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100 years 61 majors won the fact is since our first club was forged no other brand in golf has won more wilson sporting goods company’s legendary innovation has been at the forefront of winning moments throughout history and every product engineered today carries that undeniable heritage and craftsmanship that the company was founded on tour staff andreas harto kevin streelman mike small paul lawrie wilson staff features the most genuine accessible players on tour it’s a practice and belief that hard work and untiring collaboration pays off it’s a belief that wilson golf embodies with its entirety it’s a belief that will take us into every golf season promising our equipment will be dedicated to make every golfer at any level enjoy the game

™ with the multi fit system from wilson staff players can customize loft and weight to optimize ball flight six adjustable hosel settings and three interchangeable sole weights can be changed to maximize club head and ball speeds while getting the right launch angle and spin rate for more distance and lower scores each multi fit system includes a wilson staff adjustability wrench used for making both hosel and sole weight adjustments and three weights 3g 7g and 11g contained in a pouch that matches the fg tour™ m3 head covers new fg tour™ m3 hybrids for the fg tour™ m3 hybrids six different hosel settings are available three unique loft settings exist with an upright lie angle option for each loft this allows players to optimize distance and trajectory through loft changes and improve control and turf interaction through lie changes the four heads come standard at initial lofts of 17.0° 19.0° 21.0° and 23.0° new fg tour™ m3 irons engineered

irons d100™ extreme distance from a large thin face superb forgiveness with advanced exoskeleton technology™ and generous cavity complete this award-winning “d” iron offering perfect for players demanding long straight shots with an effortless swing true temper® sl-85 weight 85 grams wilson staff tour traction club 4 5 6 7 8 9 pw gw sw rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh rh/lh loft 21.5 24.0 27.0 31.0 35.0 39.0 43.0 47.0 55.0 lie 60.0 61.0 61.5 62.0 63.0 63.5 64.0 64.0 64.0 d2 d2 d2 d2 d2 d2 d2 d3 d4 39.0 38.5 38.0 37.5 37.0 36.5 36.0 36.0 36.0 swing wt length custom option specs distance d player matrix® studio 6.1 weight 65 grams hybrid/iron set n ew d100™ es the new d100™ es hybrid/iron set deploys exoskeleton technology™ on larger forgiving hybrids and irons a set make-up of 4 5 6 hybrids and 7-pw gw in the irons makes this perfect for the player wanting maximum distance and forgiveness the d100™ es set

wedges fgtourâ„¢ tcwedges the fg tourâ„¢ tc wedges offer two sole options with 13 different loft and bounce combinations for a total of 83 unique loft bounce and sole configurations through custom fitting traditional sole for a player with a medium to steep swing tour grind sole for players with a medium to shallow angle of attack tour-y grooves create spin on full swings and laser etched micro-spin lines enhance spin on partial shots tour-y grooves dynamic gold specs micro-spin lines lamkin performance plus 3gen wedge to ursoledesign putters club rh/lh lie length bounce t ra ditionalsoledesign 50-12 54-13 56-11 58-10 60-07 62-10 rh 64.0 35.75 12 rh 64.0 35.5 13 rh 64.0 35.5 11 rh/lh 64.0 35.5 10 rh/lh 64.0 35.25 7 rh 64.0 35.25 10 club rh/lh lie length bounce 48-08 50-08 52-06 54-10 56-14 60-10 64-09 rh 64.0 35.75 8 rh 64.0 35.75 8 rh/lh 64.0 35.75 6 rh 64.0 35.5 10 rh/lh 64.0 35.5 14 rh/lh 64.0 35.25 10 rh 64.0 35.25 9 88 blkâ„¢ 8 8 8 1 â„¢ b l k traditional

customize your game • smooth flip-top writing surface • water-resistant storage area • online 12 club fitting system interactive and immediate this online fitting module will properly fit you for 12 clubs – fairway woods hybrids irons and wedges – providing the proper distance gapping for each club in your bag online golf ball fitting system answer the full fitting questionnaire or simply choose your current golf ball to determine the recommended wilson staff ball convenient storage compartments for forms grips and tools in-store fitting the wilson staff fitting cart with quick-fit connector technology offers over 1000 different head shaft and specification options this simpleto-use system makes selecting the correct head and shaft combination and having an accurate fit for loft lie length and flex easy each and every time forms and documents

package sets profile® junior small red juniors’ complete 9-piece set • set includes driver hybrid 2 cavity-back irons blade-style wedge and putter • lightweight carry bag with generous pockets and comfortable dual shoulder strap • driver designed specifically for a junior length weight and flex • low cg hybrid helps get the ball airborne • long and short cavity iron with large sweet spot • blade-style wedge for around-the-green accuracy • heel/toe weighted putter is easy to align medium silver large blue large black profile® junior sizing chart wedges for easy in-store fitting stand a child next to a profile® junior box and select the proper set based on where his/her hand falls harmonized® harmonized ® wedges have long been popular in pro shops an innovative sole design now gives players more options around the green play higher shots with greater accuracy with a special sole grind that allows players to open the

gloves n ew grip soft™ • new multi-material construction • improved durability and feel • the upper hand is a new high tech fabric that improves the fit • the palm is a new synthetic leather fabric for more durability • cabretta leather palm patch and thumb enhance grip feel and durability • new design closure tab for better ergonomics • anti-microbial performance mesh dissipates heat and moisture enhancing grip and comfort men’s women’s rain winter mittens mittens • designed for their specific needs • moisture management for fast-drying comfort • premium long-lasting and durable material • mittens have zippered heat pack/hand warmer pocket • s m ml l xl xxl n ew pocket for hand warmer rain winter

cart bags ionix™ red • 10 14-way divider • 7 pockets including 4 large pockets one with expandable zip range finder valuable pocket valuable accessories pocket large insulated pocket and drop down pocket • side lift handles • umbrella holder • large towel ring glove holder • rain hood • padded strap white black blue women’s tees not included cart plus™ black • 8.5 × 11 top design with handles 14-way dividers and strap hook • 9 pockets including large apparel pockets valuables no-h2o™ pocket accessories pockets range finder pocket and large bottom pocket • front umbrella holders • towel ring glove holder • tee holder • rain hood • padded strap red blue gun metal

pos i ti ons l og o si zes techni ca lrequirements the preferred logo file would be a fully vectorised/editable image with all fonts outlined editable eps/pdf alternatively a high resolution copy of your logo tiff/jpeg file can be used for a redraw of the logo to be produced also acceptable for redraw purposes would be a good quality flat paper artwork in the form of letterheads business cards or scorecards glove our state-of-the-art graphics facility will deliver true and impactful reproduction of your logo whether printed or embroidered 22 mm logo logo electronic files wilson custom imaging uses state-of-the-art digital imaging systems to create and manipulate electronic art files it operates a variety of file formats from the pc/windows platforms 24 mm for best results follow these guidelines north pole send complete files including all placed images and fonts send a hard copy of what the finished art should look like logo programs supported ball custom logo the process adobe

stock codes wilson staff products 88 seriesâ„¢ blk new fg tourâ„¢ wgw8881b34 8881 blk heel/toe putter 34 mrh wgja00630 fg tour mlh s m ml l xl xxl wgw8881b35 8881 blk heel/toe putter 35 mrh wgja00640 fg tour mrh s m ml l xl xxl wgw8881bl34 8881 blk heel/toe putter 34 mlh wgha00645 fg tour mlhc s m ml l xl xxl wgw8882b34 8882 blk blade style putter 34 mrh wgw8882b35 8882 blk blade style putter 35 mrh wgw8882bl34 8882 blk blade style putter 34 mlh wgw8883b34 8883 blk heel/toe putter 34 mrh wgw8883b35 8883 blk heel/toe putter 35 mrh conformâ„¢ wgw8884b34 8884 blk heel/toe putter 34 mrh wgja00300 conform glove wgw8884b35 8884 blk heel/toe putter 35 mlh s m ml l xl xxl mrh wgja00301 conform glove wgw8885b34 8885 blk heel/toe putter 34 mrh s m ml l xl mrh wgja00302 conform glove wgw8885b35 8885 blk heel/toe putter 35 mlhc s m ml l xl xxl mrh wgja00303 conform glove wgw8885bl35 8885 blk heel/toe putter 35 llh s m l mlh wgja00310 conform glove logo wgw888lb33 8885 blk

wilsonstaff.com facebook.com/wilsongolf twitter.com/wilsongolf 1971 1995 2008 di11 ultra wide sole with greater distance 2010 wilson sporting goods co 8750 w bryn mawr ave chicago il 60631 © 2014 wilson sporting goods co fg 59 classic forged tour blade fg 62 classic muscle-back with cambered sole fg tour 100 modern buttonback forged blade 2014 2013 d100 extreme perimeter weighting with the right light™ di7 oversized for distance and accuracy fg tour m3 forged cavity back with forgiveness c100 advanced exoskeleton with thin face 2014 ci11 exoskeleton design with midsize head 1969 2009 fg tour cavity-back forged iron 1989 ci9 playable midsize iron for all players rm™ thin face midsize cavity back 2007 2007 ci7 tour-preferred shape with maximum forgiveness fg 53 oversized channel cavity 2010 pi7 blade-shape tour-proven performance first “staff” gold bar club 2014 1960 1981 fg 17 tour blade with narrow radius sole milled channel transferred weight to face 2014