · 3 stays construction · premium polyester nylon fabrics · premium light weight stand · exclusive swivel 4-points double strap · four closed pockets · large side clothing pocket · large side ball pocket · large bottom accessory pocket · valuable velour pocket · towel/glove holder · umbrella holder · rain/travel hood b a wgb9200balt wgb9210balt wgb9200buf wgb9210buf wgb9200cin wgb9210cin wgb9200clev wgb9210clev wgb9200ariz wgb9210ariz wgb9200atl wgb9210atl wgb9200caro wgb9210caro wgb9200chg wgb9210chg wgb9200den wgb9210den wgb9200hou wgb9210hou wgb9200ind wgb9210ind wgb9200jack wgb9210jack wgb9200dal