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2018 highlights in semiconductors tory introduc offer new edition of bestselling textbook classic title materials concepts for solar cells 2nd edition fundamentals of solid state electronics by thomas dittrich helmholtz center berlin for materials and energy germany by chih-tang sah university of florida usa university of illinois at urbana – champaign usa review of first edition “the book is of good pedagogical value students as well as teachers can make use of this either as a main textbook or as a support for their lessons in general the book is well-written and provides a solid basis for studying solar cells.” mrs bulletin “a pedagogical masterpiece recommended to anyone who has completed first-year chemistry and second-year physics and the mathematics that accompanies these courses in preparation for the study of solid state electronic devices the quality of the work and the unbelievably economical price from the publisher make this book a must for

2018 highlights in semiconductors ulsi front-end technology materials and energy vol 8 covering from the first semiconductor paper to cmos finfet technology thin films on silicon electronic and photonic applications by w s lau formerly ntu singapore edited by vijay narayanan ibm thomas j watson research center usa martin m frank ibm thomas j watson research center usa alexander a demkov the university of texas at austin usa this book covers the early history of semiconductor science technology from 1874 to state-of-the-art finfet technology in 2016 some ulsi backend technology is also covered for example the science and technology of mim capacitors for analog cmos has been included in this book readership the book is useful for researchers in semiconductor technology especially practicing engineers 248pp 978-981-3222-15-1 oct 2017 us$88 £73 contemporary topics in semiconductor spintronics readership graduate students and researchers in the fields of materials science applied

2018 highlights in semiconductors titles of interest collective classical and quantum fields in plasmas superconductors superfluid 3he and liquid crystals by hagen kleinert freie universität berlin germany this is an introductory book dealing with collective phenomena in many-body systems a gas of bosons or fermions can show oscillations of various types of density these are described by different combinations of field variables especially delicate is the competition of these variables in superfluid 3he for example the atoms can be attracted to each other by molecular forces whereas they are repelled from each other at short distance due to a hardcore repulsion the attraction gives rise to cooper pairs and the repulsion is overcome by paramagnon oscillations the combination is what finally led to the discovery of superfluidity in 3he in general the competition between various channels can most efficiently be studied by means of a classical version of the hubbard-stratonovich

2018 highlights in semiconductors classic textbooks theoretical alchemy elementary electronic structure revised edition modeling matter by walter harrison stanford university usa by walter a harrison stanford university usa “harrison’s treatment in the present book is pithy and distinctive distilling a lifetime of research and reflection in a pointed engaging discussion in eight chapters and several appendixes extensive references and a useful index round out the book the work is well suited for chemistry and physics students at several levels its creative treatment may even engage an interested general reader.” choice readership students and researchers in condensed matter physics solid state physics semiconductors physical chemistry chemical physics materials science applied physics and solid-state chemistry 212pp 978-981-4322-13-3 978-981-4322-14-0pbk sep 2010 us$68 us$28 “ this 800-page textbook is a wonderful resource being guided by the application of