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for more information visit eai series on east asia china’s economy in transformation under the new normal edited by sarah y tong jing wan east asian institute nus singapore this book examines the recent development and prospect of the chinese economy as the country adapts to changing domestic and external settings as the chinese government at both the central and local levels plays an important role in promoting growth issues such as the role of local government and the reform of state-owned enterprises are examined in this book topics such as the development of private consumption and industrial upgrading are also assessed the book discusses several matters considered important to china’s social and economic cohesion including the management of agricultural product reserves the development of a functioning social security system and regional development world scientific eai series on east asia china’s development social investment and challenges by litao zhao east asian institute nus singapore this book focuses on a few policy areas central to social investment and capacity building including education technical training r&d and the hukou reform it also analyses challenges and limitations of china’s social investment policies it sheds light on the most notable feature of china’s social investment regime which is the concentration of resources privileges and policy support on sectors and institutions with more growth potential this helps to explain why china’s progress in social development is remarkable but unequal readership policymakers academics professionals undergraduates and graduate students interested in china’s social development social investment social policies and social issues 150pp aug 2017 978-981-3208-19-3 us$88 £73 978-981-3208-20-9ebook us$132 £110 150pp aug 2017 978-981-3223-44-8 us$88 £77 978-981-3223-45-5ebook us$132 £116 eai series on east asia series on innovation and operations management for chinese enterprises politics culture and identities in east asia integration and division edited by peng er lam east asian institute nus singapore tai wei lim singapore university of social sciences singapore east asian institute nus singapore there are four “vectors” in the geopolitics of east asia china rising the united states “rebalancing” to this region japan “normalising” as a nation-state and asean emerging as a regional community the interplay of these four “vectors” will set the trajectory of geopolitics in east asia another focus of this volume is on the politics of identity plurality and diversity of identities and cultures in east asia can be a celebration of life and humanity however xenophobic identities often based on exclusive race language religion and hegemony and its subsequent politicisation can rend a nation apart sep 2017 150pp 978-981-3226-22-7 us$88 £77 978-981-3226-23-4ebook us$132 £116 eai series on east asia contemporary south korean economy challenges and prospects independent innovation in china theory and cases by huibo zhong beijing institute of technology china jiasu lei tsinghua university china using a combination of theoretical analysis and case studies this book analyses the theoretical issues — concept and type of independent innovation and the practical issues — construction of institutional system which is in favor of independent innovation it is written for researchers who are engaged in similar fields and readers who are interested in independent innovation in this book a comparison of the independent innovation modes of china japan and south korea is presented the ability mode and track are defined clearly the efficient path of chinese independent innovation is put forward through case studies readership researchers students and the general public who are interested in innovation 416pp 978-981-3209-89-3 aug 2017 us$148 £123 china and latin america economic and trade cooperation in the next 10 years by zhenxing su china academy of social sciences by min-hua chiang east asian institute nus singapore translated by hongling zhao beijing institute of technology china this book provides an analytical overview of key issues in contemporary south korean economy the timely and in-depth study presented in the book examines the main reasons behind south korea’s economic slowdown in recent years the economic and social impact following chaebol’s growing business expansion free trade agreements with china and the united states the development of income inequality the ageing demography and the korean government’s policy response to overcome the current economic difficulties the international financial crisis in 2008 marked the beginning of important changes in the international economic system based on the economic development trend and the adjustment of policy this book explores the prospect for sino – latin american economic and trade cooperation it tracks the development path for this cooperation in the next 10 years by analyzing resource endowment industrial structure economic system development pattern basic economic policy economic environment economic and trade relations between china and latin america readership policymakers academics professionals undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in contemporary south korean economy 150pp sep 2017 978-981-3207-23-3 us$88 £73 978-981-3207-24-0ebook us$132 £110 readership policymakers professionals academics undergraduate and graduate students interested in china-latin american economic relations and trade cooperation 708pp aug 2017 978-981-3202-28-3 us$188 £165 978-981-3202-29-0ebook us$282 £248 15