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for more information visit asia competitiveness institute world scientific series 2015 estimation of agricultural productivity and annual update of competitiveness analysis for greater china optimising agricultural productivity and promoting innovation driven growth by khee giap tan randong yuan teleixi xie lee kuan yew school of public policy nus singapore as the third instalment of aci’s annual tracking of the dynamics of competitiveness for greater china this volume includes the rankings and simulation results at both the provincial and regional levels these offer insights for policy-makers industry leaders and other stakeholders in identifying challenges and opportunities for sound decision-making as an important part in determining the success of china’s structural change agricultural productivity is also discussed in detail quantitative research is conducted to estimate the agricultural total factor productivity at the provincial level 256pp jan 2017 978-981-3148-32-1 us$138 £115 978-981-3200-12-8ebook us$207 £173 world scientific migration in east and southeast asia edited by samuel c y ku kristina kironska national sun yat-sen university taiwan migration in east and southeast asia aims to bring migration-related problems in asia to the forefront the first part of the book deals with migration in greater china a region influenced by confucianism the “three chinas” used to have a close connection in the past and presently share much similarity the hong kongese and taiwanese societies are based on migration from mainland china however each society has endured significant social economic and political changes the second part of the book offers a closer look at migration flows in southeast asia most of the intra-asean migration involves low-skilled labor for construction agriculture and domestic work this book hopes to offer valuable insights into various topics related to migration in the region 300pp dec 2016 978-981-3141-66-7 us$118 £98 978-981-3141-67-4ebook us$177 £147 china’s financial stability the rmb exchange rate past current and future by yin-wong cheung city university of hong kong hong kong sar china kenneth k chow hong kong institute for monetary research hong kong sar china fengming qin shandong university jinan china this book provides a succinct and up-todate account of china’s exchange rate policy including the currency undervaluation debate and the internationalization of its currency it begins with a brief history of the modern china’s foreign exchange rate policy in particular it highlights the three chinese policy characteristics namely independence controllability and practicability and graduality this prologue helps to interpret china’s policy on its currency the renminbi rmb including its recent initiatives to promote the international use of its currency readership academics policy-makers professionals undergraduate and graduate students jan 2017 276pp us$118 £98 978-981-4675-49-9 978-981-4675-50-5ebook us$177 £147 inherent logic and basic framework by dexu he chinese academy of social sciences triggered by the us subprime mortgage crisis in 2007 the financial tsunami is the most serious global financial crisis since the great depression this book studies financial stability in terms of its determining factors causal mechanisms and institutional requirements it aims at understanding how to construct a mechanism for maintaining long-term financial stability the book contributes to better understanding of financial stability in transition economies it proposes a systematic solution to financial instability in china and strategies for building a mechanism to maintain financial stability in the country readership academics policy makers undergraduate and graduate students interested in financial crisis china’s financial system and financial stability 340pp nov 2016 978-981-3109-05-6 us$148 £123 978-981-3109-06-3ebook us$222 £185 international strategic relations and china’s national security vol 2 social development and social policy international experiences and china’s reform edited by dongtao qi east asian institute nus singapore lijun yang south china university of technology china in this book prominent social policy scholars from europe north america and asia discuss the history of social policies compare different social development models and analyze the challenges facing these economies’social policy reforms the book provides comprehensive and comparative perspectives and updated data on social development and social policy reforms in the world’s major economies and particularly in mainland china readership academics undergraduate and graduate students professionals and policy makers 424pp jan 2017 978-981-4730-96-9 us$148 £123 978-981-4730-97-6ebook us$222 £185 international strategic relations and china’s national security world at the crossroads edited by institute for strategic studies national defense university of people’s liberation army china this book argues that the strategic competition among major powers is heightening and smaller countries as well as extremist forces like the is are seeking strategic space by taking advantage of the conflicts among major powers the book concludes that to address this major historic challenge in international politics it is essential that some major powers drop the hostile stance towards each other and enhance partnership to foster international cooperation 372pp nov 2016 978-981-3144-93-4 us$120 £100 978-981-3148-98-7pbk us$45 £37 978-981-3144-94-1ebook us$180 £149 19