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asian studies catalogue 2018 asia-pacific and asean the divided city ideological and policy contestations in contemporary urban india by binti singh lucknow university india mahendra sethi national institute of urban affairs india empirically grounded to the contemporary urban situation in india the divided city is set in an opportune moment to assess how cities fare up to the challenge of inclusive urbanization it highlights how the urban pathway of contemporary india departs from the goal of inclusion in multiple ways — access to energy public services architecture land infrastructure commons and cultural and civic spaces it simultaneously interrogates both policy and theory with intermingling issues like informality privatization political economy and gender divide in the contemporary indian city the book argues for greater urban inclusion social economic and environmental acknowledged in principle in national and international urban policy frameworks readership researchers

asian studies catalogue 2018 asia competitiveness institute world scientific series 2015 agricultural total factor productivity and competitiveness analysis for states and federal territories and five regions of india annual competitiveness update and evidence on the agricultural development models for selected indian states by khee giap tan sasidaran gopalan anuja tandon lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore in this book asia competitiveness institute aci’s competitiveness analysis employs 75 different indicators across four different environments to capture the dynamics of competitiveness in a holistic way at the sub-national level specifically the book discusses the relevance and importance of raising total factor productivity in the agriculture sector in india at the state level and also brings out the extent of intra-state and intra-regional disparities prevalent in the country 164pp jan 2017 978-981-3147-85-0 us$125 £104 978-981-3147-87-4ebook us$188

asian studies catalogue 2018 overcoming modernity japan and china edited by naoki sakai cornell jun’ichi isomae international center for japanese studies japan this book aims to present the historical and political significance of literary and philosophical debates conducted in east asia during the war years of the 1930s and 1940s the volume includes seven essays an introduction and a translation of the manifesto “principles of thought for a new japan 1939 ” based on which the vision of the east asian community was later put forth its perspective is decidedly transnational in view of the current situation in east asia some essays in this volume will attempt a critical re-assessment of area studies within the purview of which the majority of scholarship about the japanese intellectual history of the interwar period literary debates such as the symposium entitled overcoming modernity and the round-table discussion of “world history and the standpoint of japan

for more information visit eai series on east asia china’s economy in transformation under the new normal edited by sarah y tong jing wan east asian institute nus singapore this book examines the recent development and prospect of the chinese economy as the country adapts to changing domestic and external settings as the chinese government at both the central and local levels plays an important role in promoting growth issues such as the role of local government and the reform of state-owned enterprises are examined in this book topics such as the development of private consumption and industrial upgrading are also assessed the book discusses several matters considered important to china’s social and economic cohesion including the management of agricultural product reserves the development of a functioning social security system and regional development world scientific eai series on east asia china’s development social investment and

for more information visit asia competitiveness institute world scientific series 2015 estimation of agricultural productivity and annual update of competitiveness analysis for greater china optimising agricultural productivity and promoting innovation driven growth by khee giap tan randong yuan teleixi xie lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore as the third instalment of aci’s annual tracking of the dynamics of competitiveness for greater china this volume includes the rankings and simulation results at both the provincial and regional levels these offer insights for policy-makers industry leaders and other stakeholders in identifying challenges and opportunities for sound decision-making as an important part in determining the success of china’s structural change agricultural productivity is also discussed in detail quantitative research is conducted to estimate the agricultural total factor productivity at the provincial level

asian studies catalogue 2018 the general history of chinese tourism culture by yong ma hongxia su qian jin wei feng jianuo liu wenying huang this book is the first book on the history of chinese traveling culture it reviewed the history of chinese traveling culture and revealed the cultural significance of china’s traveling phenomena and the underlying principles of its changing traveling culture published by scpg publishing corporation and distributed by world scientific for all markets except china readership people interested in chinese traveling culture 488pp jun 2016 978-1-938368-39-4 us$78 £65 978-1-938368-40-0ebook us$117 £98 the origins of japanese – chinese territorial dispute using historical records to study the diaoyu/senkaku islands issue by tadayoshi murata yokohama national university japan written by one of the foremost historians on sino – japanese relations tadayoshi murata professor emeritus from japan’s yokohama national

asian studies catalogue 2018 singapore perspectives bestseller china as a leader of the world economy by gregory c chow princeton university usa “this is a book by a senior western-trained economist who has been an insider to the extraordinary changes in china over the past 30 years and it is both authoritative and wellargued.” sunday morning post readership general readers academics professionals students interested in china’s economy 232pp oct 2011 978-981-4368-79-7 us$54 £45 978-981-4368-80-3pbk us$28 £23 978-981-4368-81-0ebook us$81 £67 singapore singapore at 50 what lies ahead edited by gillian koh institute of policy studies singapore this volume will be a useful complement to the book series “world scientific series on singapore’s 50 years of national building” as well as the book “singapore 2065” — both by world scientific publishing it pulls together in one volume some of the key areas that must be considered

asian studies catalogue 2018 singapore my country biography of m bala subramanion by nilanjana sengupta “the work is a valuable addition to every bookshelf in a singaporean’s household.” p n balji veteran singapore journalist readership general readers students involved in southeast asian research readers interested in south indians in singapore readers interested in singapore’s history indian communities in singapore postal and philatelic organisations in singapore aug 2016 260pp us$56 £46 978-981-3141-28-5 978-981-3141-29-2pbk us$28 £23 978-981-3141-30-8ebook us$84 £70 managing diversity in singapore policies and prospects edited by entreprise 50singapore in leading entrepreneurs and how they succeed several entrepreneurs well recognised in their respective industries provide a unique perspective on their business journeys — the trials tribulations and best practices that have contributed to their climb to the top with several awards to

for more information visit world scientific journals for an institutional trial to any of these journals please email chinese journal of urban and environmental studies cjues editor-in-chief pan jiahua  institute for urban and environmental studies chinese academy of social sciences aims and scope chinese journal of urban and environmental studies  cjues is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to publish highquality research papers and book reviews to explore a wide range of academic and policy concerns of urban and environmental studies journal of extreme events joee managing editor william solecki hunter college city university of new york usa joern birkmann university of stuttgart institute of spatial and regional planning germany aims and scope the objective of the journal of extreme events joee is to provide a forum for analysis of the occurrence impact and significance of

“ “ for more information visit world scientific an essential source of reference for china–india comparisons and studies the economies of china and india cooperation and conflict in 3 volumes volume 1 china and india the international context and economic growth manufacturing performance and rural development volume 2 competitiveness external cooperation strategy and income distribution changes in china volume 3 economic growth employment and inclusivity the international environment china and india the two largest developing countries are developing rapidly both inside themselves and towards global markets are these two economies dual or dueling this 3-volume set tries to answer this question by providing comprehensive analyses scoping varied economic issues editor-in-chief john whalley edited by manmohan agarwal centre for development studies india research and information systems for developing countries india jing wang university of