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cooking hot off the hob while guests are served aperitifs next door things are heating up in the kitchen everything that was prepared earlier is now simmering or cooking on the stove the starter a small portion of korean bibimbap – with the broccoli boiled in water and fried eggs as a decorative topping by wmf

know-how with the right equipment even simple dishes can be fabulous professionalchefsaren ’ ttheon ly o ne s who a p p rec i at e s o us -v id ecook in g and its abilit y to preserve aromas and tosimmerfoodgent ly by wmf

precision work once the blank has been drawn and pressed into shape excess material is removed from the top edge of the pot the wide pouring rim of the pot is then formed to enable clean drip-free pouring by wmf

special cutlery nuova espresso paddles set of 6 12 9176 6046 nuova brunch knives set of 2 12 9193 6042 nuova grapefruit spoons set of 2 12 9194 6042 nuova perforated serving tongs 12 9733 6040 nuova pasta tongs 12 9735 6040 nuova kiwi spoons set of 2 12 9121 6042 nuova steak knives and forks set of 12 12 9143 6046 nuova perforated serving spoon small 12 9161 6040 nuova pizza cutter 12 9164 6040 by wmf

wine vino corkscrew 06 5825 7920 vino waiter s knife 06 5827 7920 vino wine bottle stopper 06 4101 7920 vino decanting funnel 06 5844 6040 vino wine pump with two stoppers 06 4071 7920 vino decanting spout 06 4105 6040 baric stainless steel corkscrew 06 6279 6040 baric stainless steel wine pourer 06 6284 6040 baric 3-piece copper sommelier set 06 6287 6600 just the right glass for c hampa g ne champagne glasses typically come in two shapes tulip and flute fluted glasses are ideal because they ensure that the champagne’s perlage doesn’t fizzle out too quickly they also provide a good view of the rising bubbles whi te wine light whites with a maximum of 12.5 alcohol release their freshness in this allround glass while the spiciness of stronger wines is more pronounced it also maintains the balance between fruitiness and acidity re dwine this classic glass is used for light red wines with a maximum alcohol content of 13.5 for instance beaujolais or chianti just like with

deutsche ausgabe ab ins grÜne die tollsten parks dachterrassen und seehäuser 4/2018 juli/august deutschland 6,50 euro Österreich 7,40 euro schweiz 12,20 sfr federleicht neues design für unbeschwertes wohnen sommer gÄste traumhaft feiern von gartenparty bis picknick die schönste deko rezepte und vieles mehr … any guest arriving at a perfectly laid table has to think “wow!” special t wist sabine adleff head of senior brand management burda style luxury says the item in the elle deco cutlery that is really special is the

en joy ment by wmf

bre akfa st coffee time 2-piece latte macchiato glass set 09 3248 2000 barista coffee mug 06 8627 9440 impulse stainless steel thermal mug 06 9072 6040 concept thermal jug 1l 06 9057 6040 impulse thermal jug for coffee copper 06 9067 6600 keeping everything nice and warm wmf thermal jugs have either a glass or a stainless steel core both types keep hot drinks warm equally well the advantage of stainless steel because the inner core is double-walled and surrounded by a vacuum the product can be cleaned in the dishwasher however the insulation properties of both technologies may decrease over time that s where products with a glass core are more practical because they can be replaced completely the exterior of the stainless steel core is coated with copper that helps keep drinks warm for an especially long time the vacuum around the stainless steel core also helps with the jug’s insulation the facing walls of the double-walled glass jug are silver coated this reflection ensures

enjoyment quince and ginger chutney sage and mint syrup makes approx 4 jars 150ml 2 shallots 2 tbsp brown sugar 50ml white wine vinegar 1 tbsp butter 100ml white port 1 organic lemon 500g peeled quinces 1 clove 2 bay leaves 1 piri-piri chili 60g ginger 2 star aniseed pods 200ml unfiltered apple juice 150g preservingsugar 3:1 2 tbsp grainy mustard makes 3 b ot tles 5 0 0 m l 750g brown sugar 800ml water 2cm stick of ginger 2 organic lemons 6 sprigs of mint 3 sprigs of sage p r e pa r at i o n 1 peel the shallots and cut them into fine strips caramelise the sugar in a wide flat pot until it is light brown add the shallots and butter and sauté briefly douse with the port and vinegar and allow all the liquid to boil off 2 using a peeler cut three slices of zest from the lemon then squeeze the juice into a bowl and add enough water to cover the quince mixture chop the quinces into small cubes and add them to the lemon water to prevent them from oxidising peel and finely grate the

enjoyment top athlete marcel schiller 27 is a professional handball player who s often on the road with his team frisch auf göppingen or with the national squad t he ideal way to start my day is by sleeping in but no matter when i get up i always make sure i have a healthy breakfast with lots of fruit – usually in the form of a smoothie it’s easy to make in the morning and i can take it to the gym i can also whip one up quickly in my blender any time of day i’ve had a blender in my kitchen for three years i recently got a new wmf one which i like using even more my favourite ingredient for smoothies is definitely pineapple not just because it tastes so wonderfully fresh but also because it contains natural anti-inflammatories a green lunch “i make sure to use seasonal ingredients for my green smoothies” at lunchtime i prefer a green smoothie with nuts hemp seeds and milk i make sure to use seasonal ingredients variety and high-quality food are

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