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诺贝尔奖相关 图书 soviet union in the context of the nobel prize by abram m blokh russian academy of sciences the result of meticulous research by professor abram blokh this book presents facts documents thoughts and comments on the system of the nobel prize awards to russian and soviet scientists it provides a comprehensive overview of the relationship between the ideas expressed by the nobel foundation and those expressed by the autocratic and totalitarian regimes in russia and the ex-soviet union during the 20th century who had the same attitude of revulsion toward the intellectual and humanistic values represented by the nobel prizes to do his research the author had access to the declassified documents in the archives of the nobel foundation for many years also included in the book are new materials obtained and developed by the author after the publication of the first two editions in russian this additional information is from the archives

诺贝尔奖得主著作 hans a bethe nobel laureate in physics 1967 hans bethe and his physics edited by gerald e brown state university of new york stony brook chang-hwan lee pusan national university “this book does an admirable task in drawing a portrait of a great scientist and a great man bethe’s power in my experience was that he could always readily get to the heart of a problem…the book is a ‘must read’ for every researcher and teacher of science.” cern courier this book contains discussions of hans bethe’s work in solid state physics nuclear physics and astrophysics it explains his contributions as a science advisor and demonstrates his impact as a teacher and mentor to generations of young scientists 616pp 978-981-02-2876-7 jul 1997 us$119 £78 readership students physicists and historians of science 328pp 978-981-256-609-6 978-981-256-610-2pbk jun 2006 us$133   £88 us$48    £32

诺 贝尔奖得主著作 georges charpak nobel laureate in physics 1992 world scientific series in 20th century physics – vol 6 research on particle imaging detectors edited by georges charpak this book commemorates the groundbreaking research leading to the evolution of gaseous detectors carried out at cern by georges charpak besides collecting his key papers the book also includes original linking commentary which sets his work in the context of other worldwide research readership nuclear physicists particle physicists and applied physicists 688pp jul 1995 978-981-02-1902-4 us$129 £85 978-981-02-1903-1pbk us$68 £45 steven chu nobel laureate in physics 1997 laser spectroscopy proceedings of the xv international conference snowbird utah usa 10 – 15 june 2001 edited by steven chu vladan vuletic´ andrew j kerman cheng chin the xv international conference on laser spectroscopy brought together spectroscopists from all over the world

诺贝尔奖得主著作 richard feynman nobel laureate in physics 1965 feynman’s thesis — a new approach to quantum theory edited by laurie m brown northwestern university “historians and physicists alike will enjoy this easy-to-read little book … the thesis itself is a masterpiece of clear exposition … it is written in feynman’s uniquely chatty style and reminiscent of the famous feynman lectures i recommend the book to anyone who would like to ‘peep over the shoulder’ of one of the 20th century’s great physicists at work.” cern courier “r feynman was an excellent writer and it is a joy to read his dissertation … the reprints in this booklet are historical cornerstones in the development of modern theoretical physics very interesting and still very well readable.” 1012pp 978-981-02-4130-8 978-981-02-4131-5pbk oct 2000 us$180  £119 us$48    £32 zentralblatt

诺 贝尔奖得主著作 lawrence r klein nobel laureate in economic sciences 1980 econometrics in the information age theory and practice of measurement – vol 4 macroeconometric modeling of japan edited by shinichi ichimura kyoto university lawrence r klein university of pennsylvania this book offers the representative macroeconometric models their applications for the japanese economy in different development stages throughout the postwar years up to the present it presents a summary of three types of macroeconometrics models and analyses • social accounting analyses of national income and related indices — following the tradition of c clark s kuznets r stone and world bank development reports • inter-industrial and inter-regional analyses of the japanese economy a la w leontief and the cge computable general equilibrium type of applications to comprehensive development plans • macroeconometric model building for the

诺 贝尔奖得主著作 k alexander müller nobel laureate in physics 1987 properties of perovskites and other oxides edited by k alex müller university of zürich tom w kool university of amsterdam “it is a pleasure to read such a systematic and historical overview unifying various features of this area of research all put into relation to each other by very helpful introductory comments by the authors.” ortwin schirmer professor of experimental physics university of osnabrueck in this book some 50 papers published by k a müller are reproduced the main subject is electron paramagnetic resonance epr applied to the study of perovskites and other oxides with related subjects readership researchers in condensed matter physics 584pp may 2010 978-981-4293-35-8 us$138 £91 978-981-4317-69-6pbk us$58 £38 yoichiro nambu nobel laureate in physics 2008 quarks frontiers in elementary particle physics by yoichiro nambu university of

诺贝尔奖得主著作 frederick reines nobel laureate in physics 1995 neutrinos and other matters selected works of frederick reines edited by w kropp m moe l price j schultz h sobel university of california irvine this volume is a collection of the scientific papers of frederick reines its publication is to commemorate the 70th birthday in 1988 of this distinguished scientist the selected papers here cover many aspects of his work in neutrino physics astrophysics and conservation law tests they have been divided into logical groupings each introduced by a leading authority in that field who helps the reader to see the reprinted articles with a better historical and scientific perspective contents vita introduction selected biblography selected papers effects of nuclear explosions discovery of the neutrino neutrino properties neutrino-electron elastic scattering deuterium experiments cosmic rays and atmospheric neutrinos solar neutrinos extra-solar

诺 贝尔奖得主著作 glenn t seaborg nobel laureate in chemistry 1951 world scientific series in 20th century chemistry – vol 2 world scientific series in 20th century chemistry – vol 2 modern alchemy selected papers of glenn t seaborg modern alchemy edited by glenn t seaborg “in addition to research papers reviews reports and addresses make the collection more colorful and very interesting to read they are also testimony to the wide scope of seaborg’s interest and his outstanding abilities as a communicator the foundation of all is however his seminal discoveries for he is a true pioneer blessed with a far-seeing vision.” the chemical intelligencer this volume puts together about 100 of glenn t seaborg’s selected papers written during his distinguished career spanning more than 50 years readership chemists 720pp 978-981-02-1440-1 may 1994 us$160 £106 william f sharpe nobel laureate in economic sciences 1990

诺贝尔奖得主著作 steven weinberg nobel laureate in physics 1979 the oskar klein memorial lectures vol 1 lectures by c n yang and s weinberg with translated reprints by o klein edited by g ekspong stockholm university “i strongly recommend to physicists and historians of science this handsomely produced slim volume containing lectures by yang richly illustrated and weinberg on topics in which klein had made important early steps as well as a biographical sketch of klein and some of his major papers.” abraham pais volume 1 contains the 1988 lectures on “symmetry and physics” and “from the bethe-hulthén hypothesis to the yang-baxter equation,” given by c n yang the 1989 lectures on “beyond the standard models,” referring to models for cosmology and elementary particles and on “precision tests of quantum mechanics” were given by steven weinberg 444pp jun 2004 978-981-238-760-8 us$87 £57

诺 贝尔奖得主著作 ahmed h zewail nobel laureate in chemistry 1999 4d electron microscopy imaging in space and time by ahmed h zewail caltech john m thomas university of cambridge “it is for the ‘ultrafast’ chapters that the book will be read for these contain new and very unfamiliar material the book is handsomely produced with all the illustrations on a cambridge blue background.” ultramicroscopy the modern electron microscope as a result of recent revolutionary developments and many evolutionary ones now yields a wealth of quantitative knowledge pertaining to structure dynamics and function barely matched by any other single scientific instrument this book contains an in-depth exposé of the paradigm concepts and the developed techniques that can now be executed to gain new knowledge in the entire domain of biological and physical science vol i 976pp 978-981-02-1736-5 vol ii 978-981-02-1738-9 sep 1994 us$123 £81

nobel lect ur e s™ 2001-2005 the nobel lectures offer a unique historical perspective of scientific and cultural developments in each of the respective fields and would appeal to a wide range of readers each volume is a collection of the nobel lectures delivered by the prizewinners together with their biographies and the presentation speeches this collection of inspiring lectures should be on the bookshelf of every student teacher and professor of the six subjects and would make an excellent source of reference for libraries and educational institutions more information on the complete set of nobel lectures 1901–2005 is provided at http www.worldscientific.com/page/nobel nobel lectures in all subjects 2001–2005 978-981-283-231-3 978-981-283-232-0pbk us$451 £297 us$270 £295 nobel lectures in physics 2001–2005 nobel lectures in literature 2001– 2005 edited by edited by gösta ekspong university of stockholm horace engdahl the swedish academy