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asian studies catalogue 2018 overcoming modernity japan and china edited by naoki sakai cornell jun’ichi isomae international center for japanese studies japan this book aims to present the historical and political significance of literary and philosophical debates conducted in east asia during the war years of the 1930s and 1940s the volume includes seven essays an introduction and a translation of the manifesto “principles of thought for a new japan 1939 ” based on which the vision of the east asian community was later put forth its perspective is decidedly transnational in view of the current situation in east asia some essays in this volume will attempt a critical re-assessment of area studies within the purview of which the majority of scholarship about the japanese intellectual history of the interwar period literary debates such as the symposium entitled overcoming modernity and the round-table discussion of “world history and the standpoint of japan as well as the kyoto school of philosophy have been conducted both in english and japanese during the post world war ii period by koichi sakamoto toyo university japan east asian community and the kyoto school 400pp may 2018 978-981-4317-32-0 us$156 £129 978-981-4317-33-7ebook us$234 £194 a contest in aid to sub-saharan africa since the opening up of china in 1979 the country had experienced phenomenal economic growth over the decades and overtook japan as the second largest economy in 2010 with the establishment of a conservative administration led by shinzo abe in december 2012 and xi jinping’s ascendency to the presidency in china in march 2013 the two countries intensified their commitments in aid to sub-saharan africa surveying the japanese and chinese aid in sub-saharan africa this book examines the two asian giants’ policies and achievements in past decades and discusses future directions of their aid initiatives japan and china a contest in aid to sub-saharan africa is recommended for those interested in understanding east asian international relations and contemporary aid trends and issues in sub-saharan africa mar 2018 200pp 978-981-3223-73-8 us$88 £77 978-981-3223-74-5ebook us$132 £116 china’s strategic initiative and new asia in the 21st century china’s state-managed marketization approach to energy security edited by yuanzhe ren hao su china foreign affairs university china an international comparison by shaofeng chen peking university china since its inception the “one belt and one road initiative” has been increasingly seen as the centerpiece of china’s new grand strategy with the “one road” — the establishment of a “maritime silk road” — serving as the core building this “21st-century maritime silk road” will involve more than 20 countries and regions and the proposal has been strongly welcomed and supported by most countries along the road as it is seen not only as a new platform for mutually beneficial relationships economically but also as a new mechanism for maritime security cooperation in the pacific and the indian ocean drawing on the expertise of chinese and international scholars the book will focus on china’s “21st-century maritime silk road” initiative evaluate its strategic implication at home and abroad and provide new proposals and perspectives for its future development while china’s oil security problem has disconcerted the chinese government it has also drawn world attention what are china’s oil security perceptions how and why has china adopted a state-managed marketization approach smma to oil security and in what sense is china’s smma a divergence from the international practice this book provides an indepth study and a systematic analysis to these issues through the prisms of energy security perceptions domestic policies institutional reform and oil diplomacy maritime “silk road” 300pp may 2018 978-981-3108-74-5 us$130 £108 978-981-3108-75-2ebook us$195 £162 readership graduates academics and researchers who are interested in china’s policies and strategies in energy security issues 260pp may 2018 978-981-4522-76-2 us$106 £88 978-981-4522-77-9ebook us$159 £133 series on contemporary china hong kong in 2017 two decades of post-1997 hong kong developments edited by tai wei lim tuan yuen kong east asian institute nus singapore 12 this book captures the essence of hong kong’s development in the past two decades from 1997 to present it is broken into four parts — the economy law culture history and politics the volume examines hong kong’s relations with china other major powers and the world at large it also covers domestic developments including legal developments other chapters in the book examine cultural development in hong kong from specific case studies of iconic animation character to trans-boundary popularity of hong kong popular culture in china readership this book is intended for students as well as professionals and the general public interested in understanding hong kong culture history and politics 200pp mar 2018 978-981-3223-54-7 us$88 £77 978-981-3223-55-4ebook us$132 £116 china’s omnidirectional peripheral diplomacy edited by jianwei wang university of macau china tiang boon hoo ntu singapore this book examines china’s evolving strategies towards its surrounding peripheries it is the first book to examine in detail president xi jinping’s steering of china’s peripheral diplomacy it argues that china pursues an ambitious omnidirectional regional diplomacy that emphasizes the entire periphery region and not just specific peripheries featuring chapters that explore china’s evolving policy in northeast asia southeast asia south asia and central asia and addressing new developments under xi this book fleshes out the intricacies of how china has been managing its peripheral relationships in asia under new circumstances and new leadership readership students and researchers who are interested in china’s peripheral diplomacy under the new leadership of xi jinping 250pp may 2018 978-981-3141-78-0 us$108 £90 978-981-3141-79-7ebook us$162 £134